The Walking Dead 307: ‘When the Dead Come Knocking’

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Still Think Glenn Should Have Blasted Merle on Sight… Just Saying

The Walking Dead Episode 307 When the Dead Come Knocking

At the beginning of “When the Dead Come Knocking,” a very defiant looking Glenn is tied to a chair as Merle tries to explain why he took him prisoner. You know why Glenn is really an asshole, Merle? Because he didn’t shoot you in the fucking face the second you showed up. And anyone who thought that Merle might be slightly redeemed after his time with the Gov, think again. That ignorant “spear chucker” comment gives you the answer to that.

The Walking Dead Episode 307 When the Dead Come Knocking

Despite beating the crap out of him the entire episode, Merle hasn’t gotten out of Glenn where Daryl and the others are. He threatens Maggie, Glenn still doesn’t budge. She’s in the next room and can hear everything. So now she knows what Merle’s “Sexy Voice” sounds like after Merle gets all icky with Glenn. Gross.

Looks like Rick still hasn’t let Michonne in. What’s a girl got to do to get an invite? Show off her badassery skills? Oh, she’s got this.

The Walking Dead Episode 307 When the Dead Come Knocking

After she passes out from the gunshot wound they finally decide to let her in just as she’s about to be eaten. I’m hoping when they get to know her they will welcome her into the group. I think she would fit in with them pretty well.

The Walking Dead Episode 307 When the Dead Come Knocking

Okay truth time: totally teared up when Rick saw Carol. And not just once, but yet again after I watched the episode the next day, I’m such a girl. Maybe after I read AMC’s interview with Melissa McBride I started feeling differently about her. Maybe. So when Rick and Carol embrace, and you see the realization hit her face that Lori didn’t live through the child birth—Niagara Falls… twice.

Which was then quickly brought up short when I realized – has anyone named this fucking baby yet? Jebus. Oh… they named her Judith… well then. Alright.

The Gov stops sexy times with Andrea (hope regular reader Mark got a kick out of seeing her wiggle into her pants, although he’d probably rather see her wiggle out of them) to ask her for help. I’m guessing it’s to see if she will get Glenn to tell them where the others are hiding. Once Andrea sees what Merle has been doing to Glenn, I hope she finally starts having doubts about the peen she has aligned herself with.

The Walking Dead Episode 307 When the Dead Come Knocking

Michonne tells Rick, Hershel and Daryl where she came from and who has Glenn and Maggie. They may try to sneak in and get them back, but I don’t think they truly grasp what they are in store for.

They set out for Woodbury as the Governor brings Andrea into some weird experiment Milton is doing with some old dude. So he isn’t going to tell her yet that they have Glenn and Maggie. Not sure what the whole “Old Dude in a Bed” thing is all about but it kind of gave me the Arthur Petrelli heebie-jeebies, and at least Andrea has the good sense to be creeped out by it.

The Walking Dead Episode 307 When the Dead Come Knocking

Merle is still torturing Glenn. This time by setting a Walker loose in the room, but Merle doesn’t realize that he is dealing with “Badass Glenn” not the Glenn he knew before. This Glenn is able to use his manly manliness to break the chair apart, keep himself from being bitten with his duct-taped arms, and use the broken pieces of the chair to impale the Walker through the head. The Hulk-Out he did at the end was pretty sweet too.

The Walking Dead Episode 307 When the Dead Come Knocking

Since Merle wasn’t so successful getting anything out of Glenn, the Gov decides to be the one to try and get through to Maggie. Maybe he’ll use some of his peen-charm like he did on Andrea? Not quite. Again, gross. I will give the writers some kudos for figuring out a way to get around the nastiness that happens in the comics. So far anyway, who knows, things could still get rapey, in which case I’m out of here.

The Walking Dead Episode 307 When the Dead Come Knocking

Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne abandon the car to make the rest of the trip to Woodbury on foot so they can get the jump on them. They run into a group of Walkers and try to take as many out as possible (anyone notice the approving eye Michonne gave to Oscar as he was cutting some down?), but there are too many and the fighting just blows their spot up even more. So they have to make a run for it and spy a boarded up cabin/shack thing they take shelter in.

Can I just say that finally, Rick did exactly what I would’ve done? When they broke into that house and found that dude asleep – okay maybe it was a dick move. But this world is cut. throat. Damn. They broke into his house, then used him for Walker Bait when he wouldn’t shut the hell up and just let them pass through. AHmazing television.

The Walking Dead Episode 307 When the Dead Come Knocking

We find out the experiment Milton is working on is trying to find out if Walkers retain any sense of their past selves after turning. He has hopes that Mr. Coleman will remember his wife and children despite Andrea telling him otherwise. Maybe if she had conveyed the information she learned at the CDC it would have given her claims more weight. But some people just need to see it for themselves. Luckily for him, Andrea’s there to put it down after the Walker-Coleman goes after him.

So the Gov knows how to get to people: beating Glenn almost to death, threatening to rape Maggie – none of that got them talking. He puts a gun to Glenn’s head and Maggie blabs everything, telling him where their group is just as Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Oscar arrive at Woodbury’s gates. In the mid-season finale next week we’ll find out just how the showdown we’ve all been waiting for is going to play out. At least I hope so. Now that AMC has entered into a rate-war with my carrier Verizon, who knows if I’ll actually get to see it.

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5 Comments on "The Walking Dead 307: ‘When the Dead Come Knocking’"

  1. Mark in Omaha November 26, 2012 at 6:38 pm · Reply

    Hell yeah to blasting Merle on sight. I thought that played badly to begin with, that he got the drop on them that easily. Guess they won’t make that mistake again, if they get another chance.

    Where can I get my own screenshots? Last week Andrea’s milky white thigh, this week pretty lace panties. I need to start a scapbook. Yes to seeing her wiggle out of her pants but only if its in my bedroom. Her character has lost so much credibility with me, the only way she could redeem herself is if she slipped a stilleto between the Govenor’s ribs, right at the momemnt of climax, the next time he mounts her.

    I was icked out enough by Maggie’s sexual assault, I don’t need an actual rape. Why couldn’t she have directed them back to the farm or something? WTF is with the Govenor that any group anywhere near him poses such a threat?

    Crazy guy in the woods surrounded by Walkers, that didn’t make a lot of sense. Also the first dog they have shown in 2 1/2 seasons and it’s dead. I hope they try to explain that scene away somehow, my theory is he was placed there by the Govenor to draw in zombies and create a “buffer” zone. The zombies showing up the way they do still bugs me, they stop the car in the middle of nowhere, zombie. They walk into the woods, more zombies. Zombies at the fence, they kill those, and replacements shuffle out of the woods.

    They way people continue to not share vital information with others continues to annoy me as do some of their decisions. Michonne shows up at the fence with formula, Carl asks if they are going to let her in, and Rick asks why? She has formula you idiot. Rick asks her what her name is, a very basic question, and she glowers at him! He just saved your life you idiot. When he asks about the formula and he is concerned about “his people” he doesn’t say please, he tortures her to get info (pressing down on her wound), she doesn’t say Merle’s name, she doesn’t mention Andrea. They were together for several months, you would think Andrea would have mentioned Rick, Lori, Carl, Daryl, etc.

    So I think a Merle/Daryl reunion is in the works, still thinking that Daryl takes out Merle eventually. If not him, then Glenn should get the honor, or Maggie and Glenn together. My prediction (based on nothing more than my gut instinct) is that the raid is successful, maybe one or two Pleasantville henchmen get taken out. They get back to the prison, and the Govenor plans a major assault on the prison. (A prison isn’t that strong of a defensive position, they are designed to keep people in, not keep enemies out. Of course they have done nothing to strengthen their position, just like they did nothing at the farm.) Andrea is forced to choose sides and loses her position as Govenor’s number one concubine. Maybe she gets handed off to Merle. Wonder if he has any other attachments for his hand? Something that takes batteries perhaps?

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 27, 2012 at 1:32 pm · Reply

      Oh I like your theory about the guy – maybe he was some sort of buffer employee or something, just there to keep an eye on things. If that’s not the case then it was odd to have him there – how was he living? How was he surviving? How was he right there, so close to Woodbury, and hadn’t been absorbed into the town yet? My first thought with the dead dog was that it was providing him camouflage. Remember when Daryl and Rick first came in they covered their noses and mouths from the stench – maybe the dog was left there so that his decaying corpse would mask the smell of the old guy?
      What I think it all boils down to is that the guy was a means to an end – he was a plot device to show the viewers just how far Rick will go to protect his group. This isn’t the same Rick that we had in Season 1. He’s come to trust and rely on his people and no one else – any new comers like Oscar have to really prove themselves, but notice – once Oscar and Axel proved themselves – they were IN: not only did Rick bring Oscar with him to help get into Woodbury, he trusted Axel enough to leave him back at the prison to protect Carl, Beth, Hershel, Carol and Judith. I’m interested to see what’s going to happen with that – for all we know, Axel is some kind of maniac and he could easily take Carl and Hershel then do messed up stuff with the women – that was a gamble.
      My husband and I go back and forth on whether or not dogs would be an asset or a liability in this world. Asset: serve as watchdogs, assist with hunting game. Liability: might be too good at being watchdogs, and their barking could draw the attention of more Walkers or enemies. You would need a highly trained dog – one that could stop barking on command, or learn to give one bark to announce an intruder then keep silent.
      Personally I’d take Maggie over Andrea any day – and just when I was starting to like Andrea, she goes back to being an idiot. I just hope that she figures it out at an opportune moment where she can do some major damage to the Gov.

  2. cristina November 27, 2012 at 1:15 pm · Reply

    Mark, my hubs and I were just this morning saying wtf about Michonne being so cagey after Rick saved her AND Rick beating on her when he’s tried to get info. I guess it’s just the show’s way of building tension and what not, but it doesn’t make sense. I suppose it’s possible that Michonne doesn’t realize these are Andrea’s old friends – but yeah, after so much time together, and with how chatty Andrea, I’d think she’d have heard enough stories to put it together. I also thought that shack situation was weird – and why was the guy keeping his dead dog in the middle of the floor? Everybody’s a bit wacko in zombie times. Alistair/Vanessa, i really dig how you do your commentary in realtime – especially with a show like this where there’s surprises and reveals around every corner. I admit even my peacnik self would vote to kill Merle on sight – especially with that spear-hand. And cmon Maggie – can’t you put up more of a fight when the Gov is ordering you to take your clothes off? It may not have been prudent, but I would have been sooooo pissed off I’d have to at least make his life harder…until I saw evidence that he actually was going to maim my love. Her line about doing it and going to hell was good though. Oh Glenn – he surpassed Daryl in bad-assery on this episode. I totally held my breath as he fended off that extra-gnarly walker. I also caught Michonne’s approving glance at Oscar. I actually felt proud that both she and the Governor were so impressed that ‘our’ group took control of a prison full of walkers. Not that I’m obssessed with this show or anything *cough*. I can’t wait until Andrea finally sees the Gov for who he is. I wonder what she’ll find out first: her friends tortured in a warehouse, the zombie head aquarium or his zombie daughter? So much crazy to choose from. And the Merle/Daryl reunion is gonna be a doozy!

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella November 27, 2012 at 1:44 pm · Reply

      Thanks! I wasn’t sure about that – whether to do these in real time or not, but I think it’s more fun for all of us so we can go back and talk about it. It’s funny you mention your husband, because me and my hubs were talking about it too when we watched together. I would’ve put up a much bigger fight about the shirt thing – and yeah, since they don’t know that Andrea told them everything I would have initially tried to say that everyone was at the farm – and if they tried to call me out on it, I’d say “We did get overrun by a herd (incidentally if they’d said they were at the farm and the Gov told them he knew that wasn’t true – they’d know immediately that the Gov had someone from the farm with him) we ran from the farm, circled around, and then came back to the farm again, we’re still there.” Andrea doesn’t know THAT – so now they know where everyone is.
      I totally call them “our group” too! They’re like our Sunday Family. I totally cried when Carol hugged Rick and you saw on her face that she realized Lori was dead – those two were really close. Now that Carol’s back I think she’s going to step up and help raise Judith – sort of a way to do right by her friend and help Carol get over the loss of her own daughter.
      Okay – I think someone is going to slip up and say something in Andrea’s presence they’d only know from the hostages and that’s going to set her off. Let’s think in Crazy Andrea terms: she would logic out the Walker-Daughter: “Oh, isn’t he sweet, he’s still hanging on to his daughter.” I even think she’d logic out the head collection – like it’s some kind of weird thing he does to “cope with the trauma of their situation” or something. But kidnapping and torturing her friends – that she wouldn’t be able to ignore.

  3. Mark in Omaha November 27, 2012 at 8:22 pm · Reply

    Maybe Andria can hit the trifecta, finds the crazy journal, finds zombie daughter, and finally finds the Wall of Zombie Heads. Would that convince her that her new boy toy is CRAZY?

    You make a good point about the dead dog masking his smell, but then his entire behavior still doesn’t make any sense. The dialogue was just plain weird. I’m going to call the cops as he tries to open the door? Like he even had a phone. Not, you idiots, you brought them right to my front door! Or tries to grab a radio to make contact with the town. Either of those would have given a plausible explanation for him being out there, instead it left me scratching my head, but hey, an entrail shot right before a KFC commercial is hard to beat. Finger licking good!

    In Maggie’s defense, he did tell her he would bring in Glenn’s hand if she didn’t strip.

    Yes, Maggie is younger and hotter, Andrea is more age appopriate for me I actually like Laurie Holden a lot, she is a good actress, she was in the last season of The Shield. She’s worked with both Frank Darabont and Glenn Mazzarra before. I just wish the writers would quit making her so god awful stupid. BTW, she was supposedly a Civil Rights Lawyer prior to the Zompocalypse. When Merle asked her “why they never hooked up” a legitimate response would have her actually vomiting at the very thought.

    The right dog would be very helpful. Like a cross between a Brittany Spaniel and a cadaver dog. Something that would point when they detected rotting flesh.

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