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Angora Holly Polo interviewed VHS or Beta, and is giving you parts of the interview in teasing snippets leading up to their December 6th show at the Bluebird. All photos are by 28 Deep.

VHS or Beta‘s sound, which Pitchfork once called “gleeful disco house exuberance,” has adapted a more mainstream rock feel on their latest album Bring on the Comets. I asked drummer Mark Guidry what spawned the alteration in sound.

“We had some changes with the members of the band – we lost a guy – and so we went through a bunch of changes as far as how we write, and what kind of instrumentation we have. We opened up our palette; we decided not to limit ourselves in any way. Different things opened up, like piano and acoustic guitar, and acoustic drum sets. With all those changes, we just headed into more of a rock direction.”

Stay tuned for more, and visit 28 Deep’s flickr to see more photos of them!

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