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The Corin Tucker Band | 1,000 Years | The Donnybrook Writing Academy

The Corin Tucker Band | 1,000 Years | The Donnybrook Writing AcademyMost Likely To: halfway please those longing for another Sleater-Kinney record.

Corin Tucker was the frontwoman for influential 1990s riot grrrl band Heavens to Betsy. After the act broke up in 1995, Tucker then went on to co-found Sleater-Kinney with Carrie Brownstein, leaving behind a large fan base when they disbanded after twelve years together in 2006. As a fan of both bands, 1,000 Years is a treat I have longed for since that dissolution a half-decade ago.

On 1,000 Years, we are introduced to a slightly earthier side of Corin Tucker. A handful of the songs from the album start with a girl and her guitar in the coffeshop sort of vibe. Midway through 1,000 Years, things picks up with “Doubt” which jumpstarts the stronger half of the album. The classic Tucker caterwaul reappears and the guitar riffs are kicked up a notch. There still are plenty of earthy songs but halfway through most of them, they kick in to riot grrrl gear.

The record is the work of a more mature Tucker–much less angry than during her Sleater-Kinney days but just as hurt and heartbroken as before. (Just see the video below for “Riley,” which finds her ruminating about someone who isn’t calling her back, how her heart was stolen by someone far away, and how she is broke, eating frozen peas and thrift store shopping for coats.) “Who needs the sun when it goes away?” she sings on the piano ballad “Miles Away,” reminding listeners that Tucker has always been an eloquent and heartfelt composer, while proving she still has it.

The major problem 1,000 Years suffers from is a lack of energy. The full band backing her helps but the vocals would benefit from some harmonizing and the sentiments could span a broader spectrum than from gray to blue. I’m sure Lilith fair will be calling with the headliner spot in hand. This is by no means a Sleater-Kinney album, so fans of that act should not go into 1,000 Years with that mindset–it will only hurt you.

Watch the video for “Riley” from The Corin Tucker Band:

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