Peter Parker Vs. Peter Parker

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Five Reasons why Andrew Garfield Rocks and Tobey Maguire just isn’t “Amazing”

Spider-Man; the witty webslinger we all know and love has a new film adaptation and no, this time it’s not Tobey Maguire.   Andrew Garfield (The Social Network, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) takes on the role of the iconic superhero and puts together a performance that outshines Maguire in the traditional Spidey fashion in this reboot.  In this version of Spider-Man, Peter fights against Dr. Conners, aka The Lizard and wants to win the love of the beautiful and scientifically minded Gwen Stacy.    So, what makes Andrew Garfield better than Tobey?  There are several factors which pit Parker vs. Parker in this grudge match:

Number One:  The Sarcastic Spider-Man

Do you remember Tobey Maguire being anything but a whiny bitch in the first film series?  “I’m sad because Mary Jane doesn’t like me.  Wah.”  I’m almost certain that is a direct quote but don’t check my sources on that one.  He may have been heroic in some manner but it definitely did not outshine the fact that he was a baby around Mary Jane.

He just lacked that pure no fucks given attitude that we all love.   Andrew Garfield puts on a true show of Spider-Man’s personality.

Number Two:  Gwen Stacy is not Mary Jane Watson

Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone: The Help, Easy A, Zombieland) was Spider-Man’s original love interest in the comic book series.  So, naturally I prefer her as the primary love interest in any story where they are portraying an early Spider-Man over Mary Jane (whatever her name was…Kirsten Durst? Dunkin?  Dunst… that must be it) who shouldn’t really be introduced until later.  Gwen Stacy is portrayed by Emma Stone, enough said.  Andrew Garfield is a lucky man.

Number Three:  Webshooters

Coming from a traditionally nerdy standpoint, one of Spider-Man’s key features are his webshooters.  In the 2002 film, Tobey Maguire (after being bitten) was given, along with his other powers, the ability to shoot organic spider webs from his wrists.  Frankly, this takes away from one of Spidey’s personality traits: his intellect.  Crafting and creating webshooters, even if in this universe he modifies a brand of OsCorp premade spider silk material, is still one of his greatest accomplishments.

Number Four:  The Villain

For those that just took The Amazing Spider-Man at base level and didn’t understand any of the undertones and background- The Lizard (Rhys Ifans: Notting Hill, Anonymous, Little Nicky) might have been enough for you.  But, you need to listen to the whispers in the background.  Norman Osborn (The Green Goblin) is always the true villain to Spider-Man, whether it is directly or indirectly.

The first series deserves some points because this is an area that they excelled in (save for the third film… really Sandman, Venom and a horribly done New Goblin?).   The Green Goblin was a great start to the trilogy but a horrible ending ruined it and any chances for a fourth.   So with the knowledge that you can’t ignore the Green Goblin I have a feeling that Garfield will get his own chance to chase down the green menace and his glider.

Number Five:  The Amazing Spider-Man

The film itself is done in good “new-Marvel” fashion.  They set up possible sequels with interesting backstory and foreshadowing about Peter’s parents and a connection to Oscorp and Norman Osborn.   This brilliant reboot to the franchise will commission good things to come and maybe delve a little deeper into who and what Spider-Man is (not just I LOVE MARY JANE).

Andrew Garfield takes the cake; there is no question about it.  But, regardless of whether it is Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield- it’s still Spider-Man.  He’s still the nerd’s superhero and whether he has webshooters or glands in his wrists, is facing Dr. Octopus or the Lizard, or is trying to get freaky with Gwen Stacy or MJ- he still will always be an iconic figure in the eyes of children growing up with this new generation of Marvel films.  Come on, let’s face it:  we are all still that kid who believes in superheroes and hopes our radioactive spider is right around the corner.

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5 Comments on "Peter Parker Vs. Peter Parker"

  1. Ace Wellington II July 15, 2012 at 9:38 am · Reply

    Who is your daddy?

    I do not know which i like more your extremely well written critique or your bi-line.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella July 16, 2012 at 11:25 am · Reply

      Awwww Daddy Wellington!! Isn’t Ace III the best ever? I just love him – thanks for spawning!

  2. Ace Wellington The Third July 16, 2012 at 11:55 am · Reply

    This is impossible! My father was killed years ago by some hookers while in Bangkok! Who is this man?!

    *Dun dun dunnnn*

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella July 17, 2012 at 12:42 pm · Reply

      Or did he??

  3. Nave 'Torment' November 2, 2012 at 1:19 pm · Reply

    Well, after having spent all my Spider-Cents on this film I have to say that our hopes and predictions have been shoved down the sewers. It was certainly a darker film and had a really good actor for the part, loved Emma Stone as Gwen and the relationship between Uncle Ben and Pete…. but the rest just bombed. It’s not wit if you keep saying “seriously” every two seconds, Pete came off as someone who was confused as to which “stereotype” he belongs to, not only that, but the entire film felt like it was trying to hit all the points that came out of the recent studio-wide market research on the tween demographic. Sheesh. I’m a life-long Spidey fan and the first movie, I watched it when I was 11 and immediately started writing fan-fictions off of it because it was just so good at capturing a kid’s imagination, it did it for me and now I’m majoring in English Lit and hoping to be a writer myself some day, of course i’m not saying it’s all because of the first film, but regardless I don’t think many 11 year olds would be jump-starting their fanfiction career because of the heroic Amazing Skate-Boarder. The untold story that they promised in the trailers and in the beginning of the movie, about the “truth” behind Pete’s parents’ deaths…. well that remains untold as the movie wraps up. And don’t tell me it’s because they’re leaving stuff out for the sequel, any filmmaker, no any good storyteller, has a responsibility to finish the story he started, for film they should’ve finished it in movie 1 then went to another untold story for movie 2 if the fans really wanted it.

    And as for witless Tobey, well I do distinctively remember him mocking every opponent he came across: from his taunts at Boneshaw McGraw, to “Gobby”, to having fun with Ock at the bank before things went crazy, and finally his banter with Harry Osborn post-emo. All in all, it just felt like the people behind the first three films cared about Spider-Man, while the people behind the reboot just wanted to remind people that Spider-Man was Marvel’s own version of the Dark Knight (character, film, the works).

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