Vengeful Videorama

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Lady Z is back with some pent-up agression towards Rihanna, NE-YO, Fabolous and Jermaine Dupri!

Rihanna and NE-YO- "Hate That I Love You"- Ironic, because I have sortof a love/hate relationship with both of these R&B/Pop Stars.  Love Rihanna for bringin’ in the rock style and a little attitude into her music; she’s different, and gorgeous.  I hate her for making that infernal song "Umbrella."  Love NE-YO for his contributions to the amazing group The French Connection in the past; hate that he sold out for a solo career.  But onto the video-  Rhianna looks pretty in her fancy lingerie and all, but damn, girl!  Get dressed already!  Lyrics change- "I hate how much I love my bra, and I just can’t dress myself.."  In the end, she puts on a trench coat instead of clothes.  The whole video you are made to believe they’re pining for each other, only to see them pass each other up in the elevator and go on to their different lovers, who aren’t nearly as beautiful as them.  Slut a shame…

Fabolous feat. Jermaine Dupri "Baby Don’t Go"- So again- its all fine and good when a man runs around, playin on his woman, but when the woman goes and does the same thing, it ain’t cool… How lame that this song plays into the argument… and why does Fabolous always remind me of Nas?  Even the beats sound like Nas’ beats.   For Fabolous, at least it’s a step in the right direction, and we can’t say that for many hip-hop artists these days.  This video plays into several hip-hop video cliches, flaunting all the common hype: pool parties, bitches, lamborghinis, champagne… and in the end, the dude isn’t really chillin’ at the pool party forgettin his woman, its all a dream, and he wakes up to her coming home from shopping as she flicks him back his credit card… "thanks, boo.."- he’s really drivin’ the stereotypes right home…

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