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Angora Holly Polo interviewed VHS or Beta, and is giving you parts of the interview in teasing snippets leading up to their December 6th show at the Bluebird. All photos are by 28 Deep.

I’ve never been to a VHS or Beta show, but I’ve noticed people piling out of the arena doors like lunatics, screaming about what a great time it was; so I asked drummer Mark Guidry what makes their shows so effing great.

“I think we pretty much write the music to play live, and then the recording process comes later. We’re always thinking, how is this gonna come across live? Cuz I think that’s the most important thing for us, it’s our biggest card to play. We’ve always relied on it, and I think now more than ever it’s extremely important to have a good live show, because record sales are obviously down the tubes. You’ve gotta survive somehow, and having a good live show definitely helps in that.”

Stay tuned for more, and visit 28 Deep’s flickr to see more photos of them!

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