The Problem of Leisure…

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…What to do for pleasure?

Every week, Donnybrook’s Society for the Betterment of Radical Weekend Partytime creates a board of trustees, who then delegate representatives to go into the community, incognito, and seek out the best things to do this weekend. Angora Holly Polo moderates.

The result is a column called “The Problem of Leisure.”

So I filmed a commercial just yesterday. Fritz Godard, being the filmmaking genius that he is, chose I, being an international supermodel, to be the star of the commercial. It was for Pom tea, and it degenerated into a montage of slow-motion shots of me pouring the stuff all over my face. Keep an eye out for it. I shall think I will never act again.

This weekend is pretty explosive. Here we go.


Ever heard this one? Yo La Tengo and Slint walk into a bar where Velvet Underground’s self-titled is playing on the jukebox. Instead of ordering beers and playing pool, they bust out sunglasses and proceed to play strip Scrabble while tippling neat tumblers of Glenlivet. The “Mr. Show” references fly fast and furious. Suddenly they’re making out with the art school fags in the booth behind them and pledging to fly to Paris once they get your student loans and passports sorted out. Someone has a Kim Gordon tattoo. It’s warm.

OK, so that’s less a joke than a pretentious set-up for one of my favorite Denver bands, Rabbit is a Sphere. They’re back, following Natalie Winslow’s departure to Cali, with some new members and (presumably) equally melodic, smart, funny, heartbreaking and crushworthy songs and stage presence. Check ‘em out when they play the Hi-Dive tonight, with Needlepoint friends Cat-A-Tac and one Mr. Patrick Porter. for details.

Here’s a little breakdown of two of the bands, from Jim from Cat-a-tac:

Patrick Porter: He’s from Denver, but rarely plays shows here. He makes amazing, trippy, lo-fi, psyche-pop records. His latest is out on the Portland label Greyday (Head Of Femur, Min Mae) and his last one was out on the Australian psyche label Camera Obscura. Should be a super cool set.

Rabbit Is A Sphere: Our Needlepoint labelmates will be playing their first show in many, many months – debuting their newly expanded lineup and a bunch of new songs. So excited to see them play again, they’re one of my favorite bands.

Madden Madrid McClintock:

For Friday, somebody’s bound to write about the Cat-A-Tac/Patrick
Porter/Rabbit is a Sphere show at the Hi-Dive, so I’ll go with the grand
opening of Denver’s newest rock venue, the Falcon. Two doors to the
south of the Gothic Theatre is the rock-n-bowl goodness of the Falcon, a
250-capacity rock room adjoined to a bowling alley with pool tables,
video games and such. I’ve listened to some of the music from Friday’s
headliner, Dirty Sweet outta San Diego, and while it doesn’t sound all
that musically interesting – straightforward rock – the openers, Cowboy
Curse, will more than make up for that.

Dear, Lisa:

Get some at the Denver art museum Friday.
I will play you something. And you can see things like art.

Father Guido:

Fuck yes. Much of Donnybrook will be attending and faux-rocking, fo sho. Our host Tim Tim T has the surround sound set up and cranked to 11 and the living room has been cleared of all breakable items. Start warming up because this could get competitive.
If you know Tim Tim T than you’ve probably been invited, however, if you haven’t been than just send us a message letting us know why you would make a good date to this party and you might just get an invitation.

After recouping from a hard night of Guitar Hero I’ll be checking out a pop-punk legend, Deborah Harry at the Bluebird Theater. Harry will be showcasing her first solo album in 14 years. I’m not sure what to expect but from what I’ve heard she’s still got it.

Anton O. Masia:

for Friday:

it’s bowling and music…

doesn’t that sound fun?

and cowboy curse…

second to none!

for Saturday:

poetry pales to pictures


What is so sexy about girls on roller skates? I’m going to the
Denver Roller Derby on Saturday night with the express purpose of
figuring out this mystery. Stay tuned. Or come find me there, we’ll
exchange theories. Saturday, 6:30, Bladium Sports Club.


Well, they’ve about covered it. I’ll leave you with photos of roller dolls!

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5 Comments on "The Problem of Leisure…"

  1. what more can i say November 30, 2007 at 9:18 am · Reply

    I guess all that’s left to mention is brunch on Sunday.

  2. Ivyy November 30, 2007 at 12:06 pm · Reply

    In the world of Donnybrook, brunch is such a given that it’s not even worth mentioning in the column.

  3. Daytonboy November 30, 2007 at 3:47 pm · Reply

    I assume brunch is always followed by polo and sunning?

  4. what more can i say December 3, 2007 at 12:10 pm · Reply

    and polo is followed by sunday evening wife swap

  5. Angora December 4, 2007 at 10:29 am · Reply

    Which is followed by painfully awkward British-style parlor sitting.

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