The Best ‘Best Of’ Lists of 2011

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While everyone gets a hernia coming up with their own favorite things of 2011, we decided to get lazy and meta with it and just tell you about our favorite Best Of lists across all topics: sex, music, film, even words! They’re the best of the best!

Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 15 Hottest Sex Stories of 2011

Well, sadly, my fave love and relationship website,, didn’t have any discernible Best Of list. So I was forced to go to my SECOND fave love and relationship website,, and voila!! The year’s top sex stories!

Granted, 5 of the top 10 stories might as well be called “Let’s Bake Cookies So the Boys Will Like Us”. But at least there’s a SUREFIRE WAY to have a 15-minute orgasm!! Surefire.

- Ivyy Goldberg, Esq.

The Internet’s 10 Best Ron Swanson Tributes Of 2011 on Uproxx

If Saint Anthony wasn’t already the patron saint of bacon (look it up, totally true) bacon-lovers everywhere would all hail Ron Swanson, the swarthy mustached character from NBC’s Parks & Recreation. He’s Ron-Fucking-Swanson, the man who takes pictures of every steak he’s ever eaten, who giddily throws away vegan bacon to “make sure no one ever has to eat this,” and who will eat all the bacon and eggs you have. He’s a cult hero—not bad for a fictional character—and the internets love him. And so, I present my favorite “Best of 2011″ list: The Best Ron Swanson tributes of 2011.

-Belle von Bonaventure de Bacon

Spotify’s New Music App and RCRD LBL’s Best of 2011 Rock List

I love spotify’s new music app (top tech addition of the year) because it’s so easy to peruse everyone else’s top 10 lists.

Of all the lists I’ve checked out, my favorite has to be RCRD LBL’s Best of 2011 Rock List because it remembered to include Steven Malkmus and went for a Mary Timony-helmed Wild Flag tune instead of the Carrie Brownstein-fronted one everyone else chose.

- Mrs. Tansy Maude Peregrine

Pictureplane’s Top Ten Cultural Moments of 2011

Denver’s favorite techno-goth superstar’s list caught my eye because he seems to lead such a fantastical, bizarre existence (i.e. “in april of this year, i was fortunate enough to travel down to mexico city to do a performance with the dark lord RITUALZ”), and because of gems like this: “full disclosure, the experience was enhanced through some high grade mexican LSD.” He also throws you for a loop. Rebecca Black? Unexpected!

- Angora Holly Polo

“Watched in 2011″ by IMDB user moviesatwork

For my Best of Best of List, I chose the brilliantly minimalist “watched in 2011” by that mysterious genius, IMDB user moviesatwork. By refusing to assign any sort of qualitative judgments to his list – and indeed, by refusing to even limit the items on his list to a single calendar year – moviesatwork forces the reader to re-evaluate the very concept of year-end lists. What is moviesatwork trying to tell us by constructing a list containing such divergent cinematic works as Winter’s Bone, Thor, Hall Pass and the original Swedish version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? By refusing to offer any sort of commentary on the films included, moviesatwork places the onus of interpretation on the reader. He will not spoon-feed us his thoughts on Paul. Rather, moviesatwork leaves it up to us to eke out the significance behind what he watched in 2011 and what that says about society at large. He provided us with the framework, and trusts us to be wise enough to draw our own conclusions.

- The Rev. Theodore Marley Renwick-Renwick

Flavorwire’s Most Memorable Words of 2011

As I enjoy spending my time trolling around the Manor’s library, it should be obvious that I place a lot of weight on words and how they are used. For this reason, I was jazzed to come across these “most memorable words” of the year not just as an exercise to keep up on the latest slang, but also to review some of the year’s best and most conversation-worthy pop cultural topics. If you’re feeling some serious FOMO in the slangiest year-end diatribe, check the list, please.

- Niles Junior Bellefonte

The “Top Things” list by Alexei Perry Cox of Handsome Furs on Pitchfork

Part of Pitchfork’s “2011 Guest Lists,” Alexei Perry Cox’s list makes her and Dan Boeckner’s year spent touring and adventuring throughout eastern and northern Europe sound epic as all hell.

- Thaddeus Q.Q. Bonham-Coddington

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