Revolution: the Best Worst Show Ever

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Linda Blair Would envy my eye rolls


I’ve been on the fence about Revolution ever since the show debuted last month. The premise of the show isn’t difficult to understand. 15 years prior to the events we are watching a worldwide blackout occurred. How would the first time viewer know this? Because an announcer insists on recapping all of that at the start of every. single. episode. So anyone turning on will know exactly what’s going on and what our characters are dealing with.

So the premise is somewhat solid and on the surface it has the makings of a quality show like Lost, given that it is often compared to it and has ties to it (J.J. Abrams is a producer). Not to mention with a director/executive producer like John Favreau behind it, it could end up being fairly decent. But the failings of the show are in the details.

Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito in Revolution

The acting, with the exception of Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito is frankly, shit (even you, Elizabeth Mitchell, even you). Side characters get a bit of a pass because, really, who gives a fuck? But for the lead, Terry Spiridakos as Charlie and to a lesser extent Graham Rogers who plays her brother Danny, it is just too apparent that these people do not have the chops to act alongside their higher caliber costars. The entire story hinges on these two siblings being reunited. And I could give a crap if that happens.

Tracy Spiridakos in Revolution

Secondly, the story sacrifices that are made in the name of continuity bother me on a fundamental level. Here is my biggest problem: why are these people so goddamn clean? Every piece of clothing is impeccable, and without stains or dirt. Every face is freshly scrubbed.

And what bothers me the most: every hair is clean, combed and in place, minus one character who has an adorably messy bun. Not to mention that same character has artfully ombre’d hair. She’s been 15 years without a trip to the salon, do I really expect that her roots are only a few inches long and the ends are still a perfect honey blonde?

Fans of the show argue that this is just a way to ensure continuity. That if the makeup department put smudges on their faces it would be difficult to then re-smudge in the exact same places. Here’s a tip: buy a fucking camera. When the action stops, take a picture of your star. Before action starts again, reference your picture to get the correct placement of dirt. It’s not like this is impossible, one viewing of The Walking Dead shows you exactly how a good “post-apocalypse” makeup and costume department operates. It is just absolutely ridiculous and completely unbelievable that this group would be tromping through the woods for weeks and still have clean clothes, faces and hair.


And yet despite the fact that I can’t watch this show for more than five minutes without my eyes rolling, and a series of derisive snorts escaping my lips, I remain transfixed to the screen every Monday at ten like a dork…

And I attribute that all to Billy Burke and his Han Solo-esqe adorablity.

Billy Burke in Revolution

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2 Comments on "Revolution: the Best Worst Show Ever"

  1. Mark in Omaha November 21, 2012 at 9:31 am · Reply

    I gave up on it after the British chick died. Gotta disagree that the premise is solid. They created some kind of weird program that can prevent electrons from flowing, unless you have the magic flash drive, then electrons can flow in your immediate vicinity. They should have just gone all out fantasy and called it a magic crystal or something. After 15 years, there should be at least wind and steam power. Agree that Danny and super annoying blonde chick Charlie are the worst, actively hoping for them to have a gruesome death, or the lead hunk to just say “screw it, I’m outta here”.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 21, 2012 at 7:07 pm · Reply

      Oh my goodness, when British chick died, and all Charlie could do was scrunch her face up really badly and squeeze out some tears I wanted to throw something at my TV. She is SOOO bad! Okay – I’ll give you the premise, I did give it a qualifier dammit. It *could* have made sense? Maybe? But I’m totally with you: after 15 years – where is the solar power? The wind power? That makes no sense whatsoever. In one of the episodes they mention the “heathens” in California – I wonder if they’re actually a bunch of hippies there that have mastered solar power.

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