The Walking Dead 306: ‘Hounded’

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“Biter-Gram” is My New Favorite Means of Communication

Header The Walking Dead Episode 306 Hounded

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead gave us a few answers – what happened to (ugh) Carol, will Rick get over his case of the Sads and try raising his new daughter, and will Andrea ever stop being a dumb ass that only thinks with her vaginals?

Merle Dixon The Walking Dead Episode 306 Hounded

After Michonne left Woodbury and struck out on her own, Merle and several of the Governor’s men set out after her. They uncover an interesting message from her. Using a Walker’s limbs she forms the word “Go” beside its torso laying chest down.

The new guy with a name I’m not going to bother to learn or pronounce because 1) he dies soon and 2) it’s crazy-hard to say, figures out it forms the words “Go back.” Clever. Merle comes up with the term “Biter-gram” and that’s pretty awesome. Before they can pen an appropriate reply Michonne jumps out from the trees and cuts their numbers in half, taking a shot in the leg from Merle the process.

Merle Dixon gets a Biter-Gram The Walking Dead Episode 306 "Hounded"

I’m going to call whoever is on the other line with Rick a “Safety Cock Tease” because she dangles her own supposed safety in front of him but won’t let him join them just yet. Is she even real? I have doubts she is, but I’ll save those for later.

I will give some credit to the Governor tonight. At least he allowed Andrea to volunteer to be on the wall, unlike Lori who seemed to think her place was washing clothes and cooking food. But when she does eventually get on the wall she pisses her tutor off by not being able to wait for that snotty bitch to actually make the shot. Andrea clears the wall and stabs the walker in the head, which pisses Miss McBraggypants off, probably because she is an idiot and couldn’t do it herself.

When Rick takes another call later, it is a man this time. And he is totally creepy. He asks Rick personal questions about how many people he has killed and how his wife died. When Rick refuses to answer the last question the man on the other line hangs up, sending Rick into another rage spiral.

Rick Grimes The Walking Dead Episode 306 "Hounded"

Just a quick note for all my Reedus-Heads out there, The Walking Dead show tidbit in between the commercial break featured his zombie apocalypse playlist and I have to say it is a fairly decent selection. Actually I’m pretty impressed by his musical taste.

Hershel attempts to have a heart to heart with Rick in the machine room but he isn’t listening. Rick tells Hershel about the phone call. It is interesting to note that when Hershel picks up the phone himself there is no dial tone. Could the phone calls be in Rick’s head? Hershel volunteers to wait with him but Rick send him away. Could Hershel have been trying to stick around to verify the phone calls were actually happening?

Merle continues to search for Michonne in the woods. She attempts to get the jump on him and the other dude that Merle calls “Neal” but isn’t able to do anything more then cut Neal in the side before Walkers show up. In the confusion she is able to slip away.

Daryl, Oscar and Carl set about the cellblock to clear the rest of the Walkers out. Daryl tells Carl about how he lost his own mother and the two have a moment of shared grief. They notice that there could be some Walkers behind a door, but if so they are very weakly pushing at the armored door. Daryl shrugs them off and says they will come back to them later and I hope that his decision doesn’t come back to literally bite them in the ass.

The Governor and Andrea The Walking Dead Episode 306 "Hounded"

Andrea goes to the Governor and he takes her off the wall for her little stunt earlier. They flirt a little bit and I think I threw up a little in my mouth. I just can’t get over my disgust for Andrea this season. She had like, what? Three good episodes? Now she is back to being a complete twat that I just want to slap in the mouth a few times. Oh, that Andrea!

Merle is ready to call it a day and head back to Woodbury. But Neil refuses to leave and wants to continue the hunt, so Merle unceremoniously shoots him in the head. Cold blooded! I like it!

"Neal" and Merle The Walking Dead Episode 306 "Hounded"

Michonne’s able to escape Walker detection since she is covered in Walker guts. She stumbles over to the store that Glenn and Maggie have just pulled up to forage for baby supplies. They stop to make out for a second, and I start getting the feeling that some serious shit is about to go down.

Michonne The Walking Dead Episode 306 "Hounded"

Michonne hides as she watches them collect formula and toys for the baby. But before they can leave Merle catches them by surprise. Here’s another example of why I’m a brutal asshole. If I were Glenn I would have shot Merle on sight and sworn Maggie to secrecy. No questions, no chances for fuckery.

Merle Dixon The Walking Dead Episode 306 "Hounded"

I see someone walking towards me with a bloody face, a gun in their hand, and a weird blade thing on their arm and I’ve got two guns on them? Done. Shoot that mother fucker down. Explain it away later. Problem solved.

Glenn and Maggie The Walking Dead Episode 306 "Hounded"

But of course that doesn’t happen, because at his heart, Glenn is still kind of a bitch. So Merle is able to get close enough to take Maggie hostage and force them into the truck to take them to Woodbury. Kind of peeved that Michonne didn’t step up and help them out. It would have been a great way for her to get into the group’s good side and hitch a ride back with them to the prison.

Maggie and Merle The Walking Dead Episode 306 "Hounded"

She could’ve slowly crept up behind Merle while he had Maggie and was facing Glenn, motioned to Glenn to keep quiet and stall him, then use her katana to slice off Merle’s other hand. Instead she just stands there and watches while Merle takes them captive.

Daryl, Oscar and Carl The Walking Dead Episode 306 "Hounded"

While Daryl, Oscar and Carl are searching the prison, Oscar comes across some slippers which he is happy to grab. That little moment made me giggle until a Walker gets the jump on them and all three of them take it out. One observation: if all three of them had fired on that Walker in that little cell the way they did, they would have blown Daryl’s eardrum out. Anyway, when Daryl moves to recover his arrow he notices that Carol’s knife is embedded in its neck. Ugh. Carol.

This time when the mystery phone rings Rick realizes that it’s Lori on the other line. She talks him through the loss of her and he is able to get back up on his feet and return to his daughter.

The Governor and Andrea are doing the nasty when Merle shows up to let him know he has Glenn and Maggie. He tells him that the other three on the crew are gone and that he managed to kill Michonne, coming up with a story to explain why he doesn’t have her head and sword. I really hope that comes back to haunt him, because Merle is a douche.

The Governor doesn’t tell Andrea about her friends being there, choosing instead to get back to sexy time, and I can’t blame him. Andrea’s really little more than a hole to put a dick in at this point.

Daryl in The Walking Dead Episode 306 "Hounded"

Daryl is angry over the loss of Carol and decides to finally take out the Walker that is weakly hitting the door in the hall from earlier. When he throws the door open he is surprised to see a weak but unchanged Carol sitting there in front of him giving him some kind of Kewpie Doll face with her lips that weirded me out.

Daryl and Carol in The Walking Dead Episode 306 'Hounded"

Rick finally appears in the cafeteria and holds his daughter for the first time. They go out to the yard to get some sun and Rick spies something in the distance. He gives the baby to Carl and heads out to the fence, and who is there with the basket of formula but Michonne! Yay! Do you think they will accept her into the group? I hope so. She belongs with them, anyway.

All Photos (minus the screenshots) Gene Page and Blake Tyers / AMC

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7 Comments on "The Walking Dead 306: ‘Hounded’"

  1. Mark in Omaha November 20, 2012 at 6:04 pm · Reply

    Biter-gram for Miss Alistair Blake Arabella!

    Amen to putting one into Merle the second he came toward them. I’m kinda pissed at Glenn for being so stupid and way too easy to give in. Maggie dropped her weapon, turned her back, and screamed like a little girl when Merle shot the window out. I’m having bad feelings about how this is going to turn out (remember, never read the comics but have gotten an idea of where they went from you). Anyway, they reverted to lovesick babes in the woods instead of the hardened survivors they should be at this point.

    Liking the character of the Govenor and how he tries to show some nuance. He seems sane and even charming when he is around Andrea then goes into crazy mode. Why did he send the death squad after Michonne, and why does he want her head? Plus he was making new marks in his crazy journal. It seems like as soon as he finds out there are other people out there he wants them to join the cult or he wipes them out.

    I’m glad the phone calls were all in Rick’s imagination. Seemed way to far fetched that the thing would actually work. Might be cliched but worked as a way for Rick to get over his grief.

    The whole Carol misdirection thing just kind of pisses me off. They thought she was dead why? What’s in the grave? Obviously not ther body. So they never went looking for her? How long has it been, did she lose her ability to speak? Didn’t put two and two together until your comment that Darly thought zombie Carol was in the cell, I was thinking he was psyching himself up to kill the zombie that killed Carol, which didn’t make a lot of sense.

    Darly and Carl bonding moment. Daryl; “My mom liked to smoke in bed, I followed the sirens to our house, it was burnt down with my mom inside”. Carl; “I shot my mom in the face so she wouldn’t turn into a zombie. I win.”

    Andria continues to be hot, but stupid. Way to stupid for a lawyer. Instead of the young girl being a sucky shot, I was wondering why the zombie was jerking his head away from the arrow after she fired.

    Since I just love listening to Andrea talk, when she is outside I keep watching the citizens of Pleasantville in the back ground. This time some young kid is out riding his bike, there is a young teenage or tweenage girl in the background. Same kid that was in the background after they retrieved the National Guard trucks, same clothes, same boots. Must be someone’s kid to get that much background camera time. Also, some random woman walks by carring THREE empty five gallon jugs of water, presumably to get them filled up somewhere. That’s about 120 lbs. of water to carry back. I know, I shouldn’t pay that much attention, but couldn’t they just as easily given her a childs wagon to pull them in? Two weeks ago they had someone raking a green lawn (no leaves) I get no sense that anyone in that town is doing anything useful. Also the town is clean and spotless, just over the wall, random trash bags lying around and an abandoned car. There is someone being paid to set up background stuff for the shots, I want their job. When Maggie and Glenn were going to make a supply run, they said something like getting baby formula and ammo. I realize this is the south, but where do you buy baby formula AND ammo? Babies and Guns R Us?

    Totally missed Zombie Apocalypse playlist. Can you send a link or something?

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 21, 2012 at 6:55 pm · Reply

      Dude, I was SO pissed that Glenn and Maggie pussed out so hard. I sort of understood it from Maggie *at first* because she was confused. She knew Glenn knew this guy, but Glenn still had his guard up, so she would’ve been unsure of how to react – which is exactly why Glenn should’ve shot him on sight. I would have. He came around the corner with a gun, a blade on his hand, and a bloody face – no, just… no. Not happening. I would’ve shot him down, told Maggie who he was, and then gone back to the prison and told Daryl that I shot Merle “by accident” – “He came out of nowhere, his face was covered in blood, I freaked out and shot without thinking, then when I got closer to the body I realized who it was – I’m so sorry.” Hopefully Daryl would understand, or get over it someday. Or shit, I would’ve just not said anything. If I could trust Maggie to shut the hell up about it – mums the word.
      I love that you spotted the little things – if you were in Woodbury would you try to have people come outside and clean outside of the gates?

  2. Mark in Omaha November 21, 2012 at 12:38 pm · Reply

    While I’m asking for things, how about a screen shot of Andrea’s thigh?

    Is the black guy Oscar and the little white guy Axel, or the other way around? They have become de-facto members of Rick’s Posse. They are now armed and hanging out in Cell Block C.

    Yes, shooting a gun inside a concrete room would make a hell of a noise. Carl, at least, has the weapon with the silencer/surpressor that we saw at the very beginning of the first episode of this season.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 21, 2012 at 6:59 pm · Reply

      Ha! How are you so pressed on Andrea? She’s okay… I guess… I think Michonne is prettier to be honest. The black guy is Oscar, Axel is the white guy. They became members of the posse when Andrew let the Walkers in the yard and they helped take them out. Then Rick, Daryl and Oscar were in the generator room and Oscar shot Andrew – so they proved themselves to Rick and the others that they were on their side.

  3. Mark in Omaha November 21, 2012 at 1:11 pm · Reply

    Okay, I’ve gotten used to servicing myself since my International Love Affair debacle. Found Daryl’s playlist, still searching for a screenshot of Andrea’s milky white thighs.

    Norman Reedus’s Zombie Apocalypse Playlist

    (from the commercial break infographic)

    Motorhead “In the Year of the Wolf”

    Sonic Youth “Dirty Boots”

    Minor Threat “Filler”

    Neil Young “Rockin’ in the Free World”

    Lynyrd Skynyrd “Simple Man”

    Iggy Pop “The Passenger”

    I did find some Michonne and Andrea lesbian love scene fan fiction.

  4. Maximillian Archimedes Stoneburner
    Maximillian Archimedes Stoneburner November 21, 2012 at 11:16 pm · Reply

    I’m getting a liiiiiiitle gay for Daryl….

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 24, 2012 at 3:08 pm · Reply

      We’re all gay for Daryl.

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