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Angora Holly Polo interviewed VHS or Beta, and is giving you parts of the interview in teasing snippets leading up to their December 6th show at the Bluebird. All photos are by 28 Deep.

In this morsel of VHS or Beta-ey goodness, we’re going to talk drums with Mark Guidry!

First I asked Mark about his influences.

“It was really more like what we’re doing now: lots of U2 and the Cure. That’s the stuff that I grew up with. And then I met Craig [Pfunder] and Mark [Palgy], and they introduced me to a lot of that Skin Graft [Records] stuff, so I changed a little bit there.

I started out playing on a real set, I guess around 1993. Craig, Mark and Zeke threw me for a loop as far as drums go because they were playing noise rock, and I wasn’t very familiar with that style.

So I learned that, and then we changed directions again – started heading more electronic, and so I picked up the electronic drums. It’s just been changing eversince I started. I like to keep it fresh, for myself and for the listeners.”

Angora: “Is the return back to acoustic drums inspiring, or limiting?”

“Definitely more inspiring. I have a lot more options now as far as dynamics, because with electronic kits you really just have one volume; but with a real snare you can add articulation and dynamic, so that opens up stuff. “

Stay tuned for more, and visit 28 Deep’s flickr to see more photos of them!

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