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yes, we did enjoy Juno. You know, we are the quintessential Elitist Hipster Snobs, and that movie – a type of movie to reference Sonic Youth in the heat of anger – is so hipster.

A large portion of Donnybrook represented at the Mayan last night, watching a free viewing of Juno, then an exclusive, private pre-preview of Broken Science‘s new cowboy zombie flick!!!

It’s called Bury ‘Em Deep, and it was filmed, fueled by PBR, at 3 Kings Tavern and by a tree in the middle of nowhere. If you aren’t familiar with Broken Science…well, Fritz Godard is like an executive czar for them or something. Enough said.

You can check out the mockumentary on the filming of the movie, as well as the preview, tonight at the Mayan Theatre. FREE, hipster snobs! FREE!

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2 Comments on "Since You Were Wondering,"

  1. Toastface Killa November 16, 2007 at 2:34 pm · Reply

    Juno didn’t have nearly enough Michael Cera… but it did have just the right amount of Jason Bateman.

  2. Sean Francis November 17, 2007 at 12:53 pm · Reply

    True. True. Jason Bateman was the best. Even tho he was a total perv (or because he was a total perv?).

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