Snobcast: For Fans Of 2008 (16 Tracks That Made This Year Better Than Last)

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Behind This Week’s Snobcast:


It’s that time of year again. That time when everyone starts to ask that silly question. You know what I’m talking about. That time when people say to you, “Hey, have you started to compile your top ten album list yet?” or “Dude, what were your favorite albums of the year?” or “Yo, are you gonna reflect back on the year in music by posting a definitive list of the best albums that just happened to be released in this, the two-thousand and eighth year of our lord?”

And to these people I say, “Yeah, OK. I’ll tell you what I enjoyed this year.” However my list will not be based on stupid topics like “Best Reviewed” or “Most Singles” or “Best Use of a Vocoder in a Horse’s Ass”. I will not bitch and moan about how Lykke Li deserves more love than Fleet Foxes, or that nobody seems to notice that B.B. King put out an album this year. What I’ve got here is a strong showing of the songs I listened the hell out of this year. They are not the only songs I listened to this year and may not even be the best songs I listened to, but they are songs; they were released in 2008; they made this list because they stuck with me all year long.

Hopefully, by now you’re asking yourself what songs could possibly be included here. Well my friends, below you will find the track list. Some of these artists I expect to see on other end-of-year lists (ie. Bon Iver, Cut Copy) and some I think will be under-appreciated (ie. The Raveonettes, The Kills) and some are still under-the-radar (ie.Widowers, These United States).

Enjoy these songs that I listened to this year and please don’t complain that your favorite artist isn’t on the list. If they’re any good, I probably listened to them and liked them, too. If they sucked then shut the fuck up.

Track List:


“I Need A Life (Four Tet Remix)” Born Ruffians I Need A Life EP
“Dead Sound” The Raveonettes Lust Lust Lust
“Skinny Love” Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago
“Walking” The Dodos Visiter
“Time to Let Go (Spitzer remix)” Spitzer vs. Sally Shapiro Roller Coaster EP
“Space Never Strays” Widowers Widowers
“The Next Untouchable” Cajun Dance Party The Next Untouchable
“Hearts On Fire (Joakim Remix)” Cut Copy In Ghost Colours
“The Beginning of the Twist (Atephoald Vs The Futureheads)” The Futureheads This Is Not the World
“Let It Wave” Hallelujah The Hills Prepare To Qualify EP
“Pink Squares” I Was A Cub Scout I Want You to Know That There Is Always Hope
“Black Balloon” The Kills Midnight Boom
“No Lucifer” British Sea Power Do You Like Rock Music?
“Heretic Pride” The Mountain Goats Heretic Pride
“Slow Crows Over” These United States A Picture Of The Three Of Us At The Gate To The Garden Of Eden

Bonus Video:


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