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The first time I saw Colourmusic was at a music festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma (what?! Oklahoma has music festivals?). They were dressed all in white, and playing in front of a huge white sheet. There was this dude running around the stage dressed in a weird little unitard (yes, I’m fully aware that the term “weird unitard” is completely redundant. Let’s continue, shall we?), and he spent the entire show throwing brightly colored paints onto the white sheet and the white clothes of the musicians, so that by the end of the show they were painted all sorts of bright, splashy colors. It was a cool spectacle that was made better by the tight pop music Colourmusic was throwing our way.

But it was a spectacle, let’s not deny it. And I, being a music snob, usually have a problem with spectacle. I mean, c’mon, do you really need to hide behind a crazy light show or hilarious costumes? Why can’t your music just speak for itself, bro? AMIRIGHT?!?!

Turns out, Colourmusic’s music is pretty good at speaking for itself, according to the show last night. They played the Hi Dive in their usual attire of white jeans and tight white hoodies (quick aside: where do they find those jeans? i imagine it must be quite difficult to find white jeans that actually look good on one’s body- white jeans that one would feel comfortable wearing in a hipster bar. but i digress….), a pared down version of the Colourmusic of old. Indeed, there were only 4 of them on
stage last night, a traditional rock quartet, playing less pop and more rock than I was used to seeing from them.


And here’s the thing: even without the spectacle, they were fun to see. They looked a little like they had practiced rocking out in their rehearsal space, like “Ok, so at this bridge you’re gonna go crazy with the guitar feedback and I’m gonna be over in this corner just whilin’ out. Does that look authentic?”

They played a few of their old pop standards that I recognized from past years, but it was when they started rocking out and experimenting a wee bit that they show turned entertaining. Perhaps Colourmusic is maturing, leaving the spectacle behind, and turning into a real live rock band?

Oh, and Blue Million Miles opened for them, but since we all know how gay Donnybrook is for them, I’m not gonna say
too much. If you want to read up on the awesomeness of them, just go here or here or here.

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3 Comments on "Show Reviews: Colourmusic"

  1. Ivyy December 18, 2008 at 5:24 pm · Reply

    Whoa. “If you want to read up on the awesomeness of them, just go here or here or here.” That’s so existential. Or maybe Ivyy forgot to put the links in. Yup.

  2. Team Donnybrook
    godonnybrook December 18, 2008 at 6:20 pm · Reply

    Fuck! No, that was my bad-bad. It’s fixed now, loves.

  3. frank gogarty December 19, 2008 at 9:36 am · Reply

    i hope they hand embroidered those colourwheel 3-2-1 contact discs on the breast of their jumpers. i couldn’t stop looking at them, trying to recall if it was some early child hood memory that was haunting me, or just the fact that the logo looked like the last time i lost at trivial pursuit, with one lonely orange and a pale yelllow piece o pie.

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