The Walking Dead 305: ‘Say the Word’

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Featuring Zombie Entertainment and a little Anger Management Axe Play

The Walking Dead 305 'Say the Word'

Caution: Spoilerama

Last week our group was dealt a crippling blow when we lost both T-Dog and Lori. Lori was unable to successfully deliver her daughter, and Carl was tasked with the difficult job of insuring she did not come back as a Walker. T-Dog heroically sacrificed himself to save (ugh) Carol after the prison became overrun when Andrew opened the gate and let a bunch of biters in.

So we started this week in Woodbury where a celebration is happening. And is it just me or does it seem like Andrea’s peen shopping? I see that saucy little “Cold Cup to Neck Move,” with Milton, Andrea. No one is fooled, Slutty McSlutterson. Milton promises her a night of festivities, and you know in his mind they involve some cock-play.

Michonne still seems to have the emotional range of “defiant stink eye” to “untrusting stink eye.” She walks away from Andrea’s whoring and almost catches the Governor engaging in some seriously fucked up father/walker-daughter bonding time. It looks like the Governor is keeping more than just severed zombie heads for pets.

The Walking Dead 305 'Say the Word'

Rick is practically catatonic at the loss of Lori. Unable to take on the role of a new father, everyone’s favorite masty-fodder, Daryl, steps up into the leadership role. He gets Hershel and the others to secure the grounds while he and Maggie make a run for formula on his bike.

The Walking Dead 305 Daryl Dixon

First Observation of the Night: When we’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, running into a group of them with an axe makes for an excellent anger management exercise.

With the Governor distracted at the anniversary party, Michonne uses the opportunity to get her katana back. But while she is in the Governor’s apartment she comes across a disturbing journal. Just as she is about to discover the Governor’s secret zombie-daughter, she is interrupted by the Governor, Milton, and Merle who have come on a beer run. Milton is upset with how much power this party is draining from the generators. They leave still arguing about how he needs power for his experiments and Michonne makes a hasty exit out the back.

The Walking Dead 305 'Say the Word'

That is where she discovers that the residents of Woodbury have something in common with the residents of Hershel’s farm. What follows is another awesome blade sequence, and it’s pretty hilarious when someone comes out with a bucket of zombie food and drops it in surprise.

Michonne has an awesome exchange with the Governor. He keeps thinking that he can somehow control her, but unless the show is going in the same direction of the comics, I’m not really sure how that is going to happen.

The Walking Dead 305 'Say the Word'

Axel and Oscar are still trying to make it right with our group. They approach Glenn with their condolences as he digs graves, offering to help. But their sympathy falls on deaf ears, as Glenn is still struggling with the loss of one of his best friends and the guilt at being relieved that it wasn’t Maggie.

The Governor enlists Andrea’s help in trying to reign in Michonne. Even though Michonne tries to explain that she knows in her core that something is seriously fucked up about Woodbury, Andrea is too blinded by all the peen potential to really listen to her.

Glenn stupidly interrupts Rick’s one man Walker-killing-machine for a bro on bro heart to heart and almost gets his head cut off for his trouble. Rick’s gone all crazy-eyed and I’m thinking the only people who can get through to him right now are Hershel or Carl. My vote is for Hershel; Carl’s had enough experience taking care of his parents to last a lifetime.

We get to find out that this “research team” the governor keeps referencing somehow involves Merle and Milton doing weird shit to Walkers in the name of science. And there are solar panels. And wind power thingys.

The Walking Dead 305 'Say the Word'

Maggie and Daryl have the smart idea of breaking into a daycare. Daryl has a moment of the sads when he sees hand-print art with the name “Sofie” on it. Not only do they find diapers, bottles, formula, and toys, they also come across dinner in the form of an opossum.

Andrea totally fakes like she is going to leave with Michonne, probably thinking or hoping that they would not be able to leave. They are both surprised when Merle opens the gate for them with little resistance. Andrea totally backs down and tries to talk her out of leaving. Michonne delivers an ultimatum, and it looks like our badass besties could be dunzo. Luckily the Governor is there to distract Andrea from her sorrows with his creepy dick.

Maggie and Daryl return from their run after nightfall and Oscar and Axel assist Glenn in getting them through the gate. The new baby is probably starving by the time they get there so she quickly and easily gobbles up the formula.

Second Observation of the Night: The writers are milking the “Daryl as a sex symbol” thing as much as possible as they have him be the one to cradle and feed the baby.  An obvious appeal to our uteruses.

The Walking Dead 305 'Say the Word'

Rick hacks and slashes his way to the machine room where all the magic happened last week. There he discovers where the baby was born and finds the spent shell that Carl supposedly used on his mother. But Lori’s body is nowhere to be found. Not only is her body not there but there are some suspicious bloody drag marks leading away from the birth-spot. He finds a really fat male Walker sitting against the wall, shoots him in the head, and stabs him repeatedly in the stomach. But it is not really clear that Lori is actually in this thing’s stomach. And I don’t put anything past this show so who knows if we are going to ever be able to see Walker-Lori.

The Walking Dead 305 'Say the Word'

Okay finally we have a part tonight that we can laugh at. The event that Milton was so adamant should be postponed wasn’t just a party. It was a weird zombie wrestling party, starring none other than Merle himself. When the scene first cut to the Governor and Andrea sitting in the stadium my first thought was that these idiots are going to bring on a herd with all the noise they are making. Then Merle stepped out with two others of the Governors men and my thoughts immediately went to “I wish these guys were wearing tights.” Let’s be authentic here, people.

The Walking Dead 305 'Say the Word'

At least they got the fake part right since after Andrea flips her shit about it the governor assures her that it is all staged. The walkers they are wrestling around have had their teeth removed. I bet Andrea is starting to seriously regret thinking with her pussy right now. Or maybe not, maybe now she’s trying to decide between giving it up to the Governor or Merle. I mean, Merle was pretty badass in that wrestling match.

The Walking Dead 305 'Say the Word'

It is morning at the prison and Daryl brings a flower to Carols grave. But it makes no sense to me because we never actually saw Carol die. Inside the prison, Rick is still having his freak out session in the machine room when suddenly an old rotary phone starts to ring. Did Carol actually die? And who is Rick getting a call from? The promos for next week’s episode suggest we will get answers to both questions, and Michonne might finally meet up with our group. It is about time; I think she is going to fit in much better with our scrappy crew.

Photos by Russell Kaye and Gene Page / © TWD Productions, LLC

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10 Comments on "The Walking Dead 305: ‘Say the Word’"

  1. M.W. Byrne November 12, 2012 at 3:16 pm · Reply

    No me gusta! Look, I’m not a Rick fan (and no, it is not just because I hate cops, I also hate cuckolds) so I’m sorta happy he went to the zoo. Although wouldn’t losing Lori be a grieving period of about 14 seconds? But I had some hope for Glenn’s dainty sentiment fading when he had his whole little “I’d give hundreds of them for one of ours” moment…then he goes off to hug it out with Ricky Axe Hands.

    My problem is that the evil overlord is playing daddy to his zombie girl, which is some clingy bullshit, and you have Daryl as acting wet nurse. They’re making it so the only character I can relate to is Michonne, though why she keeps insisting that Andrea leave with her is beyond me. Trust me, you can find another moody twat to flip her hair at every cock in her path, Michonne.

    And I’m pissed about the portrayal of convicts, but it’s accurate for a majority of them, so I can’t complain too loudly.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 12, 2012 at 7:37 pm · Reply

      But see, you’re forgetting that right before the zombies broke into the yard, he and Lori shared “a look” – that means they’re totally squaresies again and all the fucked up shit she put him through for two seasons – totally bygones. I’m a little mad we were robbed of Walker-Lori.

      You know, after the last few episodes of S.2 I had high hopes for Andrea. Those have now been completely dashed. She’s back to being a dumb cunt again.

      The whole Governor has a hang up for his daughter thing is weird and out of place. Maybe Milton’s “experiments” involve searching for a cure?

  2. Matthew November 12, 2012 at 7:59 pm · Reply

    Oh, I did forget to factor in the “Lori / Look / Squarsies” algorithm. It’s shit like that which always broke down my quantum mechanics. Maybe next time I feel like unwinding with a little string theory – pun intended – I’ll run it by you. See if there is an “Anti-Matter / Conjunction / Totally Confluencies” that I am missing.

    Probably, but if the governor is so busy trying to get his daughter back, I don’t think he’d keep his little flesh fair party going in light of something as important as curing his spawn.

    And I think that given her charming personality – which seemed to be mostly bitching, whining, and a lot of narcissistic harping – walker Lori would have been an improvement. It’s too bad she was given such a rotten character, because Sarah Wayne Callies is actually pretty talented.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 14, 2012 at 11:24 am · Reply

      I’ve always thought it was the mark of just how good Callies is (or was, I guess) that she could make Lori so unlikable. I have no complaints about her acting – she was fantastic, and a great foil to both Rick and Shane.

  3. Mark in Omaha November 13, 2012 at 6:41 pm · Reply

    Strange episode, more loose ends than ever and no previous ones tied up except LORI IS FOR REAL DEAD!

    How did a zombie eat her entire corpse? Why would it drag it around the corner before chowing down?
    Is Carol dead? Because they have given us ZERO evidence that she is gone, death off screen, finding the body offscreen, burying the supposed body off screen and not even talking about it.

    Who is responsible for ensuring questions are properly answered, the director, the writers, the producer? No one is in charge that I can see.

    They got rid of Frank Darabont so they could save money and bring the show more in line with the comic (in my humble opinion) and now we have a new set of problems. What works in a comic book doesn’t necessarily work in a TV show. They jus killed off 30% of Rick’s crew half-way through a season for no good reason that I can see. They didn’t even bother showing the death of one of the characters. Killing off one of them would have been enough for dramatic purposes. More cost cutting?

    Michonne was supposed to be awesome in the comics, I see no evidence to support that in the show. No decent dialoge, no back story, no nothing except strange behavior and scowls.

    Did you notice the beer they were picking up for the party, the Hop Lanta I mentioned two weeks ago. What was in the bags in the corner Michonne saw?

    The ledger the Govenor was keeping that Michonne looked at. Last name was Penny, overwritten several times and underlined repeatedly. After that was just tick marks of fives. WTH was that supposed to be? Days, bodies, people he’s lost? Kinda a Shinging moment there.

    After Michonne goes to all the trouble of stealing her katana back, she opens up a pen, lets out the Walkers, and kills them for what purpose? Then gives her sword back to the flunky delivering zombie chow? When she was talking to the Govenor, she mentioned the name Penny and he totally tensed up, they with her next comment she let him know she only had a name and nothing else, he relaxed. A rare instance of actual acting.

    Were Michonne and Andrea lovers during their time alone? What happened to the Govenors lover from two weeks ago, naked dark haired woman on his bed? She going to let Andrea move in on her action without saying anything?

    Ditto to making all that noise and wasting power, they would have drawn every Walker in a ten mile radius to their city walls. Was this a sanctioned ZWF match (Zombie Wrestling Federation)?

    Nice screen shot of Maggie, she has a nice bod, but is that the kind of top you want to wear while warding off zombies? Science guy had the right idea, Duct Tape!

    The phone, does it even exist, or is this all in Ricks head? Why is it there? How is it still working? Who in the hell could be calling him?

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 14, 2012 at 11:36 am · Reply

      Mark, this is why you’re so awesome to talk TWD with! Okay – here we go in no particular order:
      I *think* they’re only assuming Carol is dead because they didn’t see her – and the promos for next week look like we’ll get an answer about that.
      I’m also disappointed with Michonne’s lines – she just keeps scowling. It’s a waste.
      Lori’s dead, I guess, I still want to see her body. And I found it very hard to believe that a Walker could eat all of her – it would take days for one Walker to eat a whole body and it was only a matter of hours. Also – WTF was up with him stabbing the stomach like that? That was kind of messed up. My husband thought the phone call was all in Rick’s head as well, which could be true – but again, in promos for next week someone’s on the other end, so who knows. I first thought when it rang that maybe Hershel had found a phoneline in the prison and hooked it up and was calling him to tell him to get it the fuck together.
      I DID see the Hop Lanta and totally thought of you!
      I don’t know if Andrea and Michonne were lovers – so far in this “Walking Dead” world I’ve seen zero gays – which to me is silly. Would love to see a gay couple in there.
      I thought the wrestling stuff was really dumb and a stupid waste of power. They’re just begging for Walkers to raid that place, and when they do no one in that town is going to know what to do.
      Lastly – I have a feeling the Gov can sleep with whoever he wants. Maybe that girl will get jealous, but Andrea’s the new poon in town, so she’s definitely shopping to couple up with someone. Oh -and I think those lines were just him going totally nutzo a la the Shining.

  4. cristina November 14, 2012 at 11:07 am · Reply

    i don’t care if it’s a ploy to snare lady viewers, i give daryl’s paternal scene two uteruses up (sorry). he really is the best character on the show. but i agree that i don’t like how they’ve handled carol’s absence at all. because this episode reinforces that carol got killed by walkers. glenn digs one grave, then tells oscar and axel to dig two more. so that’s for lori, t-dog and I assume carol. then after the day care episode (with the reminder of sofia) daryl lays a flower at one of the graves…which seemed to mean it was for carol. but there was no carol ‘death’ moment which is totally unsatisfying (even though the ultimate end result, that her character is no longer in the show, is a keeper : ) ok, when maggie and daryl were in the day care, am i the only one who imagined them opening a door to a horde of toddler walkers? because THAT would be creepier than the Governor. who is freakin really creepy. absolutely i think the gov is holding out for some kind of cure or at least a way to domesticate walkers so he can hold on to his daughter somehow. it’s true michonne’s acting doesn’t have much of a spectrum, but I really dug her confrontation with the governor. and she is a badass with the katana. though i think her walker extermination was another anger management exercise and had a creepy factor of its own. and holy cow, Mark in Omaha, your questions are incisive but DIZZYING! need more coffee now.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 14, 2012 at 11:43 am · Reply

      Yes, in that flower laying scene there was a “C” laid out in stones. In the promos for next week we might get to find out what happens to Carol – still want her to be a Walker! Just don’t like her. But then again, if Carol’s gone the only single girl in their group is Beth – so I imagine the men may start to fight over her? I really want Michonne to meet up with the prison settlement, I think she’ll fit in better with them.
      It was definitely a night of anger management through Walker slashing. And I thought that was awesome.
      Daryl was the best thing about this week’s episode! And I TOTALLY wanted a legion of Walker-Babies to come running at them – that would’ve been FANTASTIC!

  5. Mark in Omaha November 14, 2012 at 11:58 am · Reply

    Cristina, agree with everything you said. Daryl holding the baby did humanize him and I totally get why women buy into that. I didn’t get the “cold drink to the back of the neck” as being a flirtatious move that Alistair referenced. Ladies, men aren’t that subtle. When they were in the day care I was totally wondering if a zombie ankle biter was going to pop up. I guess just contemplating it is enough. What’s with Daryl channeling Clint Eastwood? That has got to be the scurviest poncho I have ever seen. Also agree that the Govenor is thinking about some kind of cure for his daughter. He only seems creepy some time, the other times he seems pretty rational, at last a character with some nuance.

    Didn’t mention before but looks like the two convicts are becoming defacto members of the group.

    I don’t watch previews of the next show, to many spoilers. Still wondering how you get a telephone to work without electricity. What was up with the solar panel and wind turbines Alistair mentioned. Was that supposed to be running something? The one smart thing about that was the zombie trap they set up, something Hershel should have done back on the farm.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 14, 2012 at 7:05 pm · Reply

      If I had been at the farm I would’ve set about digging some perimeter trenches full of spikes – might not completely deter them from coming to the farm, but it would slow them down enough for everyone to get out – would just need to have one spot gated up nice and tight where you could make an exit past the trench.
      Oh – and to your other comment – yeah, not sure where the threadbare sweater comes into play as suitable Walker defense attire – if it were me I’d be ganking the first leather jacket I saw, and maybe grabbing more to construct some pants – you’ve got to have strong fabric that can withstand a bite: thick canvas, leather, and yeah – duct tape. Totally brilliant.
      Okay here’s my theories on this so far unrevealed “experiment” – either they’re trying to find a cure, or they’re trying to find a better power source than generators (hence the wind mills and solar panels) OR – they’re capturing the zombies not just for wrestling but to harness their energy as fuel. Like cattle – if you’ve ever seen the classic film “Island of Lost Souls” where Dr Moreau was using his failed experiments to power his house, you get what I mean.

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