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Angora Holly Polo interviewed VHS or Beta, and is giving you parts of the interview in teasing snippets leading up to their December 6th show at the Bluebird. All photos are by 28 Deep.

On a final note, this is what drummer Mark Guidry has to say to the music blog world:

“Go to shows. Support the band that you love.

If you don’t do that, then the music’s gonna get shoddier and shoddier.

So you really have to be out there and support them, otherwise, we’re gonna get a million Britney Spearses. Which I think she’s alright, I guess…”

You heard the man! Check out VHS or Beta’s show, or they will turn into Britney Spears!!! AHHH!!! And visit 28 Deep’s flickr to see photos of their non-Britney-esque physiques.

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