Wild Beasts “Albatross”

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Wild Beasts "Albatross"

We didn’t intend for there to be two posts about Wild Beasts in one day. It just sort of happened. But if any band out there deserves such a strong spotlight, it’s these lads who continue to astonish us with their ineffable sounds.

With each passing record, the band’s sound has gotten even more dramatic (a feat one would have assumed impossible) and the visual treatment for “Albatross” (from the oven-fresh Smother) makes for a fantastic analog to the music.

Like the song, the video is brooding, artsy, and weird, with an of elegant fluidity throughout. There are moments which will make viewers want to avert their eyes, but then again, Hayden Thorpe’s vocals have been known to have a similar effect among the uninitiated.

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