Thao and Mirah at the Hi Dive

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Hi everyone!!! How was your weekend? Mine was great- I got a chance to hang out at the Hi-Dive (my fave bar in Denver, even though there’s a damn ghost in the bathroom), and saw some music. Good times. Here’s what I saw.

The Supporting Act:
Bobby- space rock in its ultimate form. The lead singer (Bobby?) was a cute hippie chick who has clearly spent some time dancing around bonfires. They didn’t list it, but if asked, I can assure you with 100% confidence that Pinback is a huge influence of theirs. They went to Bennington, so their music was earnest and quiet and intellectual and a little bit better than you. If your daughter brought any of those cute nerdy keyboardist boys home, you’d be super stoked but also in the back of your mind you’d kinda be like “Really, daughter? Will he be able to protect you through the zombie apocalypse*?”

*The answer to that question is Yes. Bennington boys can live off the land in a way you’d be envious of. And yes, they’ll try to reason with the zombies first, because they have been taught the art of nonviolence- but once they realize you can’t reason with a zombie**, they will not hesitate to blow their fucking brains out.

**You really CAN’T reason with a zombie. So don’t bother trying.

this is what we call the “bennington shimmy”

The Headliners:
I first saw Thao perform with her band at the Monolith Music Festival 2 years ago. She rocked, in that really cute Thao way she has. So then, what was up with the subdued Hi Dive show? Seriously, what’s up with that, Thao? Was the stage just too small? Were you too sober? (She said she wasn’t drinking that night.) Or, OR is the music you’re making with Mirah a little too, how do I say, pretty for your liking? Because it’s quite pretty, the music, really it is. But after a while I realized I was waiting for the band to start rocking out a bit. It was Saturday night and I wanted some face melting sound, dammit, but here I was at an NPR show.

thanks to JB at for the photos

HOWEVER, they sure were fun to watch. Every chick up on that stage brought her own awesome presence. The violinist seriously played like a thousand instruments- every time I looked over she was rockin’ something new and crazy. The bassist was literally the happiest bassist I’ve ever seen. (Hey bassists, why are you normally so surly? What’s so bad about your life, anyway?) It was just that the music started sounding kinda all the same to me, is all. The whole thing could have been solved if they had encored by covering NWA’s “Fuck tha Police”, but, eh, you can’t win ‘em all, right?

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  1. Team Donnybrook
    Team Donnybrook June 21, 2011 at 2:41 pm · Reply

    Weird! I’m reading this review and “Eleven” just came on, like my iTunes shuffle KNOWS!

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