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The Strange Journey 2009 Tour touched down in Fort Collins last night, Monday, November 30th. The tour features Los Angeles-based hip-hop duo Tunji and dreadlocked Swedish (yes, Swedish) white rap group Looptroop Rockers opening for Fort Collins-based MC Grieves with his DJ/guitarist Budo and the headliners, the Lexington, Kentucky-based CunninLynguists.

The show at the Aggie Theatre was well-attended, with the room about half-full on a blustery Monday night immediately following the holiday weekend. CunninLynguists were onstage until well after 1:00 am, and at one point invited Grieves, the latest addition to the Rhymesayers Entertainment stable, whose sophomore album the label will re-release in 2010, onstage to rap a few verses. When CunninLynguists finally left the stage close to 2:00 am, DJ FlipFlop stayed behind, spinning tracks as the energized and possibly slightly inebriated crowd Tweeted messages to the giant onstage LCD screen demanding more. One Twitter user wrote, ‘Don’t forget to tip your bartenders.’ I’m not 100% sure who that was.

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