Show Reviews: Hot IQs with Chain Gang, Young Coyotes, Team Firefox

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This is going to be a short one, loves, because I’m jetting off to Paris in 15 minutes. After some free shots at Mezcal, I went to see Hot IQs, Young Coyotes, Chain Gang, and Team Firefox with Heather and Eryc Friday night at the Bluebird!

Everyone was phenomenal, but I think the most surprisingly fantastic aspect of the evening was the Chain Gang of 1974. I’ve seen him before and expected a bunch of 13 year old girls up front – but it was more like a Mickey Avalon show. But in a good way.

Kam played our Bastille Day party a while back. He’s one of those performers who seems to have this paradoxical balance of connecting with the audience while not being bothered by the bad parts. He connects enough to get everyone wild and screaming, but also doesn’t seem to waver up against a tough, boring crowd. I’ve seen him play all types of places, the first of which was the Hi-Dive a long time ago – just him and his iPod, going fucking nuts to crazy dance music, alone, did I mention alone?, with one or two people walking across the floor to the bathroom, thrusting his dance moves at them. I was in admiration. This time, dear Kam had a lively crowd, a drummer, and a show that had been considerably amped up since the last time I saw him.

His drummer was a fucking rock star, just as much of a showman as he. Kam had a little more dirty Mickey Avalon writhing through him, sneering at the crowd, concocting an uber-Mick Jagger strut, and he was writhing on the floor, ripping off his shirt, his drummer breaking sticks left and right, jumping out of the seat to bang on the drums from another angle, slowly sliding his drumstick across his throat while glaring menacingly at the crowd, covered in tattoos. It made my heart a-quiver.

And the Hot IQs, excellent as always, premiered this fantastic new video for Houndstooth, shot by Stepaheadstudio, a video with some pretty special extras including Magic Cyclops, Adam Cayton-Holland, and is that the dude from Flobots? and also Donnybrook! Go find everyone like Where’s Waldo.


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5 Comments on "Show Reviews: Hot IQs with Chain Gang, Young Coyotes, Team Firefox"

  1. Anonymous December 22, 2008 at 11:32 am · Reply

    Hey! This sounded like it was awfully fun! Exclamation points!

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