The Walking Dead 303: ‘Walk With Me’

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Drinking Game Alert: Every time Michonne Makes Squinty-Grr Face, Take a Shot

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Spoilers Abound!

Talk about the flashback of a fucking lifetime this week. We opened with scenes way back from Season One to show us what happened to Merle Dixon. Then we got another look at that fucking helicopter – the one that caused the herd to overrun the farm. I think this helicopter must operate outside of the bounds of the space time continuum. First season it’s in the air hovering around Rick in Atlanta. Second season it’s in the air hovering around Atlanta inciting a herd before flying off. Third season it’s STILL in the air, but this time something hinky happens and they finally go down, which means they won’t be inspiring any more weird sound driven zombie massacre’s anytime soon… and they must have had enough fuel in that thing to last a lifetime.

The Walking Dead 303: Helicopter Pilot

There weren’t any shots of a bunch of zombies tearing these guys apart. But there were a few awesome shots of a guy that got cut in half by the propeller before turning into a Walker. The smoke billowing up that we see from a distance makes the “Sneak Peek” earlier this week a little clearer. I’ll give you a second to absorb how ridiculous that article is and then another minute to realize just how much of a Walking Dead freak I am when you consider that I didn’t have to look at any notes or recaps to recall all of that info. Yeah… sorry guys… or not, I’m not really ashamed to be this big of a horror nerd.

So the ladies head for the crash site, Andrea puking up a lung in the process. Gross. Michonne chains her zombies to a nearby tree, as any responsible pet owner would do. I love every close up we get of these guys. She’s about to confirm if there are any survivors when we get our first glimpse of the much awaited Governor.

The Walking Dead Episode 303: The Governor

Much like my gay bestie Dirk Carrington constantly reminds me, in the event of a zombie apocalypse we wouldn’t be able to take my little Fauntleroy along when we ran for safety. Even though I argue that he’d be a great watch dog and could help us hunt (for posh accommodations) he always puts the kibosh on that by telling me dogs would only give us away. That holds true for pet zombies as well, as the site of all those yumyum humans causes them to go a little bananas and almost gives our girls’ position away. Anyone else surprised when Michonne didn’t hesitate to cut them down? If you’re a comics fan, you most definitely were.

Just when we think they have narrowly escaped inciting anyone’s attention, who shows up to get the jump on them but Merle Dixon?! And he’s got a sick solution to the whole “missing hand” thing!

We FINALLY get our first good look at Woodbury, and there is a part of me that thinks Andrea’s maneuvering to hook up with The Governor. Since this is “show rules” and not “comics rules” who knows what this Governor is going to be like. So I’m just going to go ahead and throw that out there. Also, if you DVR’d the show I highly recommend pausing it to read Robert Kirkman’s five favorite things the series changed about the comics – they’re pretty much everybody’s five favorite changes (although my fingers are still crossed the show won’t get “rapey”).

The Walking Dead Episode 303: Merle, Milton and The Governor

Stiff Magazine Volume 13Not only does the Governor have Merle at his disposal, he’s got a nerdly doctor as well who is utterly fascinated with Michonne’s pets. That doctor would be “Milton” – the guy that Mazzara told me he was really excited for all of us to meet. Am I going to keep referencing that I get to talk to Glen Mazzara? You’re fucking right I am. You would too if you could so just pipe down and let my good fortune benefit all of us, okay? You’ll actually get to read more of our convo in the next issue of Stiff Magazine. Shameless plug alert (okay, more shameless plugging): that won’t appear until December but it’s AWESOME – we talk about the creative process and how he adapts the books to the screen. BUT – the October issue is out now, and you can read my featured story about the 25th anniversary of Hellraiser. Okay, am I done? Yeah, I think I’m done…

There are so many fantastic effects shots in this episode but the highlight was seeing her pets’ still animated heads looking around on Milton’s slab. He discovers that by removing the arms and jaws and basically starving them the Walkers turn into something else. Deprived of the ability to feed they grow uninterested in it, and by keeping them around in that fairly harmless state they serve as camouflage from other Walkers. The Governor dubs these guys “Lurkers” and I think it’s got a nice sound to it.

The Walking Dead 303 - Breakfast

Milton’s eager to speak with Michonne and find out how she learned to harness these Lurkers to her advantage but when he and The Governor attempt to share breakfast with her and Andrea it’s all glares and angry eyes from her. Actually that’s about all we get out of her this episode. Dirk likened it to “B.A. Baracus with lady bits.” Andrea’s a bit more talkative. She is skeptical of how The Governor has managed to keep this town safe and doubtful he will be able to keep it that way.

The Walking Dead 303: Michonne

One factor might be the way he mows down everyone he finds! Damn. Cristina (shout out, Gorgeous) called me cold blooded after I said I’d do the same last week, looks like The Governor might be my kind of guy, even with that totally nutzo wall of heads. (Minus the “rapey” stuff – just saying. More on that later. But hopefully not.)

The Walking Dead 303: The Governor

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7 Comments on "The Walking Dead 303: ‘Walk With Me’"

  1. Mark in Omaha October 29, 2012 at 1:34 pm · Reply

    Speaking of drinking games; in the screen shot of them sitting around the kitchen table there is a box in the background (missed during normal viewing) that says Lanta IPA. IPA stands for India Pale Ale to us beer enthusiats. Turns out there is a brewery outside Atlanta that makes a HopLanta IPA. Product placement perhaps?

    Didn’t get to see last weeks episode till Friday night, then saw this episode last night (Sunday). Interesting juxtaposition of Rick and group living in a prison, and this other group in an supposedly idlyic small town. Props to them however for taking the town over, and putting up adequate defensive works. That is what I would do, without the Jim Jones presence.

    If you recorded it, go back and watch the activites of the “townspeople”, it is surreal. One guy walks by with two boxwood shrubs in a container. Outside what i guess is the courhouse someone is raking the lawn. Evidently the nurseries are still in operation after the zompacolypse and keeping your yard looking nice is of utmost importance. Everyone looks clean, well dressed, and well fed. Back at the prison, they are dirty, tired, and mal-nourished.

    You didn’t bring up black guy henchman, he keeps staring at Michone like he has bad intentions. Here is a tip, if you keep saying “I Want my Weapons” or “Give me MY Weapons”, then you probably aren’t going to get them. Ask once, nicely, then go to Plan B, steal them and sneak out of town.

    I was wondering if there was something nefarious about the tea, but on Talking Dead they said it was an inside joke, one of the writers likes to drink fancy tea. Also on Talking Dead, they showed the last head was the pilot. It wasn’t sure when I watched the show since they didn’t show that much of him. That means the Govenor kept the pilot alive until he got his Intel, then had his head cut off, or did it himself (katana sitting on his shelf) before going out to bushwhack the rest of the group. Did he also have Michon’s pets sitting in a tank?

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella October 31, 2012 at 1:29 pm · Reply

      Yes, he had Michonne’s pets and the pilot in his tanks – this is an interesting take, since in the comics he had the heads on spikes at the town gates for all to see – interesting change up.
      I would imagine that taking care of the lawn helps feed the image that they’re all okay, and having greenery around might help the air feel a little cleaner. When you’re in a makeshift town of 70+ people and the main job is defending the perimeter which only a handful of people can do, others have to find something to occupy their time and fuck if I’d want to raise kids or teach any of them, so I guess if I couldn’t be a part of the group that gets to kill Walker’s I’d have to do something like that too.
      I have no idea who that henchman is – somewhere in the mix, Michonne has a potential love interest, if they’re going to go at all in the way of the comics, and since the guy she falls for in the comics never materialized as a character on the show, it could be anybody. In the comics she pretty much exclusively dates AfAm men, so if they’re going with the same idea most people were thinking it was going to be T-Dog, although now maybe it’s going to be that guy, BUT – I still say she and Daryl would make the most kick ass couple ever.
      Did you see the promo for next week? I can’t wait to see what’s going on with Rick at the prison! Who’s messing with them? Is it the other prisoners? Someone else entirely?

  2. Mark in Omaha October 31, 2012 at 2:33 pm · Reply

    There is one black guard. He was there at the helicopter crash, he comes to the door and whispers something to the Govenor when they are eating breakfast, then looks at Michone. When they go outside, he is there again on the street corner and again is looking at Michone. He was also there when they ambushed the guards. Tried to find a screen shot but couldn’t. At the crash scene he either had the bow and arrow or the baseball bat. He also had a big knife on his belt. Getting a very bad vibe from him.

    Not sure who is messing with Rick. One speculation I saw was that the Andrea and Michone episode is actually on a prior timeline and it’s Merle. If they are on the same timeline, then it’s the same person who was watching Carol from behind the trees, which would suggest he or she isn’t inside the prison? Guess we will have to wait to find out.

  3. cristina November 1, 2012 at 11:46 am · Reply

    hey, lovely! just to set the record straight, I was specifically calling Rick cold-blooded for leaving that one guy in the yard for zombie bait. But that’s still warm and cozy compared to the Governor’s mowing down those soldiers (and the pilot). I can kinda understand that it’s everyone for themselves – but I would welcome a few more strong men who know how to use guns to help fortify such a small community. But I’m betting the Governor is not only a sick bastard (because let’s face it, why else would he have a secret zombie head aquarium?) but is liking his alpha dog status and will do anything it takes to keep it. Andrea is TOTALLY cozying up to him (to her he seems like a strong man with his act together, and a house with plumbing). but I love those Michonne death glares. she is NOT fooled one bit. it’s true that she’s being too transparent asking for her weapons all the time. but her spidey sense is telling her something ain’t right. pleasantville in zombieland – seems like a little microcosm of a hard conservative’s wet dream. keep everybody controlled in their sweet little cage against the Enemy outside. In this case, a lot of it is warranted. But it begs the question – is murder and authoritarianism the only way to maintain a society in this situation? It’s truly scary coz, hm, it might be (unless you have a *really* together group). I don’t know why but I really dig Michonne’s zombies too! I was even glad that their heads are still around. Interesting they’re bringing up the whole ‘zombie domestication’ idea – i assume they’re going to go somewhere with that at some point. haven’t seen next episode’s teaser, but there are obviously lots of fireworks in the near future!

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 2, 2012 at 6:57 pm · Reply

      I’m wondering if maybe it’s all tied into to what you said about his hold on leadership. I don’t think he began wanting to be a leader, but when he stepped up and became one he got hooked on that power and now he won’t give that up. If he was willing to take Merle in then it seems he will adopt survivors when it suits him – so maybe killing all those soldiers was more of a calculated move? Like, survivors are fine, but with survivors with leadership aspirations – no, not going to happen.
      So he would mow those Army guys down because they might challenge his authority – and his inevitable clashing with Rick – again, another symbol of authority in his group – so he’s not going to want him.
      I think if it were me I’d look for a similar situation as Rick’s crew – avoid the weird totalitarianism settlements like Woodbury, look for a core group of people that have proven themselves to be trustworthy and together create a small settlement… with Daryl… just saying…

  4. Mark in Omaha November 1, 2012 at 1:15 pm · Reply

    Hard conservative’s wet dream (lol). If Andrea is thinking she is going to be the “first lady” to no names Govenor, she is going to be in for a rude surprise when she finds out she’s going to be paired up with Merle. I was starting to think better of Andrea toward the end of last season, but now she’s pissing me off all over again. Excellent points about what you would or wouldn’t do during societal collapse. How much personal freedom would you give up in the name of security? Benjamin Franklin said they deserve neither. I keep thinking there is a real Pleasantville in the next county, all they have to do is find it.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 2, 2012 at 7:00 pm · Reply

      Interesting – what makes you think Andrea will get paired up with Merle? I don’t see that – and I can’t decide if Andrea’s really flirting with the Governor because she wants to pair up with him or… could she be just as untrustworthy as Michonne, but instead of being all obvious about it she’s going to try the “catch more flies with honey” approach and buddy up to him to find out more about the settlement?

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