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The Emergence of the ‘Stache & it’s Craze in Fashion Everywhere

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, or maybe just buried your head under your own sweet ‘stache, the mustache is making a serious comeback. Whether it was No-Shave November that lured you into the fad, or the ‘stache literally being stamped on everything imaginable, the symbol is now easily spotted on items just about everywhere. From iPhone cases to t-shirts, wristbands, socks, facial stickers, drink accessories and even duct-tape. The mustache is making its rounds in the fashion world.

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The ‘stache is frequently paired with a clever saying like, “I Mustache You A Question”, or, “Once again I Mustache Too Much of You”. The creative quotes for  endless, and you can spot most of these items at just about any boutique, major department store, or even your local supermarket: they’re that big of a deal.

If you’ve taken a gander into the online ‘stache world, people have filled popular social media platforms like Pinterest and Youtube with interesting takes on incorporating the ‘stache into your style, even your meals. Those mustache cupcakes do look delicious though. Just Googling the term “mustache” leaves you dished with many entertaining finds. Urban Dictionary defines the term as;

“A universal icon representing the epitome of authority and raw manhood…Resting just above the upper lip, the mustache is a beacon to all mankind that there is hope for this world and a bright future for all who have been gifted with this treasure from God himself.” 

Mustache DenverThat may be a tad extreme. But then again would you mess with a guy sporting a sweet ‘stache? I didn’t think so. Mr. Chuck Norris may have even sparked interest in the trend without even knowing it. And nobody messes with Chuck Norris.There’s even an American Mustache Institute whose mission is “protecting the rights of, and fighting discrimination against, mustached Americans by promoting the growth, care and culture of the mustache.”

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Some serious stuff out there affiliated with the ‘stache. It’s definitely not something you want to mess with. Maybe it’s for fun and fashion or maybe it does add a sense of authority to your wardrobe, either way you can never have too much ‘stache. So load up and rock a mean one to show ‘em who’s boss.

You don’t even have to wait till Halloween to bust out the lusicous curls above your lip; do it now and give your face some serious company. Although it’s a little more awkward for the females out there, usually something you want to get rid of instead of embrace, so I’d recommend the removable kind for a kickass night out. If you don’t feel comfortable with an actual stash just deck out your gear with ‘staches. A little mustache coin purse, earrings or leggings, you’ll be the trendiest of trends.

Now that you’re clued in on this ginormous fashion trend, next time you pass that guy at the mall decked out in all mustache gear you know what’s up. Give him a high five, and may the mustache mania continue on brotha!

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