Hush Hush “Ooze”

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One of our regular tipsters, Chris, said there was a man opening at Wednesday night’s Yeasayer and Smith Westerns concert who decidedly stole the show. His name is Hush Hush, and according to Chris, he’s like “Conan O’Brien meets David Byrne meets 2 Live Crew.” If such a description doesn’t exactly give you a clear mental image, just watch the video below. At Donnybrook, nothing pleases us more than awkward white person sensuality.

With a Galifinakis beard (sometimes even be-glittered like Zack) and a skinny frame, Mr. Hush Hush executes some pretty fly moves to songs that ooze with Prince-style sexuality, and even hands out roses to the crowd. Classy move. Don’t think we didn’t notice that. And if you think this is just another ironic hipster, well, we hear the live show is earnestly and honestly a real treat. Check out Hush Hush’s video for “Ooze” below.

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2 Comments on "Hush Hush “Ooze”"

  1. Ethereal JB June 3, 2011 at 11:48 am · Reply

    YES! This guy was awesome on Wednesday night.

  2. julia June 3, 2011 at 11:59 am · Reply

    it was a little bit like watching a weird car crash that you wanted to dance to. in the end i liked it, but could have definitely done with a dj or something instead of the ipod.

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