VHS or Beta, bite-sized!

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Angora Holly Polo interviewed VHS or Beta, and is giving you parts of the interview in teasing snippets leading up to their December 6th show at the Bluebird. All photos are by 28 Deep.

VHS or Beta’s Mark Guidry on earlier breakup rumors:

“We toured Night on Fire extensively, and we were all pretty tired. At the end of ’05 we lost a member [guitarist Zeke Buck], and then we basically took a break. Then we started writing the record, so the break wasn’t that long; it took us a good eight or nine months to get the material for the record, and then we had to record it.

So a year and a half, yeah, that seems like it could be a breakup, but we weren’t sitting idle for too long. After this record we’ll probably write on the road, so the process will come quicker.”

Stay tuned for more, and visit 28 Deep’s flickr to see more photos!

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2 Comments on "VHS or Beta, bite-sized!"

  1. Guido Sarducci III November 30, 2007 at 9:30 am · Reply

    I’m pretty excited for Thursday. We finally get to experience this VHS or Beta thingy.

  2. what more can i say November 30, 2007 at 9:31 am · Reply

    don’t they know it’s HD-DVD or Blu-Ray?

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