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Today, Lady Z talks about – topic of all video topics – big booty hos!!!

Jonas Brothers, "SOS"- directed by "Hollywood" (yep, thats what it said) The first guy is ditchin’ the stupid hollywood richie bitchies to go chill with his kewl hipster band, and they’re trying so hard to be hipster, its funny.  Unfortunately, they still sound like Jesse McCartney, and their band name has a "Hanson" ring to it.  This is a mistake- anything that causes the remembering of Hanson demands to be destroyed before it destroys us all…  Oh well, perhaps the lead singer will get a movie deal when he gets a little older- he’ll probably be gorgeous.  The hipstie girls walk by in the end, and of course the boys chase after…

Plies feat. Akon, "Hypnotized"- Ok, I’m NOT hypnotized, I’m fuckin’ sick.  Sick of watching chickie poo’s wiggle around a video screen.  "Do it some more" Akon says, and I’m thinking, "thats ALL THEY DO!" which is talk about how sprung they are on swivelling hips- every FUCKING song!!! And every fucking video has the same fucking chick in the same fucking slutty outfit wearing the same fucking gold hoop earrings!!! Aaaahhhh!!!! Make it fucking stop!!! 

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  1. Lady Zsuzanna November 16, 2007 at 5:38 pm · Reply

    Teacher: So kids, what do you want to be when you grow up?
    Little Billy: I want to be a police officer.
    Little Jill: I want to be an artist!
    Little Shaniqua: I want to be one of those vieo hoes, and get paid to gyrate my hips and wear fake eyelashes and big hoop earrings!
    Little Delonte: I want be a rapper and make a billion dollars exploiting hoes like Shaniqua!!!
    Little Natalie: I want to be blogger so I can make fun of Shaniqua and Delonte all day long!

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