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Today, Lady Z talks about Feist, Bitman & Roban, and Dmitri in Paris!

Bitman & Roban-"Tatita"- This song and video are friggin’ great.  You gotta love the little bra and undies on the chicken that comes out when the egg is cracked in the beginning.  Comical!  Grandma is cookin’ up the bueno fried chicken, and these guys are cookin’ up good fried beats, and jammin’ out all retro style.  Kind of like a modern-day-Devo.  All in red, and completely unconcerned with people laughing at the image they’ve created for themselves.  Pretty fuckin’ awesome.  I’m reminded of the French house music phenomenon that overtook the airwaves in the late 90′s, and all the crazy videos that were on Amp’d at 2am… those were the days…

Feist- "1,2,3,4"- First I think this video is incredibly rad, and then I think it’s so fuckin not rad, at all.  I start by loving her blue outfit, and her voice is memorable, and I think of Daisy in "The Great Gatsby," and how her voice is "full of money."  Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so, because wasn’t this song first commercialized for Apple or something??? It occurs to me that this video looks like a Gap commercial, and then I wonder what audience they’re pandering to.  Could the rainbow have something to do with that, or her singing about teenage boys??? Why does music always have to have an agenda???

And with an honorable mention to Dimitri from Paris-"Une Very Stylish Fille "- one of the wonderful french house videos from that wonderful time period…

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