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Today, Lady Z tells a warning tale against picking up hot drunk chicks.

The Last Goodnight- "Pictures of You"- The blocks are taking over the video!  Its sort of incoherant, and perhaps this is a good thing.  Watching people cry, however, is not a good thing, doesn’t make me happy, and it doesn’t make me cry either.  But it gets better when the color comes back in the video, and the people get happy.  If it was muted it could be a pharmaceutical commercial- that’d be a drug I’d take… One pill and you too can be in an English rock band!  Side effects include having to endure bad weather, eating fish and chips, rotten teeth and gums, and being followed by fanatical teenaged girls who will scream and piss themselves wherever you go…

Daughtry- "Over You"- Ok, so the singer ditched his drunkie girlfriend, and whaddaya know?  He got over her.  She is shown wasted and gorgeous, and then sober and ugly… in fact, now she’s in AA.  Lemme tell you, I wanna be like her.  Its too bad we don’t get to see her getting better.  We do see her at a party being shitfaced pretty when some douche picks her up and tries to take her home, she’s all wild in the convertible and causes an accident.  Let that be a lesson to douches trying to pick up drunk pretty girls and take them home.  Doesn’t the lead singer look conspicuously like Dave Attel???  Ironic, ironic indeed…

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