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Awww, the Best-Of list. Everybody longs to have the definitive outlook, but nobody ever gets it right. So here’s what we will be doing: We will be analyzing the year end lists of some other “reputable” music publications, I’ll sort of edit them accordingly to fit my preferences, and then play those songs on the Snobcast. Then you, the reader, can tell me what you think should stay; what should go; and what should be added or subtracted from the list/playlist. In the end we will have compiled the definitive Best of 2007 list.

Three weeks into our experiment and Jason Isbell is still the highest voted. Everybody agreed that the Arctic Monkeys didn’t deserve to be on the list. The big fight seems to be surrounding Animal Collective and Panda Bear. Some, well most, people love them, while others say they’re over hyped so maybe this week you can actually explain why (or why not) they should be on the Best-Of list.

This is who has been dismissed from and who has been added to the list:

Additions: Subtractions:
Lil Wayne Arctic Monkeys
The National Wilco
El-P Neil Young
Menomena Feist
Patrick Wolf The Black Lips
Devin the Dude  

This week’s Best-Of revealed after the jump, but first we have a special track courtesy of the Colonel.

“Memo from the Chief Operating Officer” – D.O. the Fabulous Drifter

RIP Stylus
Stylus Magazine was an online music and film magazine launched in 2002. It featured long-form music journalism, four daily music reviews, movie reviews, a number of different podcasts, an MP3 blog, and a text blog. The site closed on October 31, 2007 – Wikipedia

So this list isn’t all that different at first glance. We still have LCD Soundsystem at #1 (WTF!!). We’ve gone from bad to worse at #2 with Miranda Lambert replacing Arctic Monkeys. But then they put Lil Wayne above Kanye, at #4 no less, and all your expectations go out the window. OK, maybe that’s an over statement, but it is nice to see rappers (El-P, Devin the Dude, UGK) make the list who aren’t named West. Aside from Spoon, The National, M.I.A, Arcade Fire, the rest of the list is filled out with unique choices, at least compared to what we’ve seen from Harp or Paste. Other notable inclusions, to me anyway: #31 Menomena, #31 Patrick Wolf, #38 Tinariwen.

Here’s their list:

50 PJ Harvey – White Chalk
49 Paramore – Riot!
48 Monkey Swallows the Universe – The Casket Letters
47 65daysofstatic – The Destruction of Small Ideas
46 The Avett Brothers – Emotionalism
45 Strategy – Future Rock
44 Colleen – Les Ondes Silencieuses
43 Basteroid – Upset Ducks
42 Calle 13 – Residente O Visitante
41 Andy Palacio & The Garfuna Collective – Wátina
40 Pantha Du Prince – This Bliss
39 UGK – Underground Kings
38 Tinariwen – Aman Iman: Water is Life
37 Devin The Dude – Waitin’ to Inhale
36 Marnie Stern – In Advance Of The Broken Arm
35 Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position
34 Dungen – Tio Bitar
33 Stars Of The Lid – And The Refinement Of Their Decline
32 Low – Drums and Guns
31 Menomena – Friend and Foe
30 El-P – I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead
29 Electrelane – No Shouts No Calls
28 A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Scribble Mural Comic Journal
27 Of Montreal – Oh Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?
26 Kathy Diamond – Miss Diamond to You

25 Battles – Mirrored
24 Studio – West Coast
23 !!! – Myth Takes
22 Deepchord Presents Echospace – The Coldest Season
21 Caribou – Andorra
20 Dalek – Abandoned Language
19 Liars – Liars
18 Justice – Cross
17 Grinderman – Grinderman
16 The Besnard Lakes – Are the Dark Horse
15 The Twilight Sad – Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters
14 Iron & Wine – The Shepherd’s Dog
13 Gui Boratto – Chromophobia
12 Phosphorescent – Pride
11 Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
10 Radiohead – In Rainbows
09 The Field – From Here We Go Sublime
08 M.I.A. – Kala
07 Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
06 Kanye West – Graduation
05 The National – The Boxer
04 Lil Wayne – Da Drought 3
03 Panda Bear – Person Pitch
02 Miranda Lambert – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
01 LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver

Here’s my songs:

  1. “North America Walk It Out (UNK Soundsystem) (UNK vs LCD Soundsystem)” The Hood Internet The Mixtape Volume One
  2. “Cant No Nigga ” LIL WAYNE Da Drought 3
  3. “Fake Empire” The National Boxer
  4. “Stronger ” Kanye West Graduation
  5. “Jimmy” M.I.A. Kala
  6. “Keep The Car Running ” The Arcade Fire Neon Bible
  7. “One Minute To Midnight” Justice
  8. “B-Boy Battles (Mos Def vs Battles) ” The Hood Internet The Mixtape Volume One
  9. “EMG” El-P I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead
  10. “Ghostship ” Menomena Friend And Foe
  11. “Accident And Emergency” Patrick Wolf The Magic Position
  12. “Little Girl Gone” Devin The Dude Ft. Lil’ Wayne, Bun-B, Tami Latrell & Tony Mac Waitin’ To Inhale
  13. “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)” UGK featuring OutKast UGK (Underground Kingz)
  14. “When Under Ether” PJ Harvey White Chalk
  15. “Carrots ” Panda Bear Person Pitch
  16. “Dress Blues ” Jason Isbell Sirens of the Ditch
  17. “Lucky Ones ” Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew Spirit If…
  18. “Merrymaking At My Place ” Calvin Harris I Created Disco
  19. “Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo ” Jens Lekman Night Falls Over Kortedala

Here’s the player:

Click here to get your own player.DISCLAIMER: Songs featured on the Snobcast are FOR PROMOTIONAL USE
ONLY. If you like what you hear, go buy the albums – contact us if you
don’t know where to find them. And if we feature your music and you
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3 Comments on "Snobcast Recap:2007.3"

  1. Team Donnybrook
    admin December 17, 2007 at 8:07 pm · Reply

    1.) Can we just have D.O. preface all our blogs with that memo? Dayummn! Or can he follow us around, doing THAT, all the time?
    2.) I’m very happy with this grand list you have going, however: I’m disappointed every week to see Kevin Drew’s name up there, only to neglect playing “Farewell to the Pressure Kids” in each Snobcast. When I sat down to first listen to the album, there was a gaping pause in the universe when it started with silence. And I knew something special was about to happen. And then it launched into this swirling, chaotic, flipping whirlwind of sonic release. I was dizzy, I tell you. Then I needed a cigarette.

  2. Toastface Killa December 18, 2007 at 1:38 pm · Reply

    Here’s what I think: Feist should be removed from all Top Whatever lists because of her fucking annoying iPod commercial that seems to be on every commercial break. It’s completely ruined her music forever. Feist is dead to me (and she was never too alive to begin with).

    Glad there is consensus re: Arctic Monkeys.

    I take Lil Weezy over that pussy Kanye any day.

  3. Bang Tango'ed December 18, 2007 at 4:14 pm · Reply

    My favorite addition to this list has to be Devin the dude who blows both kanye and weezy out of the water. He’s by far one of the most underrated and hilarious MC’s ever. I’ll continue to blindly hate AC and all of their bastard children including Panda Bear. I’ve tried seven times to get into both of these albums. I even tried each one while abusing different substances to see if that would do the trick, and it just doesn’t. It just doesn’t sound good to me.

    P.S. – I’m deaf.

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