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Muy Cansado - Stars and Garters | The Donnybrook Writing Academy

Muy Cansado - Stars and Garters | The Donnybrook Writing AcademyMost Likely To: get (Indian) burned.

In a quote taken from their website, the band had the following to say about themselves and their sound:

“When the gods and goddesses of rock, punk, pop and calypso congregated for a hot night of drunken debauchery, they spawned Muy Cansado—a three-piece band from Boston. They like punk. They play punk. But they’re not a punk band—just like the Talking Heads weren’t a punk band.”

Clearly this statement comes from one of only two possible sources. Possibility one is that it was written by the band themselves and serves to simultaneously display how undeservedly pretentious Muy Cansado is and how utterly out of touch they are with their own music. Possibility two is that it was written by some PR shithead whose sole concerns were a) meeting a word count and b) gettin’ paaaaaaaid.

The truth is that Muy Cansado’s Stars & Garters is a confused statement from a band that only occasionally brushes up against producing anything tolerable (“Kiss The World”). At its absolute best, Stars & Garters sounds like a bunch of shitty alt-rock bands from the mid ’90s trying to cobble together a Pavement tribute record. Even that is rather misleading though, as none of the eleven songs come anywhere near being as structurally sound as Pavement at their worst. But as grating as Muy Cansado can be, nothing ever even reaches depths of annoyance significant enough to be remarkably bad. I mean, at least a really terrible band, if bad enough, can be interesting on the level of a train wreck or a car crash. Muy Cansado, on the other hand, is little more than a nasty Indian burn and (much like said Indian burn) will fade from the forefront of one’s consciousness without so much as a peep.

Let’s hope the band themselves fades just as quickly–nobody needs more records like this taking up precious bandwidth on file-sharing servers or shelf-space in home libraries.

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