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Today on Vengeful Videorama: shitty shitty rap! White vans. Hoop earrings. What more could you want?

DJ Kahled feat. Luda, Young Jeezy, Big Boi, Busta, Fat Joe, and others -"I’m So Hood Remix"- Just when you thought it couldn’t get more "hood"… oh boi does it ever… Just leave it to the good rappers (Big Boi, Busta, Fat Joe, and Luda) to outdo the bad rappers on their own track, then create a ghetto version of the original video, in video game style.  I must admit, the better rappers make this over-dramatic ghetto statement worth listening to, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this to you, my dear readers.  There’s still lots of shiny big chains, chickies in slutty outfits, hoop earrings, and hey, lame rappers too, in case you’re not sick of the genre, but at least its not as much as in the OG version. 

Birdman feat. Fat Joe, DJ Kahled, Lil Way, Young Jeezy, Cool and Dre and if you think thats a lot of shitty rap music, they only represent a few of the masses of ritty shap artists out there… oh, and the song is called, "100 Million"  – Ok, this one starts out with helicopters and fan boats on "operation swampy back-woods."  They haul in huge bags of money, and take it to their video hoes to start counting.  Meanwhile, the rappers stand in front of expensive red cars and spew nonsense in rhyming form.  The ghetto counting operation, where I assume it’s Young Jeezy who has covered every square inch of his bedroom in stacks of bills, gets surrounded by the cops.  The rappers send out their conspicuous white van, which then explodes and sends money flying everywhere.  Of course we see hoodrats stuffing bills into their bras and running away, and thats pretty much it.  I gotta wonder what it’s like to be one of the actors playing the police officers in the video.  Are they proud to be a part of this production???  "Yeah, man, I was in the Birdman video, heh heh.. did you see that one?  I was the cop, yeah, on the left side… lookin’ real serious like…"

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3 Comments on "Vengeful Videorama"

  1. Anonymous December 5, 2007 at 12:21 pm · Reply

    Oh my swollen shit! That “I’m So Hood” video has got to be one of the longest and most irritating videos I’ve come across. Ludacris has become that guy who is always on someones remix. Busta Rhymes can no longer keep us all in check so he, too, has to do a remix now and then so he won’t be forgotten. And who in their right mind would suggest putting Lil’ Wayne on anything? When my vomit gets diarrhea I’d like to believe that I could sift through the corn and find more talent. In that “$100 Million” video it appears that Birdman is a magician as he spreads his arms and a bunch of rented birds escape the confines of his red jacket. The only positive thing about that video is when the van blows up and all the crackheads, tramps, and their children scurry to get the loot, that shows that these ‘hood rappers like to give back to the community.

    I am a resident of the *sigh* Dirty South and I can’t stand one bit of it. The lifestyle. The long white t-shirts. The mysterious pride that comes from selling crack. The music is what kills me the most. It’s just too repetitive and not that creative. If I hopped in my whip(which I don’t have) and I rolled through da’ hood playing something un-hood like the soundtrack to Hedwig I’d get shot. Even though I have no street cred and I’m not that hood I still manage to get by. Thanks for this opportunity to let me vent about, well, crap. Lemme be gone, for I have some Rick Astley that needs to be blasted through my speakers.

  2. what more can i say December 5, 2007 at 1:00 pm · Reply

    Lil’ Wayne is a prodigy.

  3. Ironic December 5, 2007 at 4:20 pm · Reply

    I have been trying to get everyone to call me Young Jeezy for years. Looks like he won out over me.

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