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Editor’s Note: The UMS took place July 23rd-26th. This was originally posted as a Special Edition Snobcast to promote the weekend festival. Here we re-post as a post-Denver Post UMS posting. Does that make sense? I hope not. Anyway, please continue to enjoy the UMS Snobcast and if we didn’t see you there this year we sure as hell better see you there for number 10 next year.

What is the UMS you ask? Well that’s a silly question. Many have called the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase the “South by Southwest of Denver.” Originally a one day, four band gig at the Bluebird, this showcase has bounced between Bluebird and Gothic before finally moving (and expanding) to South Broadway in the historic Baker district. Otherwise known as the hipster herding grounds.

Excerpted directly from the UMS About page: “At the UMS, the presentation of the music is as important as the music itself. It’s the songwriter circle in the Persian rug boutique; the punk band playing the skateboard shop’s parking lot stage; the arena rock band playing the packed rock club; the neo-folk collective playing inside the church’s sanctuary; the indie rock band playing the outdoor stage in the park; the singer-songwriter playing original compositions in an indie clothing shop; the vintage-rock band playing the rockabilly bar; the countrypolitan group jamming out in the back room of a popular restaurant; the hyped electro act starting a dance party in the elite art gallery; the hardcore group jamming out at the hipster screen-printing shop.”

Although not quite into puberty age or even double digits, the UMS turning 9 this year brings a lot of growth and maturity to our favorite (sorry Westword) little local-music showcase. The existence of UMS merch is just one small example of how much has gone into this years outing. You might say who cares that they have merch? So I can spend more money? Well why shouldn’t you bring some extra currency for awesome t-shirts, posters and comp. CDs? You only paid 20 bones to get in ($25 at the box office).

But seriously, who cares about merch? What does 20 bills really get you? First of all, IT’S TWENTY FREAKIN’ DOLLARS FOR FOUR FREAKIN’ DAYS OF MUSIC!!! How much did you pay to see Widespread Panic, the Fray, and all those other shitty bands last weekend? $90 for one day at Dick’s? You kidding me? At the UMS you’ll get more than 200 artists in so many beautiful venues ranging from rock clubs like Hi-Dive and 3 Kings Tavern to wine bars (Sketch, Michaelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar), outdoors (Goodwill parking lot), galleries (Rule Gallery), really cool shops (Fancy Tiger, Rock the Cradle) and even the South Broadway Christian Church, just to name a few.

One of the most noticeable additions to this years showcase is the non-local bands. What do you think, good idea or blasphemy? While this is a showcase for local talent it’s probably a great idea to ask some outsiders to play. For one thing, it’s not like UMS is trying to compete with Monolith or anything like that. The addition of bands such as Bowerbirds, Seneca and Langhorne Slim just ups the profile enough to gain some sponsors and therefor benefit everyone in the long-run.

Finally, I’d like to plug the photo exhibit at Sputnik by the great Todd Roeth ( If you missed the opening on July 18th you can stop in while walking between venues this weekend. Todd, also one of the great folks behind gigbot, has taken mesmerizing photos of many of the band members playing this year, so stop by and take a gander.

*Scroll to the bottom of this post to see my abridged schedule of events (basically, the shows you’ll be most likely to find me).*


“Titaness” Widowers Widowers
“(None)” Rabbit Is A Sphere Laps In The Sleep Saloon
“Metal Body” Bela Karoli Furnished Rooms
“Pendulum” Blue Million Miles Of Building Walls
“Silent Bed” Hello Kavita And Then We Turned Sideways
“Expect the Worst” Overcasters Revolectrocution
“My Hanging Surrender” The Wheel Desire and Dissolving Men LP
“Earring In The Shag” The Swayback Long Gone Lads
“John Fante Blues” The Omens Destroy the ESP
“Tinkering Time” Big Timber Alma
“The Game I’m In” Ego Vs Id Vol I
“Lost Limbs” Lion Sized EP
“Spy vs. Spy” Dualistics Dualistics


Father Guido’s Abridged Line-Up Highlights in Hindsight:


I didn’t make it down until the night was almost over but I was able to catch these two shows:

11:00pm Everything Absent or Distorted
E-3/MACC Stage @ Hi-Dive

With news breaking just that morning of EAOD’s breakup the emotion of that night’s show was super-heightened. You could feel it in the air. People knowing this could be the last time we see this amazing collective on stage together. Very sad indeed.

11:55pm Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles
E-3/MACC Stage @ Hi-Dive

Langhorne was alright. Aside from an impromptu hoe-down with the ever lovely Ms. Covington, it was that memorable for me.


Once again, other obligations prevented me from getting to the show before dusk but what made this night very exciting was that we had none other than Momma G in attendance for her 55th birthday. I met Angora, Ivvy, the Ethereal JB and Momma G at Skylark to catch the always fun Kissing Party.

8:45pm The Kissing Party
Gigbot Stage @ the Skylark Lounge

After Kissing Party we started to get the itch for $3 Car Bombs and headed over to watch Chris Adolf followed by our best new musician friend Mishka Shubaly. By the way, if you can do me one favor it would be to check out Mishka’s music. The man is very funny, very gloomy, very good. Even though we’d been hanging out with Mishka ever since we met him on Wednesday at the unofficial UMS pre-party it was his set at Indy Ink on Saturday that really made me a fan. If you weren’t there, and I know you weren’t, shame on you.

9:15pm Chris Adolf (Bad Weather Calif.)
Scion Stage @ the Irish Rover

The best part of Friday night was again at Hi-Dive and again a band with almost two handfulls of members. As sad as it is to see EAOD go away atleast we will be left with Houses to fill in the how-do-they-even-fit-that-many-people-on-the-stage niche. This band is HOT. How couldn’t be? What with members from other hot bands such as Donnybrook favorite’s Widowers and Blue Million Miles as well as ex-members of now defunct Hearts of Palm.

11:55pm Houses
Floyd’s 99 Stage @ Hi-Dive, powered by Airshow Mastering

Afterward we retired to the VIP room upstairs in the Skylark. Drinks were good but pizza was the better idea. We finished the early morning by beginning a dance party we couldn’t finish and slipping out the back door (figuratively, not literally), because that’s the way we roll.


Saturday was much more productive. I was able to make it to the show at a reasonably early hour just in time for Jim McTurnan’s new band. Unfortunately the rain had started and not many people were at the outdoor stage. Oh well, their loss.

4:30pm Jim McTurnan & The Kids That Killed The Man
CarToys Stage @ Goodwill Parking Lot

I am a huge fan of both Wentworth Kersey and the Wheel, so Joe Sampson’s set with Nathaniel Rateliff was very exciting. Probably the only day-time show that I was singing along with.

6:00pm Joe Sampson
Fancy Tiger

I finally got to catch King for a Day. I don’t know why but they always seem to play when I’m out-of-town/working/asleep. So that was very cool. We love you Goose!

7:15pm King for a Day
Gigbot Stage @ the Skylark Lounge

Sweet Tooth Meat Tooth. Wow! What can I say. I had no idea Doug and (Denver’s Most Fuckable)Hayley from Monofog had a new project going on. God damn! Best find of the weekend for me personally.

7:45pm Sweet Tooth Meat Tooth
Sound Structure Stage @ Indy Ink

I still find it it weird that I was turned on to Seneca through Dan the Automator. Even more so after seeing them. They were good but not what I expected.

8:00pm Seneca
Gigbot Stage @ the Skylark Lounge

Holy Metal!!!!! Once again the last show of the night was deserving of the spot. This time it was Taun Taun at 3 Kings. I think everyone was happy to have some metal to quench the poppy/sadsack/indie-rock feelings of the weekend. It was Saturday night and we needed some fucking METAL and Taun Taun did not disappoint. Long story short, when I emerged from the mosh pit an hour later it looked like I had been in a minor skermish in a major war. My shirt was in tatters and I could hardly walk. Oh yeah, I no longer had a face for it had been melted royally.

11:50pm Taun Taun
Evergroove Stage @ 3 Kings Tavern


Well you’ll have to excuse me but there was no fucking way I could make it out for any more music, especially after Taun Taun left me with no face and no ability to hear anything. I do commend those who did make it out for more, especially for these two bands:

10:00pm Bowerbirds
Floyd’s 99 Stage @ Hi-Dive, powered by Airshow Mastering

11:00pm Ian Cooke Band
Floyd’s 99 Stage @ Hi-Dive, powered by Airshow Mastering

I know they must have been good because the following day Ivvy declared Ian Cooke Denver’s Most Fuckable.

And that’s all folks. See you next year.

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  1. John Wenzel July 21, 2009 at 2:25 pm · Reply

    National bands: good idea!

  2. Team Donnybrook
    godonnybrook July 21, 2009 at 4:55 pm · Reply

    Anyone who hasn’t should check out:

  3. John Wenzel July 21, 2009 at 5:56 pm · Reply

    ah yes… fun tymes.

  4. Professor Honeydew July 22, 2009 at 10:16 am · Reply

    This was a great idea, Guido, especially for those of us who won’t be able to make it out.

  5. Ivyy July 22, 2009 at 10:20 am · Reply

    and thank you for the schedule ideas!! since i am a nerd and know very little about local music these days, it’s nice to have some expert opinion on what i should see. also, it makes it much easier to stalk you.

  6. Rbt. B. Rutherford July 22, 2009 at 10:51 am · Reply

    I can’t wait to rub elbows with the Donnybrook contingent. I will keep my eyes peeled for the tricked-out, copper Hyundai limousine.

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