The Three Greatest Cover Versions of “Last Christmas” Ever

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Professor Honeydew | The Three Greatest Cover Versions of Last Christmas EverFor over two decades, there has been a ferocious contest of wits and skill engaged by aspiring and established musicians alike: to execute the most perfect cover version of Wham!’s 1984 masterpiece, “Last Christmas.” Written by George Michael and originally half of a double A-side single alongside “Everything She Wants,” the track delicately treads upon the hallowed grounds of both the love song and the holiday song, the triple lutz of the songwriting world. While no imitation could ever be as sacrosanct as the soulful vision originally choreographed by Wham!, here is the definitive list of runners up (with credit given to Last Christmas for allowing me discover two of the versions):

Pas/Cal#1: Pas/Cal “Last Christmas” | As anyone who has seen Pas/Cal perform can attest, they are not only one of the most impressive live acts around but are also incredibly gifted musicians and arrangers. It isn’t surprising that their rendition of “Last Christmas” feels like three or four different songs, folded together in addictive fashion. There is the elegant piano introduction with lulling vocal harmonies, the mad dash to find an appropriately hard-driving beat, the all-hands-on-deck approach of the first verses, and the requisite bouncy handclap rejoinders.

Mon)tag#2: Mon)tag “Last Christmas” | I will own up to not knowing much about Mon)tag apart from the fact that (A) they are German and (B) they execute a magnificently grand version of “Last Christmas.” It takes a little while to get going, and when it does it is still pretty gay–but what could be more appropriate? Something about the earnestness of the vocals (in a foreign language, no less) makes me confident that Herr Michael would approve. Letztes Weihnachten!

Erlend Oye#3: Erlend Øye “Last Christmas” | Erlend Øye is the person I love most in the world whose surname I don’t know how to pronounce. I’m sure that when I do, it will be like finding out that Jens Lekman sounds like “yens.” Until such a time as I am schooled in the Norse tongues, however, I will simply enjoy the Kings of Convenience/Whitest Boy Alive’s contribution to the “Last Christmas” cannon, a tender, bare bones acoustic ditty.

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8 Comments on "The Three Greatest Cover Versions of “Last Christmas” Ever"

  1. Toastface Killa December 14, 2007 at 9:37 am · Reply

    Know why Erlend Øye’s version is so good?

    Because he’s baby Jesus.

  2. Team Donnybrook
    admin December 14, 2007 at 10:46 am · Reply

    I found out that you don’t pronounce Sufjan Stevens’ name “Soof-JAN” from the artist himself, while interviewing him. It was uncomfortable and I was almost fired. In my defense, it was before he was well-known.

  3. Monica December 15, 2007 at 4:06 pm · Reply

    I’m gonna try to teach you how to pronounce Øye. First, you need to pronounce the Ø, and that sounds kind of like:


    You know, the sound you make when you’re pausing in a conversation, or you’re searching for an answer etc. But try to not pronounce the “r” in the end too much.

    And than the “ye” is pronounced like you’d expect. Ergo:


    Not sure if this helps you, but at least I had a go.

    Merry Christmas

  4. Festivus December 15, 2007 at 5:30 pm · Reply

    Thanks Monica. Up until now, I always just made a deep O sound when saying his name, but this makes a lot more sense. So essentially it’s pronounced like the beginning of his first name – Erlend? If this is the case, why can’t he write Ølend Øye or Erlend Erye?

  5. Festivus December 15, 2007 at 10:47 pm · Reply

    I would also like to request more Christmas songs from the Professor.

  6. Anonymous January 9, 2008 at 12:01 pm · Reply

    Pullover did a cracking version of Last Christmas. It was on Fierce Panda. Well, OK, it wasn’t that great… China Drum’s cover of Wuthering Heights was better.

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