Shedding Tears “Beside the Dying Fire”

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What in the world are we going to do now that The Walking Dead is over?

I have to admit that I think the finale was somewhat spoiled for me: I have knowledge of the plot in the comics, and I’ve talked so much about what could happen with other fans that when all that stuff actually did happen it wasn’t as much of a surprise for me as it probably was for others who had no idea what to expect. Anyway – it was still BANANAS and a great way to end the season: some questions answered, some new ones raised, a new character to ponder over for the summer, and everyone important made it out alive (minus Dale and Shane who we lost over the last 2 weeks, no shockers there, but a big “Sorry!” to all TWD fans that were hoping to see Lori or Carol not make it out – both are alive, to throw disapproving glares at us for at least another episode).

Last night opened with a look at what that black helicopter Rick saw in Season 1 has been up to, and in a “let’s kill two confusing birds with one stone” angle”, said helicopter can be blamed for the crazy horde of Walkers that descended on the farm this week. As some of my readers have guessed, the Zombies are sound driven with a herd mentality –the helicopter sparked interest in a few of them and they started walking toward it, others mindlessly followed. This snowballed into an even bigger mass of the undead as more and more zombies took notice and joined in. There was a really cool scene when the horde comes upon the perimeter fence of Hershel’s farm (loved the “TRESPASS ITS YOUR ASS” sign at the door) and just by sheer numbers breaks the fence down.

Daryl and Glenn get back to the farm before Rick and Shane, unaware that Shane is dead and Carl is missing from the house. (Anyone actually surprised that -gasp- Lori can’t keep an eye on her son??). Daryl explains to those waiting at the farm that they found Walker-Randall without a bite or a scratch, hinting at other ways a person can become a Walker. Lori asked Daryl if he would mind going out and looking for Rick and Shane – and it looks like “Caring Daryl” is back because without hesitation he starts to leave to go find them before they all get out on the porch and realize that the shit is seriously about to hit the fan.

Carl and Rick are walking back to the farm after they took Shane down together – as they’re approaching the farm they pause to take a minute and collect themselves, and that’s when they see the oncoming horde. They make a break for the barn but the Walkers give chase and start trying to break through the doors.

They come up with a plan to douse the barn in gasoline and draw as many Walkers as they can inside before torching it, hoping that this will distract the zombies long enough for their friends and family to make a getaway.

The survivors on the farm see the horde coming just as Lori realizes she can’t find Carl. They see the barn go up in flames, and know that someone is over there on their side – they just don’t know if its Rick, Shane or both of them, and they don’t know whether or not Carl is with them.

They decide to kill as many Walkers as possible before getting in their vehicles and meeting up on the highway – if it had been me, I would’ve said “EF THIS!” gotten everyone into cars while the horde was still far enough away, swung by the barn to grab whoever was in there that started that fire, and gotten the hell out of Dodge, or Hershel Farm, whatever, you get me. I saw that Hershel was all “This is MY farm!” and okay, sure, but hey buddy – this is also YOUR family – so really, what’s more important? Screw the farm; get your kids out alive!

But logical decisions make for boring Walking Dead TV – so instead they fight it out.

Patricia gets attacked while running with Beth, Carol and Lori for safety. Lori gets hung up trying to pry Beth’s hand from Patricia’s death-grip as both women have to watch this poor girl just totally get ripped to shreds. Carol, not realizing that the others aren’t behind her, tries to make a break for it and almost gets killed before T-Dog and Andrea show up to save her. Andrea jumps out and just goes total badass on the Walkers, Carol runs off and gets picked up by Daryl later, Lori and Beth make it to T-Dogs truck, and they see what they think is Andrea getting taken down by a Walker. So they hightail it out of there… and leave poor Andrea behind! I was so pissed!! Totally freaked out thinking she was doomed to be Walker-Bait, but instead we got the awesome treat of her just completely defining Female Badassery – more on that later. Maggie and Glenn end up in the little Hyundai, they get stuck with nowhere to go but away from the farm and away from the fight. Glenn convinces Maggie it’s their only choice, so they gun it out of there and save themselves.

Jimmy, Hershel’s son, jumps in the RV and heads to the barn to save whoever’s in there – Rick and Carl are able to jump from the barn to the roof of the RV, but then the RV gets taken over and he’s ripped apart – Rick and Carl make a run for the house and show up just in time to save Hershel, who’s standing on his porch trying to kill as many Walkers as possible to buy the rest of his family more time to escape. He wants to die there on his porch, but Rick convinces him to go with him – together with Carl they jump in another truck and get out of there.

Maggie and Glenn drive until morning until she has a mini-breakdown, as any of us would do if you think about it – you could’ve tried to double back and make sure your family got out alive, but instead chose to move forward and leave the whole mess behind – that would seriously fuck with me. Glenn takes this moment to tell Maggie he loves her, and that he should’ve said it a long time ago – which makes me think 2 things – 1. Totally convenient of him to say it NOW, when he needs the girl to pull herself together, but also, 2. Why do guys always think that a simple “I love you” when we’re upset is going to suddenly turn the world sunshine and rainbows again?

So – all of that’s easy to follow right? No. Sorry. In the end, it broke down like this: Jimmy and Patricia were the only two that technically didn’t make it. Andrea only appeared to die because she fired on a Walker as it was running at her and it landed on her – making the others believe it bit her, when in fact it hadn’t – so they dipped out, and stranded poor Andrea to fend for herself. Daryl and Carol are on Daryl’s motorcycle heading to the meet point. T-Dog has Lori and Beth in one truck and Rick, Hershel and Carl are in the other truck, Maggie and Glenn are together in the compact car.

Rick, Hershel, and Carl are the first to arrive at the rendezvous point – the traffic jam at the highway that started this whole farm-mess in the first place, so very fitting – they go back and forth on if they should wait for the others or keep going. Carl didn’t want to go until he knew Lori was okay, Hershel wanted Rick to take Carl to safety while he waited for the others – part of me was looking at this with TV-time in mind, so I have no idea how long they were actually there debating staying or going, but it seemed like all of five minutes and you want to be like, “Jeez guys, how about a little faith and patience?” Luckily, since this is TV, just when they’re deciding to stay or go, all of the other survivors show up, conveniently all at the same time.

They regroup and count their losses – Lori and Beth are able to verify that Patricia is most definitely Walker-Food. Rick and Carl confirm that Jimmy was definitely eaten as well – but no one can say for sure that Andrea was actually killed. Daryl, bless his heart, is about to mount up on his bike and go back for her – but Rick stops him and says it doesn’t matter – IF Andrea was left behind (she was) then she’s dead by now (she’s not) or she’s left the farm (she has). So they actually decide to leave her behind. Whenever they do run back into Andrea, I hope she kicks all their asses. Just saying.

The caravan gets moving again, I didn’t catch where they’d decided to head – anyone? But along the way Rick’s truck runs out of gas. He flags the others down and decides they should camp where they are then go on a gas hunt in the morning. The others think this is unwise, because they’re almost out of ammo and it would be hard to defend themselves if more Walkers show up – here is where Rick tries to give everyone a pep talk and boost morale, not to much luck. He steps away from the group, and Lori joins him – where he admits that he was the one who killed Shane. He explains exactly what happened, and that even though he had a feeling Shane was setting him up, he let Shane lead him away from the others so they could just be done with this rivalry and get it over with. Cue where I continue to dislike Lori – because the death glare she gives him after he tells her what he did made me want to slap her. For one, the man just killed his best friend to protect you, and for twosies – Lori was literally JUST telling Rick the other day (well okay, a few episodes back) that Shane needed to be “dealt with” which had everyone thinking of Lady Macbeth, so why the hell is she now acting like she’s angry that Shane’s dead?

Rick’s leadership abilities are starting to be put into question and not just by all of us, but by the group too. This gets worse when Rick admits what we all guessed over the past two weeks: Jenner from the CDC did in fact tell Rick during Season 1’s finale that everyone is infected, which means you don’t have to be bitten or scratched to become a Walker when you die. It’s all about your immune system, and how strong it is dictates how long it will take you to turn into a zombie. This of course means that I’m completely screwed, as I get so much as 10 feet from a sick person and like clockwork I’ll feel like death in a matter of days. I guess it’s good to know that in the Zombie Apocalypse – once I go, my Happy Walker Fun Times will soon be upon me.

They camp for the night, and stupidly light a bunch of fires – nothing attacks them, just saying that if I knew there were still more Walkers back at the farm I just ran from – lighting a campfire might be a bad idea. Rick tells everyone that this is no longer a democracy; he’s calling all the shots from here on out, and if they don’t like it, then leave the group. No one leaves, but they all give him “shady-face” so we’ll see what happens with them later. I have a feeling that if they find a comfortable place a few of them will break away from the Grimes and strike out on their own.

Speaking of striking out on their own – closing this piece with a special shout out to one of my newer-favorite characters, and my always favorite character. Andrea has been annoying in the past, but has grown up in front of us and shown us she’s a force to be reckoned with. Much like Daryl in 2.1’s “Chupacabra” episode, Andrea is left to fend for herself in the woods. And damn, girl! She’s brutal! She manages to take out any Walker that comes her way, and when she starts to run out of ammo she just starts stabbing them. It was off the chain! She’s running like crazy, hasn’t slept at all, the Walker’s have her scent so they’re not letting up – and she falls and hits the ground. She turns around to fend off an oncoming Walker – who’s suddenly decapitated by an unknown hooded figure who has two armless and jawless Walkers on chains behind her. BAD. ASS.

That’s right everyone, Michonne has finally entered the building. Bow down to your new favorite character ever. Fans of the comics can rejoice with me – because her appearance has been long awaited – in the comics she’s on Hershel’s farm and remains a main character throughout. Perhaps for dramatic effect they decided to save her for later, but now that she’s arrived I’m thrilled – we didn’t get to see her face, but she’s being played by Danai Gurira, best known for her role as Jill on the TV series Treme. And just one more quick note – to settle something for those that haven’t read the comics – my friends noticed that the two Walkers Michonne is dragging around in chains were African American, and thought it was in poor taste. If I hadn’t read the comics, I might agree, so before non-comic-readers get their collective panties bunched – Michonne herself is African American, and the two zombies she keeps on leashes are actually her boyfriend and the bf’s bestie – two people she just can’t part with – so she removed their arms and their jaws, and keeps them as pets. So don’t get upset – that tidbit probably gets revealed next season when Michonne gets more coverage, but until then – let’s just get that part cleared up.

One other thing I have to mention – I normally don’t stick around and wait up for Talking Dead, the Chris Hardwick hosted talk show that airs after TWD – but I did catch part of it this time, long enough to hear Hardwick proclaim to Laurie Holden (Andrea on the show) that he loved her “badassery” – Holden asked him if that’s a word, and Hardwick replied that it is now, implying that he thinks he just made that up. So totally personal and non-show related – I have to call bullshit on that – since I’ve been using the term “badassery” for months now, did I come up with it on my own? Yes, but I’m not trying to say in any way that I made it up either – to me, it was the most logical adjective to use in order to say that someone was a Bad Ass – but trying to take credit for making that word up is like trying to say I came up with the term “OMG” or something – it’s bullshit, Hardwick, and I’m calling you on it. Okay now I’m done. Oh shit! That’s right – I really am done. What the hell am I going to do with myself now that TWD is off until Season 3?? Interact with others? Why on earth would I want to do that? Obviously I prefer the undead to the living. Maybe I’ll go volunteer at the morgue and do makeup or something. Then again I’m allergic to the word “volunteer”. I’ll figure something out.

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42 Comments on "Shedding Tears “Beside the Dying Fire”"

  1. pansy park March 19, 2012 at 6:43 pm · Reply

    I know i can’t stand that we have to wait until fall, I’m thinking reread the comic books :) Oh and I also have found the WORST zombie movie made. Its on Netflix. Rammbock Berlin Undead. It is HORRIBLE! But about the finale: It was good although I dont like how they tried to say a horde would start just from a helicopter. I think that things would have stopped the horde along the way. Like some get side tracked by a deer, some get sidetracked by the sound of a tree falling, etc. I couldn’t imagine 1 helicopter and months later they are still following it blindly. Although that speaks highly to the fact that this group of people are just about the only survivors. And begs the question what does it mean to survive if they are it and they will slowly succumb to the plague as their immune systems wither. Oh eerie. I guess it is a mixed feeling of hope with the helicopter and the lack of people to stop the horde from moving in one direction for months (in other words they never crossed another set of humans to get side tracked.)
    And like you i don’t stick around for that crappy after show unless I’m really bored or just want to watch the extended preview for some reason :) And i disliked his ownership of badassery when he would be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse. Just saying a scrawny dork who probably couldn’t even hold a gun up straight. Can’t wait to see you over the weekend!!!! Miss You. Love You!!!

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 20, 2012 at 6:58 am · Reply

      Hahahahaha!!!! “A scrawny dork who prob couldn’t even hold a gun up straight.” – So apt. “Badassery’s” been in use for years, it’s just silly of him to try and take credit for it, and since it’s been used in writing and not on TV, I’m sure people will fall in line behind him and say he’s SO brilliant. Ugh. Anyway – you’re right – Zombie Apocalypse happens, I’m sure smarmy comedians not good enough for stand up that somehow got their own show will be some of the first to go. Yay I can’t wait to see you this weekend – we can talk all things Walking Dead! And books! And Hunger Games! EEEEEeeee!!!! Yay!

  2. Mark in Omaha March 19, 2012 at 7:11 pm · Reply

    NO COMMENTS? WTzombieF? I missed the first part before the credits, thanks for the recap. Still don’t buy it but at least they tried an explanation. What to do next week? What I was doing, EXERCISE! Quit wasting this beautiful weather watching TV shows.

    First 45 minutes were totally awesome, even with TV markmanship, unending ammo, and our groups typical bizarre behavior. Should we fire up the Harley and draw the zombies AWAY from the farm? Hell no, let’s drive around in circles shooting out of open windows (getting a head shot every time). Let’s start the barn on fire while we are still in it!. Let me drive the RV up to the burning barn so Rick and the kid can jump onto the roof, good plan. Now drive away! No let me get out of the drivers seat and check to see if I locked that door, OMG zombies! I was wrong on the over/under prediction from last week, only two and they missed a perfect opportunity to get rid of Carol. When Andrea threw off the dead walker firing her weapon and yelling at Rick to not leave her, AND THEY DID! I was on the edge of my seat.

    Then the life got sucked out of the show again as the various groups realize they had no set rendevous point, Carl starts whining about Mom, Rick and Hershel debate whether they should stay or go, (go where?) Glenn and Maggie talk, and Lori threatens to jump out of a moving truck. Glenn told Maggie he loved her and said he should have told her a “long time ago”, like three episodes ago, or a week in their time? As a matter of fact, all men are so impressed with their own awesomeness that we do think telling a woman we love her solves everything.

    No they didn’t say where they were headed, or why. They also had their pick of decent abandoned vehicles but opt for the 1980′s Suburban with low tank that gets maybe 13 mpg. Not surprisingly they soon run out of gas right next to a WPA dam in a Georgia State Park and make camp.

    What is with Lori? Are they trying to make her into TV’s worst character ever? Can they not write dialoge for a woman, or is she just that terrible of an actress? When she yanked away from Rick with what I assume was supposed to her anger face, and a “you killed my boyfriend” look! Yeah, but he was going to kill me first and I’m your fucking HUSBAND! It’s not PC or anything but wouldn’t you love to see Rick go ballistic on her just once? Oh, and take a belt to your stupid “I’m not going to listen to anyone” kid.

    Cut back to Andrea, okay, she’s still alive. You described the scene perfectly. I looked it up and the urban dictionary lists badassery as a word and they say you were the first person who matters to use it in print. You little badass. I don’t read comics and I’ll never read these so I had no idea what was up with the weird hooded character or why she has zombie pets. l’ll have to wait till next season to learn more.

    Cut back to Rick and group camping. Who died and left Rick in charge of anything? Why would any sane person do anything he said? So he declares an end of democracy and the start of a new Ricktatorship (I stole that one). T-Dogg was giving him the evil eye and holding Dale’s rifle, I was thinking we might have an overthrow of the Ricktator right then and there. Keeping a crucial piece of information to yourself for an entire season? Not cool. What is up with Carol, what was her motivation with Daryl? More horrible writing or bad acting? Daryl asked her, “what do you want from me”? Good question ,what does she want from him? Pull back from the group and focus in on a CGI prison.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 20, 2012 at 7:09 am · Reply

      You nailed it – the “TV laws in effect” were pretty laughable – they made for excited action, but really – come on – running around on rough roads (wasting gas) as whoever’s hanging out the window gets off headshot after headshot (w/o falling out of the car, and totally just wasting ammo since they had no chance to put a dent in that horde) – it was stupid – if I were there on that porch standing next to Hershel and he said “This is my farm and I’m going to die here” I’d totally be like – alright, you work on that buddy, I’m taking whoever I can with me and we’re getting in this truck and getting the fuck out of here while there’s still time.” The deaths of Jimmy & Patricia were something I expected, because in the show they’re not important, and in the comics (which you don’t have to read, and honestly, if you want things to be surprise in the show – just don’t bother – it spoils it) but yeah, they have minor parts when the group finds that weird prison, and those could easily be given to someone else so they were totally expendable – what surprised me (comic spoiler alert) is that both Lori, her baby, and Carol, are also expendable – especially with Sophia gone – Carol actually kills herself, and leaves her daughter to be raised by Glenn & Maggie – so w/o Sophia, there’s no story-arc for Carol and I’m wishing they’d just get her over with already. Okay – one more comic spoiler but this will make you happy – I believe the reason they’re making Lori so unlikeable is because in the books she’s killed when they get to the prison – unfortunately so is the daughter (which everyone believes is Shanes, btw) – perhaps the producers are trying to gear us up for this by making us dislike her to the point that we won’t be too upset when a new mom is killed – they may decide to save the girl just to be PC, but I wanted to throttle Lori when she did that stupid “Let me angrily rip my arm from you and give you glare face for killing the crazy bastard who I started fucking as soon as I thought you were dead – oh, but he wasn’t crazy then, he was just YOUR BEST FRIEND.” Yes, how DARE you Rick!
      And yeah – seriously – law man or not, Rick sucks as a leader. There. I said it. Not saying that any of the other people in there are worthy of the title either – actually, going to go ahead and just say that out of everyone, Daryl and Andrea are the two people I’d want to side up with and leave the group to strike out with them – they may not be leaders, but they’re smart and realistic and we’d get the job done.

  3. Chad Snyder March 20, 2012 at 6:39 am · Reply

    Ok. I’m in agreement with a lot of points.

    The fire though. In case you didn’t notice, there was a stone wall around the campfire which would have shielded the flame, making it harder to spot. If zombies are even attracted to fire, which they probably aren’t since FIRE BAD…oh excuse me that’s something entirely different. But still, fire and zombies don’t mix.

    My concern about the fire was that it might attract the notice of a certain group of pillaging rapists that were noticeably absent from the finally. Even the rock wall wouldn’t have gotten rid of all of the light or the smell, but at that point I was probably just being unnecessarily paranoid.

    The whole thing about Glenn telling Maggie he loved her… it worked didn’t it? Did she not calm the hell down pretty quick? Damn I could go for a sandwich right about now.

    To address Mark in Omaha’s observation on the whole Ricktatorship (btw I like Hardwick but come on dude, don’t try to pretend the word badassery hasn’t been around for a while now): The reason no one left or tried to take over the group is because, well, Rick is the only one in the group who is actually leadership material. Let’s go over the list, we have Hershel the old and sometimes drunk man, T-dog who showed what kind of guy he was when he had to be bullied to even attempt to meet back up with the group, Lori (I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence by stating her lack of qualifications), Carl is a kid and a bratty one at that, Carol give me a break, no on that chick from the farm whose character I still don’t care anything about, Maggie is too young rebellious and inexperienced among other things, Glenn is kind of a pussy still…I think that leaves Daryl, who is more of a useful tool, a scout, a tracker, a soldier. Not the kind of guy who even wants to lead, and I won’t even bring up his whole zombie ear necklace fetish (whoops). Don’t forget, Rick was a..Deputy Sheriff I believe. Trained to deal with people, carry a large gun and know how to use it, defensive driving, all the skills an officer of the law has, as well as leadership.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 20, 2012 at 7:25 am · Reply

      Okay – you do have great points about Rick – no I’ll totally agree with you – given the choices, he’s the best man for the job – but if I were in that group and he tried to tell me this was no longer a democracy when really it had NEVER been a democracy it had just been a series of arguments b/w him and Shane – I’d call foul. Right now, he just doesn’t have what it takes to be the supreme leader of their group. He makes too many bad decisions, or he makes the right decision too late. I wouldn’t be able to sit there and say “Okay you’re the boss” because he’s a shitty boss. This isn’t the decorating committee for the holiday party, it’s life or death – the stakes are higher, no way am I putting my trust in him.
      As far as the fire – I wasn’t just thinking about Zombies – although yes, I said that, but even though the fire was behind some stones – the whole group was lit up for dramatic effect and anyone around could’ve seen them – most especially the group of rapists that live just 10 miles or so away (why the horde couldn’t have stopped by their camp first is beyond me). At least they’re about to go to the prison, so there will be some new characters to get upset about, and maybe Carol will finally just get it over with. Man she’s annoying.

      • Chad Snyder March 20, 2012 at 11:37 am · Reply

        You would cry foul? And what, leave the group? Let someone else lead it?

        At this point I would probably like Rick’s character just as much if not more if he took his pregnant wife and his son out into the woods (or a field) and put a bullet in each of their heads. Then he could do whatever, including leaving this group of whiners if he felt like it. After all, even if Carl survives to adulthood he’ll likely grow up to be a whiny douchebag, and trying to care for a baby seems like a certain death sentence.

        • Alistair Blake Arabella
          Alistair Blake Arabella March 20, 2012 at 2:00 pm · Reply

          Dude I’d totally have left the group when he brought fucking Randall back – those people were sitting ducks on that farm – I would’ve tried to get as many of them that I think are reasonable in a crisis to come with me: Andrea, Daryl, T-Dog, and maybe even Shane – at least he knew how to make a fucking decision – I’d get those people to break off with me, and go set out on our own and get out of that weird Walker-Barn-Christian-Toting farm life.

  4. cristina March 20, 2012 at 11:17 am · Reply

    whooowhee – all caught up with the last two episodes and that’s just some crazyness. no, i haven’t read the comics at all so lots of surprises. andrea has totally made it to my female action hero hall of fame. do NOT fuck with her. she and daryl never seem to have much interaction but they’re definitely the two badasses of the show. they would make a cool couple (way better than carol). and glenn used to be his own kind of badass – remember when we first met him and he was zipping around amongst the zombies, solving problems and saving the day? but i guess love has softened him up. still i liked the scene between him and maggie – hell in that shitty world they’ve found themselves in, might as well enjoy something nice – even if it’s only a week old. you’re totally spot on about lori – but i’m actually thinking she’s off her nut, too. in the previous episode when she was looking at shane before going up to thank him for saving her – it looked devious to me. playing both sides against the middle? but she’s not a good actress so it may have just been her attempt at something completely different. anyway – i couldn’t believe how she rejected rick after his confession. this zombie world calls for completely different moral decisions – and it seemed like his ‘taking care’ of shane was way overdue – even if for his own survival alone. and *breath in* as much as i dig andrea, in that situation i don’t blame them for moving on. first, it did really look like she was walker bait. second when they regrouped and realized there was no *proof* she was walker bait – it still made more sense to keep the ever shrinking group intact. they (and many of us) were bitching before that rick was always endangering the group by going off to save individuals – now there’s even fewer folks, i think it’s a reasonable decision. it’s just that *we* know that andrea is alive and fighting with everything she’s got that makes it hard to accept. what’s weird is i’m a total softie/peacenik but this is war. tho what do i know? i sure as hell would be the last person to be leader in a situation like that. but rick’s other choices, especially making himself dictator, are scary. his character is definitely showing some wear and tear. wow that Michonne character with the armless zombies was beyond CREEPY. love it. can’t wait for season 3! yall keep up your immune systems and zombie head target practice in the meantime

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 20, 2012 at 2:05 pm · Reply

      No I get it – they had to leave her behind – I think at the core of what irks me about it is – first, she left the car to save Carol. Fucking USELESS Carol – who didn’t even get IN the car – she ran off like a fucking idiot and let Andrea get overrun with Walkers – then Lori & Beth jumped into Andrea’s seat, and they took off – and stupid ass Carol gets rescued by MY tv hubs – just totally not cool. I wish she’d hurry up and die already (that sounds SO mean, it’s in the comics, I’m not being a brat -about that- I swear! lol) and yeah – good call on that one Lori/Shane scene – I thought that she was trying to smooth things over, but it only made it worse because it seemed like Lori might have given Shane some kind of false hope that they’d be together if Rick weren’t around. If I were Rick, and she pulled away from me like that after what I’d just done for her – I’d have told her we were done. “I’m done taking care of your ass – you know that’s not even my kid in your belly – I’m taking MY son and you and your stupid Shane-loving ass can see how far you get w/o me.” The look on her face when she yanked her arm away from him was just ridiculous!!!

  5. Mark in Omaha March 20, 2012 at 12:35 pm · Reply

    “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.” Did Rick at any point ASK any of the group if they wanted him to be in charge? He can’t control the dumb decisions of his own wife and kid, how is he going to manage a group of adults? He just declared martial law and put himself in power.

    With “real world” rules, then RIck would have made a logical choice as a leader. Did he out-rank Shane by some chance or just more seniority? Those two being in conflict for the leadership would make sense, just not to the extreme they made it out to be on the show. When they were in the woods, Rick was behind Shane at one point. He knew Shane was going to try something, and waited, putting himself in serious danger. A smarter move would have been to refuse to split the group up, draw on Shane first, disarm him, take him back to his Hyundai and said “Don’t come back”. If Lori was still in love with him, she could have gone with him. No killing your best friend, no zombie Shane, no gunshots, not zombie horde descending on Hershel’s farm. But no action, and no plot development.

    Here is a plot twist that would help the show make sense. Everyone has the zombie virus, the ones who died from the fever turned into Walkers. Those who got a less potent dose are still human but also still infected. Maybe at lower doses the virus starts messing with your cognitive abilities. You lose the ability to focus, lowers impulse control, lack of strategic decisions, and long range planning. It also increases depression, suicidal thoughts, paranoia, meglomania, and delusions. You also can’t remember previous discussions so you engage in the same agruments over and over again. I have no idea if this is in the comics but it would make the actions of the characters more believable.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 20, 2012 at 2:11 pm · Reply

      Ha! That’s the best theory ever – I don’t think that’s what AMC was going for, but that about sums up what these people act like. There’s just a total lack of learning from one’s mistakes in a world where there’s little to no room for mistakes – I do think that at some point when Rick first showed up at the camp that he sort of assumed power – he was Sheriff – I don’t know if Shane was as well, I know he didn’t like his power being usurped, but I don’t know why they both couldn’t have lead together – they did a fine job as partners. Really it all boils down to Lori not being able to keep her vag in her pants and thereby she fucked everything up b/w Rick & Shane – if she’d given herself, oh I don’t know, even just a few months to process her grief for her “dead” husband before fucking his best friend & partner, then Rick would’ve reappeared, she wouldn’t have ever made that stupid decision, and none of that would’ve happened. Am I blaming this all on the woman? Yeah. Would I normally? No. But can I not STAND this woman? Yeah. So it’s all her fault.

  6. Kid Notorious March 20, 2012 at 5:13 pm · Reply

    OK, having never read the comics, do they cover what Jenner whispered to Rick at the CDC about everybody being infected? I hope not because I TOTALLY called that shit over on your HuffPo column thread!

    • Mark in Omaha March 20, 2012 at 5:37 pm · Reply

      The whole Jenner and CDC thread was never in the comics (I’ve heard from people who actually read them). So what did you call? That Jenner told him everyone was infected? I believe that part is in the comics, but I don’t know how they find out.

      • Alistair Blake Arabella
        Alistair Blake Arabella March 20, 2012 at 6:04 pm · Reply

        I don’t think the comics ever mention exactly HOW this happens, its implied, but no one definitively says exactly what’s going on – they all figure it out as they go along – later they’ll figure out that if you get bit and cut that appendage off in time, you won’t get infected – so if the show goes that route we’ll get to see some characters with bad ass missing limbs!
        Kid Notorious is one of my HuffPost besties, and he was def the first person over at HuffPost to guess that Jenner must’ve said that to Rick – however, I believe you were the one to mention it here on Donnybrook – my HuffPost columns, honestly, aren’t as good or nearly as thorough as these, as I’m limited to a specific word count. I totally blew that with this last episode, so I have no idea if they’re going to publish that recap – but, it’s very cool that readers from there are coming over here to read this – we get into some deep Walking Dead convo’s on Donnybrook! Welcome, all!

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 20, 2012 at 6:01 pm · Reply

      Kid!!! Yay to crossovers! I’m so glad you came over here to read this one – IF HuffPost gets around to publishing my version for them, it’s SO much shorter, and has none of the cool photos – nope – gotta stand by my man here – you totally called it – we were both going back and forth thinking that had to be it, and you were right – I go back and forth saying I’ve read or haven’t read the comics – I have skimmed them, but I do a lot of research on them before I ever mention something that happened in them – so to be totally honest, I have not read them cover to cover – as far as I know, there’s never been a definitive answer about where the Zombie virus comes from, other than Kirkman admitting that he went by “George Romero rules”, for whatever that’s worth.

      • Kid Notorious March 20, 2012 at 6:57 pm · Reply

        Hehe! Thanks!!! Good to be here!

        Yeah, I have to agree, I like this particular venue for you more… Literally LOL’d about you’re uber girly infatuation with Daryl… Plus, well, I get to cuss here too and since I’m 30 going on 13 that makes me happy!

        It was an insane episode! As soon as Rick started to open his mouth on the side of the road I texted all my buddies who I knew were watching with a jaunty “I CALLED THAT SHIT!!!” message.

        I think I’m going to try to tackle a good chunk of the comics between seasons. I really want to see what The Governor and Michonne are all about.

        Keep making with the awesome, ABA! Looking forward to seeing how we both cope with our withdrawls!

        Oh, also, it was ME who coined the term “badassery”… Glad I could clear that up…

        • Alistair Blake Arabella
          Alistair Blake Arabella March 21, 2012 at 8:23 am · Reply

          I’m sure we’ll all be hearing from Chris Hardwick’s lawyers soon.
          Oh I totally threw it in everyone’s face I was watching with – I KNEW IT!!!! WE CALLED THAT SHIT!!!
          Yeah – dude. HuffPo does not fuck around with the cursing. They don’t like it and the readers don’t seem to like it either which is really weird and lame. It’s a complete honor to be on there, and I look at it as just a learning experience on how to write to attract a wider audience – here at home at Donnybrook, I can be my weird “I want a zombie ear necklace to prove Daryl’s love me” fuck fuckity fucking self.
          Oh – rest assured I’ll be finding ways to cope – def going to post any news I hear about Season 3, and at least there’s AHS to ponder over until October.
          The comics are neat but really depressing from what I’ve been told – it’s just shit on top of shit on top of shit that gets handed to Rick – nothing but death and misery and lost limbs, raping, torture, murdering, it’s very fucked up – so far the TV show hasn’t had to address any of that, but they’re going to have to with the Governor coming in for 3rd season – will be interesting to see if they stay with the comics or try to tone it down for TV audiences. Ugh. Too excited! So sad it’s over = (

        • Alistair Blake Arabella
          Alistair Blake Arabella March 21, 2012 at 8:49 am · Reply

          Oh! I kept meaning to ask you – okay – so now that we’ve been proven right, and we know that Rick knew the whole time that everyone is infected – I have to know – how would YOU react to that? Because when he said it – I could totally see both sides to the story – like, Okay if I’m Rick, and I get told that – I could see him not wanting to tell the others, because that’s fucking depressing and it would risk that more of them would try to off themselves or something. I get it. At the same time – I also totally saw Glenn and the others side too – if I were on their end, and didn’t know and just found out I’d be pissed he didn’t tell me – it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation really, but I see it from both angles, so I don’t know what I’d do in that situation – what do you think?

  7. Kid Notorious March 21, 2012 at 1:50 pm · Reply

    “Oh! I kept meaning to ask you – okay – so now that we’ve been proven right, and we know that Rick knew the whole time that everyone is infected – I have to know – how would YOU react to that?”

    Me personally? I would have been shocked at first, naturally… Then after coming to grips with it I would be at peace with it. The goal has always been to stay alive and that doesn’t change, just what happens after you die – no matter how you die. But I’d be dead… So it really wouldn’t matter…

    But now here is a question for you… Do zombies poop? If they’re eating all that flesh there would have to be some BMs otherwise their bellies would be comically huge… Right?

    I look forward to further pontificating on this pressing matter with you…

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 21, 2012 at 2:22 pm · Reply

      Good call – I think that I’d initially have the same reaction that Glenn did – where I’d be angry that Rick didn’t think I was adult enough to handle that knowledge. However, I would understand – because think back – when this was happening – a bunch of them (Andrea in particular) were debating killing themselves. And some of them opted not to – if Rick had passed on that they were Walkers regardless of how they died – how many of them would’ve gone and blown their brains out just to keep that from happening?
      I’m of the same idea – who the fuck cares? I’d be dead – if anything, I’d hope my Walker-Life was just as kick-ass and brutal as my Post-Zombie-Apocalypse life. Perhaps I would toss away my zombie ear necklace in favor of a human ear necklace? Who knows.
      About the other question – did you know if you Google “Do Zombies” the first thin that pops up is “poop”? This is an intense question! Check out this article I found – it’s really interesting and they get SUPER into the theory:
      Personally, I think that it’s not so much pooping as like, seepage or leaking – I think they’re mindlessly eating flesh, it’s going down their intestinal tracts, but I don’t think that any of them are stopping to let one out – I imagine instead that the flesh & brains they’ve eaten just flow right out of them like baby shit or horrible liquid squirts or something – I don’t think they posess the brainpower or self awareness to “squeeze one out” so to speak – I think their guts get full of flesh, and then just by sheer force of gravity w/ nowhere else to go, they go out and down the backs of their legs. Obviously I’ve thought a lot about this. I would imagine that our TWD TV zombies are WAY cleaner than real zombies would be – I picture real zombies probably stink to high heaven – not only are they dirty, but they probably just piss and shit themselves as they go along, and you know they don’t change clothes. I say when the ZA happens, let’s make sure to stay upwind from those stinky bastards.

  8. Kid Notorious March 21, 2012 at 4:33 pm · Reply

    Actually that is what made me think of that question! Bill Simmons, the guy who started Grantland, tweeted that and it really got me thinking! Did not know there was an article associated with it too! Good lookin’ out!

    But I propose another possibility: compare the estimated intake of “food” a zombie ingests (not a lot all things considered) to the constant physical activity of walking around in perpetuity… Could it be that 100% of everything they intake is converted into energy thus making them nature’s perfect machine?

    Or did I just blow your mind?

    • Mark in Omaha March 21, 2012 at 6:56 pm · Reply

      Which violates the conservation of energy law of thermodynamics. Yet another reason zombies couldn’t exist in real like. If they could just keep going forever, all you would have to do is chain some to a treadmill and dangle a “carrot” in front of them and your electrical power issue would be solved.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 27, 2012 at 2:11 pm · Reply

      Mind. Blown. You have a good point – because really, they’re kind of starving to death – they eat animals and stuff, and humans, but the more humans turn into zombies (and why the animals they eat don’t also turn is odd to me, I mean, they made it work in Red Dead Redemption, why not TWD?) the less food zombies have – do they in fact stay moving? What about that one woman who was featured in the webisodes? She crawled around but didnt’ she also lie there in starvation until she “smelled” Rick and started crawling toward him? After a point – do they just collapse in dehydrated starving, only to get roused again when they sense flesh?

  9. Kid Notorious March 21, 2012 at 4:46 pm · Reply

    “I’d be dead – if anything, I’d hope my Walker-Life was just as kick-ass and brutal as my Post-Zombie-Apocalypse life”

    I’d just make sure to be impeccably dressed at all times so if I did die and turn, survivors would momentarily be taken aback… “Sure he’s a walker, but fuck me does he isn’t still pulling off that hoodie, shirt and tie ensemble…”

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 27, 2012 at 2:16 pm · Reply

      Well now we know to be careful about that hoodie ensemble, lest some other zombie mistake you for a thug – you know those damn hoodies – only criminals wear those apparently.
      Okay political moment over – I think I’d want to be dressed to the nines, but in black – that way, if my theory about pissing and shitting yourself and oozing and whatnot is true, then it won’t show up – I’d want people to be like – “Holy shit is that nasty zombie bitch in Chanel? How dead-chic!” We can def make this happen.
      Hey – if you’re into Zombie lit, check out the book “Warm Bodies” if you haven’t already:
      I couldn’t put it down – it’s really good, and a quick read – and I just saw that it’s becoming a movie in 2013 – it turns the whole Zombie thing around and shows us what its like from the Z’s point of view – it’s fantastic – soooo good – def give it a read because the movie could always fuck it up.

  10. Mark in Omaha March 24, 2012 at 3:39 pm · Reply

    I missed the first scene last week but saw it from the very beginning last night, swithching back and forth from NCAA basketball games but I have to call total BS on the creation of the zombie herd. First: was that Rick’s horse they were feasting on? Looked like it to me, and Rick did see a helicopter before the Horse with No Name bought it. But those zombies stayed put, they surrounded the department store, so where did that zombie herd originate from again? Second: what is the long term memory capability of a zombie? They start chasing a helicopter and never ever stop? Why would they associate a helicopter with food? Third: what exactly is typical zombie behavior? These writers want everything their way. In the opening they were in sleep mode, the guy in the suit was just sitting in a burned out bus, another female zombie was just sitting in a car, the soldier in the tank, only the presence of living flesh “woke” them up. Later they started becoming “free range zombies” actively moving about. In season 2.1 we saw “herd” zombies, shuffling along the Interstate with no clear purpose. Was this supposed to be the same herd at the end of 2.2 or a different herd? In 2.1 and some in 2.2 we had “zombies staying put” the ones in the church, the FEMA camp, and the County maintenance zombies (one even had his safety vest still on). Finally we had “stealth” zombies, they had wandered into the woods and hid behind trees so they could jump out and grab whatever human walked by. Some consistent rules would be nice.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 27, 2012 at 2:21 pm · Reply

      Man Mark you are just too good at this analysis stuff – you’re dead on – I don’t see ANY consistency, other than that of “what’s the most convenient thing we can do to keep this plot moving along” that’s all I see coming from these writers, and honestly I don’t see that changing in anyway.
      The comics aren’t much different from what I’ve heard – there’s no definitive set of rules about what they can and can’t do, and only just theories on whether or not the person’s “real life” has an effect on their “zombie life” – like, were they active or lazy? Fat or fit? Alert or dull? Everyone’s wondering the same things that you are – just what is going on and why can’t we have some consistency.
      The heard in 2.1 bothered me the most – because if you remember how nuts that zombie mob went when Rick was in the tank – it just didn’t add up. And if T-Dog had cut himself as badly as he had – why didn’t they get all over him – whether or not Daryl laid a zombie on top of him – T-Dog severed an effing artery! Blood was spurting everywhere – they would’ve gone into some kind crazed feeding frenzy again.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 27, 2012 at 2:26 pm · Reply

      Sorry, okay I’m still on this – so – now moving onto the herd that attacked during the finale – yeah – where the hell did they really come from? I’m going to go with the benefit of the doubt, and say maybe that wasn’t Rick’s horse – but still – one helicopter making that whole flock? Here’s where they made me throw up my hands in disgust for that – first, they all massed together – and were following each other mindlessly, fine, I can get that – but along the way to wherever the hell they were going – did you see how that one shot that rang out b/w Shane & Rick made them change direction – don’t you think that along the way – any kind of sound like that would’ve made some of them, if not all of them, change course – like a deer dipping out through the woods? Wouldn’t some branch off to follow that? It’s just really hard to swallow that a group of that size would stay so focused for such a long time on really nothing, then all together they’d just up and change direction when they hear one gunshot – it was grasping.
      And I recommened this to another commenter – but in the mean time while you’re waiting for October and Season 3 – if you’re a reader, give the book “Warm Bodies” a go – I read it last year and I thought it was incredible – it’s young adult, so it’s a quick read, but it’s fantastic – it gives you a zombie story in a way you’ve never thought of zombies before – I just thought it was incredibly well done – he even gets into Zombies fucking a la Dead Alive!
      And it’s going to be a movie next year – could be good, fingers crossed:

  11. Mark in Omaha March 27, 2012 at 7:03 pm · Reply

    I’ll add it to my reading list, have to finish the Stieg Larson trilogy, finish Incredibly True Love Story, maybe pick up The Hunger Games. Should I read the book first or just go see the movie? Do I have to borrow a teenager or can I see it by myself at the late show without being suspected of something nefarious?

    Analytical? Meee? (As I sit at my work computer, at 7:45 p.m. just having completed a rent allocation table for FY 2013). I started reading science fiction when I was 13, so a good end of the world story is always appreciated. The better writers could create a total fantasy world, but the characters still had to operate within the rules of that universe. Ursula K. LeQuin might be the best example. So we are in agreement that the herd was total B.S., no way would there be any cohesion in a massive group like that. Actually that big of a group of carnivores would be self-defeating, not enough for the back of the pack to eat, so big it would scare off potential prey. Random occurences would have split them up into smaller groups like you mentioned, plus traveling at night, in total darkness would scatter them. Why didn’t they all just walk off a cliff or something?

    Something else I noticed on re-watching, the one that got Mrs. Otis came from off camera on the left side of my screen like a special teams player tackling a ball returner. Way to watch out for your group Lori! So Carl was responsible for someone else’s death, if they hadn’t farted around looking for him, they would have been in a car already.

    I am convinced that somewhere in this universe is a group of people like us who have things figured out, have a nice secure town we cleaned out, and are living fairly well.

    Rented a movie over the weekend, Young Adult with Charlize Theron. If you haven’t seen it yet, get it. You would totally relate, an attractive woman who drinks too much, ghost writes Young Adult fiction, goes back to her home town to win back her old boy friend who’s married and just had a child. Dysfunctional dynamics to the max. Sound like anyone we know?

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 28, 2012 at 7:32 am · Reply

      Ha! I actually know more adults that are into the Hunger Games than kids, then again I know maybe one kid – but, I picked the first one up and couldn’t put it down, and I think I got through the whole series in a few weeks – they are fantastic – not written for children – this is one of those rare times that I might say it may not matter whether you do book or film first – what I’m hearing from reviews (and don’t worry, this won’t spoil anything) is that the books make the underlying message of the rich & powerful taking advantage of the poor & disadvantaged far more clear than the movies do – I’ve heard the movies (predictably) are going the splashier route – but as soon as I started reading THG, it’s very clear that it was just destined to be a film – it’s sensational, it’s colorful, it’s full of crazy scenes that would require CGI – Suzanne Collins most def came from that “movie generation” where she creates this amazing visual experience.
      What saddens me about what I’m hearing coming out of THG’s is the racist comments going on about the casting – in the book, race isn’t really all that important – some characters are described as having dark skin, no one’s really called out for a race, and people online are apparently making really nasty remarks about Lenny Kravitz (who’s getting rave reviews for his acting) being cast in what people thought was a “white” role – and it’s just disgusting. Like, get the fuck over it. The character that Kravitz is playing – while described as having “green eyes” – his color is totally irrelevant – he has a very important role, and they needed someone that could really act – and from what I’ve heard, Kravitz is fantastic – so who gives a fuck what color he is? It just makes me shake my head in shame, especially with all the Trayvon Martin stuff going on right now – I just don’t get this sudden flare up of racist shit all over the place.
      Okay – sorry, moving away from political stuff – have you gotten through the Larson trilogy yet? I started – got through Dragon, then had to put the next one down when they gave her tits. It was weird. I don’t know – I just didn’t like it. It didn’t pull me in the way Dragon did, and as a lit studier, I had every plot point of that book pegged w/in the first chapter – totally called what happened to the granddaughter, who the “killer” was, all of it. Lame.

  12. Alistair Blake Arabella
    Alistair Blake Arabella March 28, 2012 at 7:40 am · Reply

    Maybe I’m resisting YA because it’s just too close to home. Ha! Ah… cheers to disfunction!
    Okay – so away from literature, and on to Zombies – I’m glad as well that someone else sees how silly that herd is – and again – another great point on your part – wouldn’t the ones in the back get tired of it, get distracted, find easier meat – all of that?
    What made me the most frustrated was that these people had ample – AMPLE – time to get away safely – all of them – they saw these Walkers coming from hundreds of feet away – and they saw them get distracted by the barn fire – why on earth they chose to stick around and kill whatever they could is beyond me – if Lori wanted to wait on the porch for her fucking kid she can’t keep an eye on that keeps slipping away and causing the deaths of others – that’s her business. “Here’s a shotgun, bitch, good luck with that. Deuces!” I’d be running for the cars as soon as I saw them, and getting the fuck out of there – I’d use the RV – LOCKING THE FUCKING DOOR – and drive by the barn to see if I could scoop any survivors up – but yeah – sorry guys, you’ve been sitting ducks on that stupid farm, thanks to Rick and Hershel – time to move on.
    Where would we be Mark? Another commenter on HuffPo asked about the logistics of holing up in a prison – you and that commenter haven’t read the comics, so I wont’ spoil for you what happens – but thinking about it w/o knowledge of the comics – I would be worried about what’s inside the prison more than what’s outside – yes the walls are fortified, but there’s so many cells and halls and levels to a prison – so many places that convicts could hide unnoticed if they survived, or if a Walker did manage to sneak in – seeing as how they can now think enough to hide behind trees and jump out and scare us why not hide inside a dark cell and feed on whoever walks by?
    So for me that kind of place would be unrealistic – we’d have to look for somewhere else with equally fortified walls but less places to hide – if you do read Warm Bodies, they hole up in a sports stadium – that’s actually not a bad idea, though it does still leave opportunity for zombies to sneak in or rapists to hide in shadows – they have sentries posted up at every spot imaginable. Just some survival theories on my part – take what you will. At least we know that all of us here could hole up somewhere together – because we are all some cold ass Zombie Killing motherfuckers. And I like that.

  13. Mark in Omaha March 28, 2012 at 10:26 am · Reply

    Totally ignoring that Lenny Kravitz is bi-racial and half Jewish. Racism sickens me. I was wondering how to bring up the Trayvon Martin case. Looks like anyone who thinks shooting an unarmed teenager should get you at least a manslaughter charge has been deemed to be a liberal, therefore we have to trash the kid to make the murder (that’s what it was) look justified. He had pot residue in his book bag! OMG, drug dealer! He might have spray painted a wall at his school! Out of control thug! Sounds like normal high school stuff to me.

    I have read the first two books and just bought Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. The first one, I didn’t have it totally figured out, I thought I had the original killer figured out, not what happend to Harriet Fucking Vanger. Give the second one a break, not all women are blessed with such an awesome set of breasts like yours (your claim, I’ve yet to see proof). If you totally had no breasts and a huge amount of money, wouldn’t you consider a little plastic surgery? The rest of the book picks up and has a great ending, dont skip ahead.

    Where to hide out? Either stay mobile or hunker down. If you chose to hunker down I know of several homes near me, moderate mansions, huge lots, and iron fencing already installed. Only have to take out current residents. Another option, the Omaha FBI headquarters, post 9/11 reinforcements, can sustain a 50 mph car crash, also lots of weapons and an emergency generator. the Federal Reserve Bank, Storage facilities, secured warehouses, manufacturing facilities. If you had enough survivors, take over a small town and fortify it.

    If you wanted to stay mobile, a 4WD RV.

    Here is another one that is disaster preperation masquearading as zombie survival.
    Full of great ideas, TWD characters don’t follow any of them.

  14. Chad Snyder March 28, 2012 at 3:40 pm · Reply

    Well well. I can’t really comment too much on the helicopter herd part of the finale, I managed to get momentarily distracted during that crucial bit.

    I would love to have time to read, but then when would I get to watching my tv shows and movies, plus playing video games and doing my obligatory internet shit. My first-gen kindle sits idle, gathering dust. It is truly a sad sight, and not just because I’ve been cheating on it by looking at current-gen kindles online.

    Sigh. I really don’t want to get into it. But, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. You guys don’t have all the info, you never will. Quit shit stirring. I really doubt this is a case of the good ole boys covering shit up anyway, considering the guy you’re bitching about is (from what I hear) half hispanic. Quit dropping race cards left and right and refer to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Despite all the other bullshit about this country, if you don’t believe in those two documents, then don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. That’s not to say that the other side of this argument is any better. And please don’t tell me I’m a white male American so I have no say. I’m an fat, crazy, Athiest. Beat that.

    Zombies. Zombies. Zombies. We are the zombies. Us. That’s the whole point of it. Now wake up.

    • Mark in Omaha March 28, 2012 at 5:12 pm · Reply

      I am awake, but not for much longer.

      Presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Doesn’t mean he’s not guilty right now, and I wont be in the jury pool so yes, I can make all the assumptions I want. Notice I never said the shooting was racially motivated (even though you could make a good case it might have been) one adult male, over 200 lbs, and armed, and a young teen, 150, shot in the chest. The person with the gun instigated the confrontation. These facts are not in dispute. What I was referring to was that initial reaction was that the guy who shot the teenager shouldn’t have been let go, they should at least have had an investigation. Since the people who were claiming injustice are perceived as being liberal, then the opposite side had to get in gear and start trashing the kid. Not cool, like claiming a rape victim was “asking for it”.

      A Kindle gathering dust. There is a metaphor in there somewhere. I am almost a Luddite, no cell phone, no electronic gadgets, will never play video games, overweight, Questioning Christian with anger management issues. As soon as Randall started talking about watching as his crew raped two teenage girls, I would have either put a bullet in his head or thrown him back over the fence and let the County Maintenance zombies have a snack.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 28, 2012 at 8:55 pm · Reply

      Yeah I don’t feel like we’re shit stirring – just talking over the facts – and in a weird way, it is sort of tied into zombies – because yes, everyone is just a zombie falling line behind whatever side they want to take – I think what Mark and I are upset about is just the initial mishandling – IF he’s guilty, then it’s all the more difficult to prove whether that’s so since the first police at the scene collected no evidence. I think that’s what we’re saying here – and actually – the Sanford, FL PD DOES have a history of covering up for their own – and that has nothing to do with Zimmerman’s race – they’ve covered up for kids of cops that were arrested before, and Zimmerman’s on record in a job application stating that his parents both have worked for the FL gov. in prominent positions – whether that’s true, who knows, but if it is, then he can be added to the list of people related to Sanford FL gov officials who get off, just like the kid who seriously injured a homeless man did a few years ago. He was caught on camera punching a man in the face and letting him slam into the concrete – causing brain damage – then just walking off. Just as Trayvon’s parents had to wait for days while his body laid in the morgue, this man’s sister searched for her brother for days before finding out he was in the hospital. That kid, who was the son of a sheriff, never got any charges against him. So this PD does have a history of playing favorites, and purposefully botching investigations in order to cover their own.
      Not sure why we’ve turned this into Trayvon talk – other than maybe that we’ve noticed a lack of color of TWD as well – although with Michonne arriving that should change. Also a few other characters of color will also be showing up.
      Okay I’ll get off my soapbox – BUT – go find Warm Bodies – it’s an amazing book, and I’m shamelessly self promoting myself because I’ll be interviewing author Isaac Marion soon. If I”m anything, it’s a consistent attention whore.

  15. Chad Snyder March 28, 2012 at 10:00 pm · Reply

    No, it doesn’t mean he’s not guilty right now. But your assumptions about his guilt are based on partial information fed through a filter of media bias. I just got done reading an online article (with attached video) that basically said the arresting officers were liars. That is quite a claim to just put in a piece of journalism, especially when you consider that they were basing their assumption on blurry security footage of when the suspect was brought into the police station. Because they couldn’t see evidence on the video of a bloody, broken nose or a grass covered back they called the arresting officers liars. Let’s gloss over the fact that the officers in question no doubt took him to a hospital for treatment before bringing him to the station.

    Yes, police protect their own. Yes, those in power cover things up. But this blind certainty of this man’s guilt… it’s not very Christian of you Mark in Omaha. And ABA, learn to look at things closer. Don’t become part of the problem.

    Other little things… young teen? He was young. Yes. And he was a teen. But he was not a young teen. The weight difference I see brought up again and again and again. A 150 pound person can hurt and kill a 200 pound person. I don’t see why people keep harping on the weight thing. (Other than they are programmed to by media exposure), The initial reaction was an investigation…am I missing something here? They brought him to the police station in handcuffs… Toxicology is being run on the boy, the gun is in the possession of the police. I admit that I don’t watch or read much news so my knowledge of the case itself is limited so I can’t go further with that point.

    And Mark in Omaha, compassion is a virtue. I have dealt with those with anger management issues in the past and they are not the kind of people I like to be around. Of all the mental disorders to have, that is the one I would like to have least of all. So, good luck with that. Saving Randall is about preserving their humanity, and being sure of what kind of person he is before murdering him is nice too.

    I suppose another important point about me is that I am the son of a former police officer and the brother of, let’s just say a law enforcement official in a region geographically not too far from where this incident occurred. If the public’s rage builds enough, what would I say to my nieces if some dirtbag decided to hurt their dad for something he had nothing to do with?

    Think about these things.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 29, 2012 at 8:21 am · Reply

      But that’s where we’re at odds – because the evidence that this man killed an unarmed teen is right there – he shot him, the kid’s dead, he admitted to that – so in a way, he’s guilty of manslaughter at the very least. Except that Florida has a Stand Your Ground law written so broadly that almost anyone who wants to claim self defense can get away with it. You’re sitting there slamming me for shit stirring while you also admit that you haven’t been following the case that closely. I have. I’ve read pretty much everything I can get my hands on, and yes, that means I’ve stooped low enough to read Fox News. So – here’s what I believe is true, because I’ve read everything I can get my hands on – what angers me is that if police had followed proper Stand Your Ground protocol, they should’ve collected evidence (which they did not), processed Zimmerman (that, they did) and then they should’ve held Zimmerman until he could be heard before a judge. Normal procedure is that a judge is supposed to decide if self defense claims are valid. That didn’t happen here. There’s just been a gross mishandling of this case, with no sides accepting blame – the police say they didn’t feel there was enough evidence to hold him and were told to let him go, the prosecutor’s saying he wanted to hold him but was told by the police they didn’t think it was necessary –
      And grainy footage aside – there’s no mistaking that the back of Zimmerman’s head – which he claims was slammed into the concrete and busted open by Martin, is completely clean. Let’s assume that maybe the police did take Zimmerman to the hospital – something that I haven’t heard up until now that they did, but let’s just say they did – no hospital can magically erase a busted open head. They can clean it up, they can stitch it up, they can even use liquid stitches if they want to – but that doesn’t erase the injury. I saw the video, saw no grass stains on his back or a broken nose – but as you said, it IS hard to see those things in that footage – but it’s very clear, since Zimmerman’s head is shaved – that the back of his head is clean. There are no marks on the back of his head. Period. Something isn’t adding up.
      And if that’s me shit stirring, then here I am stirring the pot – but something isn’t adding up. I have nothing against law enforcement – they have the hardest jobs in the country, along with teachers – and they’re paid for shit –
      What saddens me is that so many people are jumping on this Guilty or Innocent bandwagon – I’m not saying he’s guilty let’s fry him – I’m saying the least the state gov could do is their jobs, and process this seriously – they took one man at his word, saw a black youth in a hoodie & jeans shot dead, and thought little of it. Unfortunately for them, this particular black youth wasn’t the thug they thought he was, he was just a normal 17 year old kid. But you see the way they’re dragging this kid’s name in the mud – a kid who, at 17, was making better grades, and more involved with his school, and had less of a school record or suspension record than I did at his age – he’s become the victim again, this time of character assassination.
      All we’re asking for is a fair shake for this kid, and that means a fair shake for Zimmerman too – but more and more it’s looking like everyone erred on the side of the shooter, and we’re just saying that isn’t right. That’s all. Think about THESE things! Lol.

      • Chad Snyder March 29, 2012 at 8:50 am · Reply

        Some good points. I will have to continue to disagree about the video footage, it is not enough for me to go by. If the cops were worth their salt they have photos of his injuries. We don’t have them because it’s none of our business.

        And you’re still dropping the race card… :P

        The fact that you’ve been following the case more closely than I have doesn’t really go too far in my book. You’ve just been exposed to more conjecture and little glimpses of the picture.

        From the Huffington post:

        Police took Zimmerman into custody after they arrived. He was questioned and released later that night. He remains free as the Seminole County State Attorney’s Office reviews the police investigation and decides whether to file charges. The U.S. Justice Department also is investigating.

        I think they have it covered, no need to pause your writing career and go to law school.

        As to him not staying in jail before he was brought before a judge, who cares? He’s not going anywhere. Jail sucks. And it’s overcrowded. And it costs us money to keep people there. Since you know so much about the case, what day of the week was he brought in?

        Zombies. I look forward to next season. I also look forward to Game of Thrones this Sunday. And Breaking Bad will return before I know it. What I’m trying to say is, I am really tired of this Zimmerman topic because I am not that passionate about it. To expend my time commenting on it is too draining, especially since I am unwilling to go out of my way to “research” the available information.

  16. Kid Notorious March 29, 2012 at 9:33 pm · Reply

    It’s Florida…

    Enough said…

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