Ooo, Fancy! Miley Cyrus/Pumpkin Sprocket Man Mashup

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Ooo, Fancy! is a new column about shiny simple things on the interwebs that strike our fancy.

This pumpkin man is a god. I want him to follow me around and do his jolly dance whenever I bark “Dance!” at him. This mashup is like a Sprockets dance party on public television in a graveyard to with Hannah Montana. I want to weep with gratitude. I want to have this moment’s babies.

YouTube Doubler

Editor’s Note 1.20.10: It appears Miley Cyrus’ handlers have disabled the Miley Cyrus portion of the video. Which is okay by us, because the pumpkin man was the sexy part anyways.

Thanks to Rich LeFevre for turning us onto this and onto YouTube Doubler in general. If you have tips for Ooo, Fancy! please send them to with “Ooo, Fancy!” in the subject line.

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