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Today on Vengeful Videorama: Common, J. Holiday, and Sade! Yes, Sade!

Common, "I Want You"-Common wants an acting career.  This video also features the superb (hardly) acting skills of Kanye, Alicia Keys, and the dual acting and directing skills of Kelly Williams.  It starts with Kelly (ex girlfriend) illegally coding her way into Common’s house (or just the one he films all his recent videos in) to get her stuff, and Common’s busy throwing an A-list party, bubbly and all.  He’s not too bubbly not to notice the intruder, so he goes to bust her.  He remembers all their good times, and meanwhile she watches a video of him and Alicia makin’ out, and it’s all very sad.  He walks in on her, and she leaves.  Meanwhile, Alicia’s upstairs wondering if she should go find him, Kanye looks concerned, and the party looks boring.  Common’s verse is his usual heart-felt poetry, but its complicated by the video.  In the end, its all just sortof lame, like watching a hip hop video soap opera…

J. Holiday, "Suffocate"- Lonely J. Holiday is over in Paris going crazy without his girl.  He can’t breathe when he tries to reach her on the phone; that’s how much he misses her.  In a way I appreciate this video.  There are some nice shots of the city, and I start to feel kinda bad for the guy.  At least this video is not filled with big booty hoes and hoop earrings… and right as I’m thinking that, the girl is on her way to his hotel room.  I’m holding my breath, ready to scream if he fucks this one up by opening the door to her huge hoops, but gladly, shes wearing some long danglies instead.  Thank God.  Whew!  Now I can breathe.  It turns out to be the same girl from his first video (for that god-awful song that gets stuck in my head every time I hear it) and I’m glad to see them back together.  How fricken sweet.

And with an honorable mention for VH1 Soul for playing Sade "Cherish the Day"- Sade sings on top of a building in New York with her guitar in a long white skirt and top and she’s even wearing small, modest hoop earrings.  I love this song, and the video and Sade are beautiful.  Sing it, girl!

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  1. Father Guido December 6, 2007 at 1:03 pm · Reply

    My man Common is really trying too hard these days. It seems like he feels the need to throw in a silly pop culture reference (he seriously equates his relationship to Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn breaking up? what?). What ever happened to “G.O.D. (Gaining One’s Definition)”, “1 ’2 Many…”, Like Water for Chocolate or even the experimental songs off of Electric Circus?

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