The Nonprofit with the Most Bill Pullman: Starz Film Fest Coverage

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Is this the year The Denver International Film Fest finds a cure for cancer, ends homelessness and /or develops awareness of recycling for elementary students? The  Denver Film Society may not be held to the same standards as other nonprofit organizations, but other nonprofits don’t have anything remotely as prestigious as an international film festival. (Now featuring a music lounge)

This year the ante has been raised on what is already one of the best regional film festivals. While most regional film festivals are met with, “Aw, how cute! Oklahoma City thinks it has culture” remarks from the Gotham Cities and Metroplis of the world, Denver has found a way to sneak its way to the top of Regional Festival standing, and thus, luring some big films and important guests to the festival. The most important guest of all being, of course, Fritz Godard and his Donnybrook cronies.

For the next ten days, I will be living, breathing, loving and dying DIFF to provide you with the closest thing to actually being at the festival. The Donnybrook Writing Academy will be the unofficial wine-and-cheese-nose-in-the-air-azure-ichor headquarters for the 31st Starz Denver Film Festival.


Tonight the Red Carpet event is hosting Rian Johnson’s follow-up to Brick (a 2005 DIFF favorite), The Brothers Bloom.  Johnson puts on his green velvet suit and does his best Wes Anderson impression in this star packed heist film. Immediately following the film there is an $85 exclusive party for all those not going through foreclosure right now.


This year’s fest is loaded, but one film I want to push early and often is Emmanuel Mouret’s Shall We Kiss?, his follow-up to the my favorite film from the 2006 festival, Change of Address. Mouret is what Michael Cera would be if he were ten years older and grew up in Paris, a charming socially awkward man with brilliant comic timing. The film is playing Friday 21st @ 7 & Saturday 22nd @ 9:45. Buy your tickets now so you won’t be disappointed later.

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