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Buddy, you had better believe I’m going to an after party tonight. And not just any after party; I’m going to the 30th Starz Denver International Film Festival After Party.  Gonna sip champaderade with Stephen Goldblatt.

I was saying earlier that last year Ivyy and I hot-girled our way in with the help of Matt Fecher. I guess EVERYONE decided to hot-girl their way in – hot girls, ugly boys, whoever. So this year, they’ve totally tightened security.  And yours truly hasn’t gotten in. I know. What’s the point of a party then?

Because of the tightened security, the after parties have been decidedly lackluster – from what I hear, at least. They’re not letting anyone in! Furthermore, there aren’t any people hot enough to make it in on their looks alone – there’s just normal, uber ugly people who made it to their after-party status from hard work in the film industry. What kind of a party is that?

Luckily, 28 Deep is the festival’s after-hours photographer. I know, isn’t that fun? If I don’t get her plus one, I’ll kick the bouncer in the balls and run!

Now, onto the weekend!

We’ll start with Cap’n'Colleen, who’s terribly far away from us, a correspondent from overseas:

If I were in Denver, I’d go to Hysteria’s free workshop on female masturbation Friday night. The Cap’n would be hanging out with hot ladies talkin about fun techniques for buffin’ the muffin.

There’s a wine and cheese party with Jayme Waxman, author of Getting Off:  A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation at 6:30 and then the workshop starts at 7:30.  I went to a few of those workshops before I left town and they seriously rock.  Seriously.

Ivyy says:

I’ll be headed to my summer home on the coast for the winter this Sunday, but before that, I’ll be seen at the:

Starz.  Denver.  Film.  Festival.  Go for the movies, stay for the
wicked after- parties. 

(Of course this is who we’ll hang out with)

Film people seem all serious and bearded and bespectacled, but they party harder than most normal people.  Not quite as hard as Donnybrookers, but still, they put forth a good solid effort.
Friday Saturday and Sunday at the Starz FilmCenter.

28 Deep:

denver film fest after-hours – friday and saturday (this is the BIG party weekend, or so i hear)

also on friday night… grand opening party of "gimme gimme pillow toast", a new artsy store that specializes in CUTE imports from japan. the store is up at belmar – next to flash gallery and ink lounge, both of which have cool shows running that night. hit belmar 6-9 pm. you can even win a trip to japan!!!

closing night at denver film fest – august rush (or something like that) – saturday night

born in the flood and minus story at hi-dive saturday night (hi-dive 4th anniversary party)

of montreal at ogden (i think) on saturday night

sunday = recovery

and maybe brunch?

Benjamin "Benny" St. Maur says:

The big boss of nerdcore hip-hop is returning to Denver: MC Frontalot. Last time he was here, he simultaneously raised the roof and, somehow, brought the house down. Scientists are still investigating this phenomenon, known as "Frontalotism." You, too, can experience the wonder. This Sunday. Join me ‘n’ Denver’s finest nerdly-hip citizens for a night of magic, role-playing, and rad jams about webcomics, evil genius progeny, and yellow laser beams.

Doors at 7:30pm. $8 advance (super cheap!) or $10 door (less cheap but still cheap nonetheless!). Impress your friends, intimidate your enemies: buy tickets ahead of time on the interwebs!

Father Guido:

Daily Afflictions on Friday at Walnut Room

Of Montreal on sat at Ogden


We can’t forget this upcoming Wednesday. I mean, what would Thanksgiving be without a hearty hangover?

Reposted from Everything Absent or Distorted:

Kittens, This is a tease. A battery-powered tease. Next Wednesday, November 21st, we are playing at the Bluebird with two of our favorite acts, the lovely and talented Ian Cooke and the rough and tumble Thank God for Astronauts.

Before the show, we’re having a special Needlepoint Records vs. Donnybrook Writing Academy arm wrestling and tongue-kissing match at a soon-to-be disclosed location. Come. Wrestle. Kiss. And get free tickets to our show. That’s right: flexing, writhing, and free ticketing.

Stay tuned… eeeooddd (I wonder how long before I’m banned from posting these bulletins?) Bluebird Theater

November 21


Thank God for Astronauts

Ian Cooke

21+ $10

So that’s it for this week, fun-addicts. Stay tuned for Wednesday’s party’s location to be announced. Don’t get a sugar rush kiddies! And don’t go spending all that money all at once. Signing off, Angora Holly Polo.

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5 Comments on "The Problem of Leisure…"

  1. Angora November 16, 2007 at 10:57 am · Reply

    How does one break through the competition to gain the slight glances of underlying disgust from Donnybrookites? A combination of both wit and bribery.

    This band, Death and the Lovers, gets special mention for their spritely myspace comments and bulletins. I haven’t heard their music yet, but gosh, they are darling, aren’t they?

    So I’ll repost their bulletin here:

    If you like freedom and awesomeness then the 3 kings tavern is where you want to be this Saturday the 17th! If you cant make it dont fret, we just released our full length “Sweet Nothings of a Disaster” that is available on i tunes (great music to get to second base with).

    You should also be our friend because:
    1) Our high fives are really high (save for our short round drummer).
    2) We were voted second “most caring” comment leavers on all of myspace last year (still cant beat casabonita)
    3) Sometimes we give aforementioned high fives for free.

    freedom ‘stache

  2. Father Guido November 16, 2007 at 1:38 pm · Reply

    God Damn I love high-fives. In a perfect world everyone would be paid in high-fives. Fuck you haters who refuse to throw your hands in the air and slap one out.
    Anyway…has anybody else checked out the link to Hysteria yet? What a beautiful website. I found a package of vibrating condoms for only six bucks. That is a steal my friends! Seriously though, if you are a man who has been trying to get your girl to go to a sex shop, Hysteria is the one for her. Female friendly. They helped me pick out a great present last Valentine’s Day and I’m sure now would be a good time to start thinking about XXX-Mas presents.

  3. Toastface Killa November 16, 2007 at 2:31 pm · Reply

    I’m not a player
    I just frontalot

  4. Angora November 16, 2007 at 2:46 pm · Reply

    I know nothing of what Father Guido speaks, “sex” is for the red light district floozies and harlots and their tomfoolering cuckolds who engage in shenaningans. And furthermore, what is a sex shop?

  5. Cap'n Colleen November 19, 2007 at 9:49 am · Reply

    I second Father Guido’s endorsement of Hysteria. It’s the greatest. No creepy salespeople following you around suggesting you buy products you don’t want. No creepy patrons leering in your direction as you try to pick something out. No blow-up dolls or penis pumps or fake vaginas. No ginormous porn selection organized into sexist/racist/borderline-pedophilic categories.

    Plus, all their sex toys are medical-grade silicone…which is nice.

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