Schmooze with Donnybrook at the Yelpapalooza 3.0 Elite Happy Hour

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Oh my god, have you checked out Yelpapalooza 3.0?? It happens next Wednesday (Oct 26), and it’s comprised of all of our favorite things (except whiskers on kittens).

1.) Aerial dancers. This is one of those buzz phrases that gets me to go to a party instantly, just like “open bar.”

2.) Rebelle Salon and Proper Barbershop will be there doing hairdos. This girly salon and manly barbershop are right next door to each other, and they’re where Angora and Guido religiously get their hair did (Guido, by Jordan, and Angora by Libby) – even for our wedding. They do amazing hair, they will completely change your look if you want a makeover (they gave Guido the Rhett Butler), and they will give you whiskey, beer, champagne, or wine while they’re doing it – and they’re totally affordable. Not that we care about things being affordable since we’re filthy rich…..

3.) Denver Craft Ninjas. Becky is awesome! She also runs a blog called 12 Questions, where she recently interviewed Angora.

4.) Rob’s Mountain Gin is really, really good. When we first tried it, it tasted stronger and juniperier than your everyday gin.

5.) You can get your FORTUNE READ by either Andye Murphy, Rock ‘n Roll Shaman, Simple Spirit or David Waldas. Are you going to do it? I really want to do it but I’m CRAZY FEARFUL of self-fulfilling prophesies.

6.) They’re taking over Casselman’s and one of our new favorite spots, The Matchbox. Oversized Jenga + Golden Girls on the telly + ironically bad music + dogs running around = hip hip hip hip hip.

Anyways, if you haven’t been to a Yelp event, you should go – especially if you are a single person. I feel like it’s a great way to meet people! Guido and I go to them all the time not because we are single, but because we like local restaurants, Tiffany, and free shit (not exactly in that order).

The event is free with a $5 suggested donation for, and if you email right now, you could win an invite to the Elite Happy Hour beforehand!

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