The Walking Dead 308: “Made to Suffer”

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The Mid-Season Finale was as Epic as this Post is Long.

The Walking Dead 308 Made to Suffer

This week opens with the introduction of a new group led by new guy, Tyreese. He takes out a roaming Walker and is joined by Sasha and several others struggling to survive in the woods. With a group of Walkers on their heels they decide to take shelter in a nearby building… which just so happens to be the Prison.

The Walking Dead Episode 308 Made to Suffer

Andrea eyes a picture of the Governor’s family as she hides her shame by fixing her hair in the mirror. After she leaves, the Governor uses the mirror for some freaky-face giving before turning on some music in his Head Room and trying again to get through to his Walker-daughter Penny.

He becomes enraged after he thinks he is getting through to her, only to realize that all she is after is the meat that he brought with him. Come on Gov, could have told you all girls are after the meat. Kind of obvious, here.

The Walking Dead Episode 308 Made to Suffer

Glenn continues to surprise us with how much of a badass he has become. The Walker that Merle set on him earlier is still in the room. As a confused Maggie looks on, Glenn rips the Walker’s arm off. He tears apart the forearm and pulls out the broken bones, handing Maggie what is now a fairly serviceable shank. I have to say I’m incredibly impressed.

As Rick looks for a way into Woodbury, Merle and the Governor try to come up with a plan to invade the prison. I still haven’t figured out what the Governor’s deal is with other groups. Why can’t there be other groups in the area? Why does every other settlement pose a threat? I sort of understood him taking out the National Guard. Those were men who were heavily armed and in all likelihood looking for a safe place, if absorbed into Woodbury they probably would not have taken orders from him. Subsequently he took them out.

But what threat do Rick and his group pose? If anything, the two groups living near each other would be able to reach a truce. Rick’s group could use the land on the prison to plant crops, which they could then trade with Woodbury’s people for other goods. Two separate groups living near one another could be incredibly useful. Why is the Governor so dead set against anyone else of authority in his vicinity?

The Walking Dead Episode 308 Made to Suffer

Led by Michonne, Rick and the others sneak into Woodbury through a supply room. A resident comes in trying to find out who is in there. When he can’t answer any of their questions they knock him out and move on. I would have snapped his neck. He is only going to come to later and alert someone they are there. But I’m cold-blooded like that.

Back at the prison, Axel is getting a little too chummy with Beth for Carol’s liking. Going to take a nerd break for a moment and point out a continuity error. Last season when Beth attempted suicide, it was clearly stated that Beth was 18. Her age was used as a factor in Andrea’s argument that she should have the right to decide if she wanted to kill herself. But tonight when Axel grossly tries to flirt with her, Beth states she is 17. Just throwing that out there, now I’m moving on.

Carol pulls Axel aside and nips that flirty shit in the bud. There is a really funny exchange between the two of them when Axel explains he is hitting on Beth because she is the only straight girl left in the group, since Carol is obviously a lesbian, given her short hair. When Carol sets him straight, he immediately turns his attention to her. But we all know he is barking up the wrong tree because Carol only has eyes for the same guy everyone else watching the show does, the King of Badassery himself, Daryl Dixon.

Maggie and Glenn use their nifty new bone shanks to break out of their cell. But as Glenn wrestles with Merle, Maggie takes down the other guy and he pulls the trigger on his automatic weapon in the process. They are all able to dodge the spray of bullets, but the gun going off attracts the attention of everyone else in town. That distraction allows Rick and the others to be able to sneak out of the storeroom.

The Walking Dead Episode 308 Made to Suffer

And once again, Maggie and Glenn completely fail as survivors. After I was so impressed with their bone shanks, they screw up. Maggie hesitates to shoot Merle after she grabs the gun because he has a blade to Glenn’s throat. Her hesitation allows Merle’s back up to arrive, ending their escape attempt.

Rick is able to miraculously find the exact building they are being kept in and arrives just in time to stop them from being killed. They throw a few smoke bombs and whisk Maggie and Glenn away. There is a moment when Daryl points his gun at someone hiding in a doorway, and I think it is safe to assume that he just almost killed his brother.

They take cover in another building and try to figure out how to get out. Glenn tells Daryl that it was Merle who was about to execute them. Daryl tries to process this new information and hopes that maybe he can go out and appeal to Merle to let them all go. But Rick squashes that and says they can come back and talk to Merle later, they have to get everyone out safely first.

The Governor tells his group of enforcers that they are under attack by terrorists. Only a select few in the group actually know what is happening, and Andrea isn’t one of them. He sends her on a bullshit mission but she goes after the “terrorists” anyway.

The Walking Dead Episode 308 Made to Suffer

Under heavy gunfire, they make their way through the town and the age old cinema rule of everyone suddenly being a bad shot goes into effect. Andrea only gets a look at Oscar, who she doesn’t know. So the Governor uses this to plant the idea in her head that they are being invaded by convicts. Oh, Andrea. What a maroon.

Rick and Daryl attempt to provide cover as the others try to escape. Rick has a hallucination and believes one of the Governor’s men is Shane walking toward him. His confusion results in him hesitating, and the guy is able to get off a shot which catches Oscar in the side. Maggie is forced to shoot him in the head to make sure he doesn’t turn.

Okay here’s another point where I’m taking a break: why can there be only one black man on this show? First Oscar appeared and we lost T-Dog, now at the beginning of the episode we encountered Tyreese, now Oscar is killed. What gives guys? Can we get a little bit of diversity in the show please? I want more ethnicities, and I want people of different sexual orientations. Is it really too hard to ask that our shows reflect the reality of the American population? Moving on.

The Walking Dead Episode 308 Made to Suffer

At the prison, Carl, Beth and Hershel hear screaming coming from somewhere inside. Carl goes to investigate and finds Tyreese and his group fighting off Walkers in the generator room and immediately comes to their assistance. He shoots a few in the head and then leads them out to safety. Is he going to blindly trust them or wise up and keep these guys at a distance?

Michonne is waiting in the Governor’s apartment when she hears noises coming from the next room. She discovers the Governor’s wall of heads before realizing there is someone moving around in a cage in there. At first she thinks Penny is still a real girl that the Governor is keeping captive, but when she removes the hood she sees the toothy-truth.

The Walking Dead Episode 308 Made to Suffer

The Governor shows up just in time to stop Michonne from killing her. But as soon as Michonne realizes how important the girl is to him, she dispatches her with the quickness. This of course causes the Governor to rage out and they get into a fight. The wall of heads is broken and we get the treat of seeing that the heads are actually still alive and biting! Michonne uses glass from one of the broken aquariums to take out the Governor’s eye.

The Walking Dead Episode 308 Made to Suffer

Just then Andrea shows up and holds a gun to her head. There is a momentary standoff before Michonne carefully makes her exit and it slowly dawns on Andrea just who she is boning.

The Walking Dead Episode 308 Made to Suffer

Want to take a minute to just give a quick shout out to my one of my favorite authors, Isaac Marion; the first commercial at the break is for the film version of his novel Warm Bodies, starring Nicholas Hoult and John Malkovich. Couldn’t be more thrilled for Isaac, he is a total sweetheart and I’m not just saying that because he actually deigns to speak to me! Love this guy. Go check out our latest interview that went up today, and there is more to come from the two of us in FEARnet and the February issue of Stiff Magazine.

Carl takes the new group to another secure area and locks them in so that he can make sure they are not a threat (smart boy!). Sasha flips her shit for a second at the thought of being caged, but Tyreese seems to be fairly reasonable and explains to her that this is the best way to keep them all safe.

Andrea takes the Governor to the infirmary and tries to get some answers out of him. But they are interrupted by the arrival of Milton and Merle. The Governor tells them that he was attacked and Merle informs him the others in the group were able to escape. Merle promises to go after them in the morning. If we thought the Governor gave good crazy face at the start of this episode, it is nothing compared to the level of rage in his eyes now. Think about it: Merle told him Michonne was dead, remember? What is the Gov thinking about Merle right about now?

Rick tries to regroup outside of Woodbury’s walls. Daryl still hasn’t shown up after providing them with cover to escape. Michonne appears and Rick immediately questions her. She stops him from killing her by asserting they will need her help to try and get back to the prison or get Daryl out of Woodbury.

The Walking Dead Episode 308 Made to Suffer

Inside the town, the Governor convenes a meeting with the residents in the arena. He incites them into frenzy as he betrays Merle and reveals that he has Daryl as a prisoner. Andrea is forced to look on as the Governor labels both of the Dixon brothers as terrorists. With the crowd calling for their heads, we end the mid-season with one last look at the Governor’s frightening, and now deformed, face.

So what did we all think? Cross your fingers that I can come back and keep covering the second half of Season Three, since my Verizon having ass may not have AMC for much longer.

All photos by Gene Page and Tina Rowden © AMC.

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14 Comments on "The Walking Dead 308: “Made to Suffer”"

  1. Mark in Omaha December 3, 2012 at 5:55 pm · Reply

    What an ending / cliff hanger. They have the action sequences down this season and a big improvement over Season 2.1. That being said, the writing still blows in major ways.

    They have no idea of how racist they really are. Not just the lack of people of color, but how poorly they are written, they exist as wallpaper or to further the plot development for the white characters. Was the woman who got bit at the beginning of show Hispanic? Just wondering, would make sense to bring in a hispanic woman and kill her off 5 seconds later.

    What is the motivation of the Govenor vis a vie other people or groups? Who konws? The writers sure don’t. He’s crazy! Like Stalinesque delusional paranoid crazy. Except he’s not, he can walk around town and seem normal, even fool Andrea, who is educated and been out in the world, probably met (and bedded) her share of narcissistic assholes. So what is his deal? We’ll never get a good answer.

    Does Andrea’s character have any motivation? WTF is up with that chick? Nothing she does makes any sense. Her only consistency is to do the exact opposite of whatever someone tells her to do.

    Michonne isn’t even a character, she is barely a caricature. Scowling mute black woman with unexplained ninja skills. Refuses to answer even basic questions when the answer would actually help her. Does she even like Andrea?

    I’m wondering if the behind the scenes power struggle that went on at the beginning of last season wasn’t about Robert Kirkman trying to “take back his property” and move the whole series back to what he originally wrote. That might have worked for a comic book, but it sure doesn’t work for television.

    Specific to this episode, I didn’t understand at the beginning who that group was, or even the timeline. I thought maybe it was a flashback, I also didn’t catch that they were going into the prison until watching that scene again on the replay. I did miss the first minute or so of the beginning. I understand that Tyrese is a character from the comics.

    I also missed that the guy with the shotgun was Wolverine Shane. I could tell that Rick thought he was someone, but I totally missed that it was supposed to look like Shane.

    When Carl and the group heard noises and he went to check it out, I actually thought Axel might have Carol down there raping her, I could hear a woman screaming, again totally missed that the other group was inside the prison. So was that just me?

    Good catch on the Beth age thing. When she was on the farm, she acted more mature, and the random guy that got killed at the end was supposed to be her “boyfriend”. Andrea even had another stupid moment and thought she was old enough to decide if she wanted to live or not. Since they have been in the prison they seemed to be trying to de-age her, make her look younger and more innocent, turning her into Carl’s young friend, a role that was supposed to be Sophia’s.

    If Axel and Carol aren’t going to hook up, then Axel will die in the next episode.

    Merle and Daryl showdown is going down which i predicted, but I didn’t think it would be this way. Is he going to make them go Spartacus on each other?

    Andrea seems FINALLY to have woken up to the fact that her new boy toy is a total whacko. If zombie daughter and wall of zombie heads didn’t convince her, then the final scene should have.

    MAGGIE, WTF girl, the guy who beat the crap out of your boyfriend, who drug you into this hellhole where you almost got raped, sicked (sp?) a zombie onto your boyfriend, and is now comig to kill you both is square in your sights and you don’t pull the trigger? Another hollywood cliche, the good guy can never just kill the bad guy no matter how much they deserve it.

    How do you not notice a HUGE hole in the back fence of your prison. No one has walked the perimeter yet. Maybe Axel should make himself useful instead of hitting on the women.

    You know the young teen girl I keep seeing in the background, she showed up again last night as one of the townspeople on the street, wearing the same boots.

    How many henchmen does the Govenor have? I saw a dozen at most when they took out the National Guard group. Michonne killed two, Merle capped the hispanic kid, Rick and company took out at least three more last night, two from the wall plus Wolverine Shane. He couldn’t have more than 20 to begin with, he’s lost 7 counting Merle. That leaves him with 13 at most to attack a fairly strong position, if Rick fixes the fence, digs some ditches, and locks some doors. Rick’s group has 13 members, counting the new group, 15 if Andrea brings back Daryl. Sun Tzu would say to forget it, you can’t attack a defended position where the enemy matches your strength. Of course he will attack any way, just opinion, haven’t read the comics and don’t watch the previews.

    Anyone else think that Michonne killing the Govenor’s daughter was kind of a dick move?

    If you can’t write the review anymore can I have a shot? Is the Verizon AMC showdown like the fiscal cliff going on in Washington?

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella December 7, 2012 at 5:36 pm · Reply

      I know you don’t like to read the comics or hear any spoilers, but I think you should check out Talking Dead – I watch it on occasion if I’m still up and they give you some great insights into the show without giving too much away about any upcoming episodes. I watched it the night of the Mid-Season Finale to see if I could learn anything new and Kirkman was the guest. He said he actually likes this new writing, as it takes his work and puts a brand new spin on it. He also loves writing for the Dixon brothers, as they’re not in the books and it’s like a brand new aspect of his work for him. So, fingers crossed, that means they aren’t killing them off anytime soon. (I could care less about Merle – Maggie should’ve blasted him, but I would hate to lose Daryl!)
      Tyreese is now a complete and total wild card. Since it’s already happened in the show I’ll give you a plot from the comic: In the books, Tyreese meets up with Rick while he’s in Atlanta. He goes with him to the farm, and he’s a central character throughout the beginning. They meet Michonne early on at the prison, and she and Tyreese fall in love. It’s actually Tyreese and Michonne who get taken captive by the Governor – they are sadistically tortured, and Michonne is assaulted repeatedly. Her rage might not make sense for us the viewers, but given that, it makes sense when you think of it in terms of the books. But I agree – it seemed a little cruel, and perhaps was her way of paying him back for taking Andrea?
      I don’t even know what the hell is up with Andrea anymore. She had so much promise near the end of last season. Now she’s just back to being an idiot. Ugh.

  2. cristina December 7, 2012 at 10:40 am · Reply

    I know there’s issues with the writing but dang this was my favorite episode yet! I enjoyed the whole ride and was constantly wondering what was going to happen next. I thought it fired on all cylinders. But still – agree on the race issues. Damn it, why did Oscar have to go? Between him and Axel, I’d much prefer Axel got the axe (ahem). I’m betting one of the reasons for bringing in a new group now is to even the odds when the governor goes after them. I did notice that they were entering the prison from another angle (they showed a shot of the tower). But you really gotta pay attention with this show, so easy to miss things and yall always point something out I didn’t notice. I have to say I really liked Michonne in this episode. Especially when she thought she’d found a trapped little girl. She totally melted and stopped being a warrior. She was so maternal and caring. And I thought she was a goner. But when she saw it was a walker, I wasn’t surprised she ended up killing her. I don’t really see it as a dick move because 1) she thinks (knows) the gov is a dangerous tyrant who would have no problem killing her and 2) she has zero tolerance for walkers (even the two she had held onto for cover – and in the comics used to be people she was close to – but when they were blowing their cover, she dispatched them, andrea was like ‘how could you?’ and she said ‘easier than you think’). the standoff between her and andrea – that was cool. though michonne’s refusal to communicate important information to people who could use it is maddening (your boyfriend did this that and the other horrible stuff). still it was cool to see the communication that *was* happening in the silence. The guy playing the governor is awesome. Crazy but intelligent – dangerous combination. So good at all those many faces. I think he could be that nutso but still be functional when it’s time to be – and now that he’s lost an eye, he is REALLY going around the bend. Of course he has to eradicate any other group. He has to be the one in control and the only people he trusts will be loyal to him are his original group. Anybody else could infect the perfect society he’s forming (though I agree that they’d be stronger with more people, less exhausting, too). His speech at the end was a really obvious echo of bush’s if-you’re-not-with-us-you’re-against-us speeches after 9/11. But then they brought out the Dixon brothers. And I was like NOOOOOO! For a second I was really afraid they were going to off Daryl to cap off the finale. And I was NOT HAPPY. He better stick around a lot longer. I think they’ll have to Spartacus it out, where Daryl kills his brother or they’ll both get rescued and Merle helps our group battle the Gov (for revenge if nothing else). Though after his treatment of Glen/Maggie, don’t know how that would play out. February feels like a loooong ways away.

  3. Mark in Omaha December 26, 2012 at 5:15 pm · Reply

    This was just in today’s paper. Glenn Mazarra is out after the end of Season 3. Gives credence to what I was saying about behind the scenes and Robert Kirkman trying to take back control. I predict more Kirkman, more bad writing, and less nuance.

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