The Top 5 Must Have Star Wars Collectibles…

If you’ve got a few grand to throw away. Oh wait, we do!

Here at the Manse, we pride ourselves on our superior taste; which is why films like the Star Wars saga have such a special place in our cold black hearts. What adds to the fun of loving SW is the length fans go to for collectibles. When you possess more class and distinction than your average SW nerd, obviously your toys have to be better too.  Here’s our list of the items you must have, if you’re truly going to back up that “World’s Biggest Fan” title you keep bragging about at your weekly Star Wars: Trivial Pursuit match.

5 – The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

I’ve been lusting after this sleeping bag for years now. And now that I’m burning the midnight oil working on this month-long Star Wars tribute, I may just have found the perfect reason to get one…

4 – Limited Edition Star Wars Adidas

They came out in 2010, and now they’re totally gone from the website like they never existed. They toy with me, and it’s not fair. If you’re lucky you can find them on eBay… for a few hundred bucks.

3 – The Harrison Ford Approved Millennium Falcon

The only one signed by Han Solo himself – going for almost $3k and currently sold out.

2 – Sideshow Collectibles Life-Size Busts

I… have no words… this kind of glitter has sparkles I’ve never seen before.

1 – Your Very Own Drive-able Landspeeder

Joey Fatone and Scott Bakula need to get the fuck off my Landspeeder, like now.

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2 Comments on "The Top 5 Must Have Star Wars Collectibles…"

  1. Mark in Omaha May 7, 2012 at 12:10 pm · Reply

    How about a fully functional light saber? Or better yet, a blaster! No pesky lessons with Yoda needed.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella May 8, 2012 at 4:57 pm · Reply

      You just made me think of the pilot of The Venture Bros. And for that, I thank you, sir.

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