These United States | “Kings and Aces”

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Awesome photos by Hooves on the Turf‘s Sarahana Shrestha, full photo here

I’m the label publicist for These United States. If you have a problem with me blogging about them, you can go ahead and create your own blog on Typepad and then switch everything to WordPress, and drive traffic to it everyday, and post stupid Myspace bulletins that are like ‘hey dude check me out’ for a few years, and then work for a record label and NOT post blogs about your bands, Mister “Ethics.” Donnybrook, on the other hand, was lovingly created upon the backbones of bias and oxycodone-fueled laissez-faire morality. And booze.

Unrelatedly, I have this band that I think you should check out. They’re called These United States, and in my unbiased opinion, they just did the coolest show ever at the botanic gardens in Brooklyn recorded by Hooves on the Turf!

“Takeaway shows” are an excellent idea, and I really enjoy my time at Blogotheque thoroughly; but sometimes, understandably so, they can be a bit awkward. How would you like to try and maintain your musical integrity with one recorder and a pair of half-broken castanets, walking through a crowded street while all varieties of ugly fat beautiful obnoxious people are screaming at you?

But the Secret Garden sessions at Hooves on the Turf are nice; it’s the beauty, variance, and privacy of the empty botanic gardens that are more conducive to live performance while still giving that fun, “doing strange things in public” thrill.


This rendition of “Kings and Aces” by These United States is thoroughly enjoyable to watch, as if the band is actually having fun – Jesse Elliot ducks in and out of shrubbery, crooning behind leaves, clapping with a shuffling band behind him. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re a heavily touring band, and feel comfortable in the troubadour style of performance. Maybe those mischievous opening lines of “Kings and Aces” make the perfect soundtrack for sneaking through shrubbery.

To watch “Kings and Aces” you’ll have to go to You Ain’t No Picasso – and to see interviews and behind the scenes (These United States become locked inside botanic gardens – hilarity ensues) go to Hooves on the Turf. I’m including the trailer here.

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    What a nice video!

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