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Hey there dear readers. Do you feel neglected? I know I haven’t posted a new Snobcast in what seems like forever. I know you’re all salivating for that Snobby goodness. Maybe I haven’t posted a new Snobcast because I had such a good response from last month’s RCRD LBL Snobcast that I chose to keep it featured. That reasoning would make sense but really I was just so caught up getting ready for SXSW that I had no time for Snobcasting. However, now I’m pleased to unveil my SXSW ’09 Snobcast. So sit back, hit play, and I’ll walk you through my experience at this years hipster spring-break.

As always, this list is made according to my rules and nothing else. What that means is that some of the people featured I didn’t actually see and some were not even at SXSW, but you’ll understand in a moment. My trip began with the long drive from Albuquerque after picking up my best friend Mr. Pantalones who was coming along as the official Donnybrook photog (pictures will be up very soon, I promise). Because we had a very long drive we listened to probably 1000 songs on the way to and from SXSW. I have included some of the highlights on the bookends of this Snobcast.

I start off with Jens Lekman’s coming of age song “It Was A Strange Time In My” because he was my must-see musician of last years festival that I actually got to see. Jens was awesome but Santigold was my must-must-see of last year, but I missed her so I’m still very upset about that. Anyway, I have this Trouble Andrew remix of “Shove It” that we rocked a lot on the way to Austin. It’s dope, better recognize.


When we did finally get to our destination Primero V.P. and I caught-up with our posse, Ms. Hollypolo, St. Effluvia and Tim Tim T the Celebrity Magnet. Our first live music experience was also the first of three (!) These United States shows we would catch over the course of my three days at SXSW. TUS is, well, just awesome. They’ve put out 3 albums in something like two years which is mostly amazing because these guys have also played something like an average of one show for every 1.5 days since they began. Needless to say, they know how to rock a live show. If you didn’t see them at SXSW or at the Hi-Dive for Hillbilly Prom, than shame on you.

Friday started with the trek to the Convention Center to secure some wristbands and hang out at the Sierra Mist tent where we secured our sweet free sunglasses. Then we were back at Mohawk to see TUS, again. Next up was Port O’Brien while we munched on some much needed free tacos from the VIP patio. After fueling, we went next door to Club DeVille for $2 all you can drink beers and an unfortunately bad set by The Thermals. Maybe they’re just one of those bands that sound better recorded than live. All in our posse agreed. Free beer was cool but 4:20 was approaching fast so it was time to go chill by the river and listen to The Rosebuds from afar. While I would have loved to actually watch The Rosebuds, we all wanted to make it down to Jackalope so Vicente could experience the Mile-Hi showcase of Young Coyotes, Born in the Flood and Overcasters.

We loitered around the alley with the Overcasters after loading out but crepes were calling us from the first floor of the Hilton building, we didn’t even know it. On a normal night we could have sat at the corner of San Jacinto and 2nd outside the Crepe Cafe for hours, but we wanted to throw ourselves back into the fray. Almost on autopilot we found ourselves standing outside Emo’s where I noticed two of the bands I’d been talking about the whole drive to Austin where going on soon. We watched and drank through Amazing Baby (eh) and Japanese Motors (hmm) waiting to hear Black Lips (yay!) and King Khan (fuckin’ sweet). Right about the time all the Lone Star and jager was kicking in the Black Lips were getting set to come out. All of a sudden GZA from Wu Tang comes out and the crowd goes crazy but the welcome lasted only a few seconds before it seemed like GZA was really taking the whole surprise-guest-you-would-never-expect thing a little to far. I kid because this is one of those festival experiences you hope to witness. I mean, who expects Wu Tang? They’re ninjas. But seriously, GZA did a great rendition of ODB’s verse on “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” but you could tell the Lips weren’t expecting his camping out on their stage.


Hey GZA. Much love for the Wu but man, if you’re gonna ask the drummer to “drop it” than you gotta lay something down on top of that.


The Black Lips did finally get to play GZA their stuff. Then King Khan and the Shrines came on and blew the roof off Emo’s. I could have left Austin after that show and been satisfied. King Khan and his troupe of gypsies are a must-see from here on out.


Saturday was made for sleeping in. Last year I wouldn’t have done that but we didn’t have wristbands last year. With the luxury of knowing that we didn’t have to get all our music in before the night time brought all it’s cover charges and entrance fees. At 3pm we found ourselves thanking TUS band manager, Kyle, for the recommendation of Kirbey Lane Cafe (voted Austin’s Best Breakfast). Just down the street is a twelve foot wall with a Daniel Johnston frog painted on. I never did make it to see Daniel play. That sucks. But that day I did run into a lot of good bands I had never heard of. Coma in Algiers were awesome. I dug the shoegaze of Ringo Deathstarr. Below is a picture of the bass player from Japanese band Special Thanks. Good stuff.


Sunday pretty much sucked. Driving through Texas takes way too fucking long. Luckily we had not one but two Cloud Cult albums to listen to. I felt I should finish this Snobcast with Cloud Cult because it’s all I really remember from that drive

Hope you enjoy the tracks I picked here, whether you were there or not.
“It Was A Strange Time In My” Life Jens Lekman Night Falls Over Kortedala
“Shove it (Trouble Andrew Remix)” Santigold
“Only The Lonely Devil Knows” These United States A Picture Of The Three Of Us At The Gate To The Garden Of Eden
“Diving Boards Pointed At The Sky” These United States A Picture Of The Three Of Us At The Gate To The Garden Of Eden
“I Woke Up Today” Port O’Brien All We Could Do Was Sing
“Here’s Your Future” The Thermals The Body, the Blood, the Machine
“Get Up Get Out (The Hood Internet remix feat. Aesop Rock)” The Rosebuds
“Dust and Ribbons” Overcasters Revolectrocution
“Bayonets” Amazing Baby
“For Heavens Sake” Wu Tang Clan Wu-Tang Forever Disc 1
“Lock & Key” The Black Lips Live At Amoeba Hollywood
“Psycho Nightmare” Daniel Johnston Fun
“A Cause Des Garcons (Booster Remix)” Yelle Pop Up
“Kings & Aces” These United States A Picture Of The Three Of Us At The Gate To The Garden Of Eden
“Chemicals Collide” Cloud Cult The Meaning of 8
“Shadow” Cloud Cult Aurora Borealis

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    Thank you for your kind words and we are happy you enjoyed the show. Take care friend!

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