Walter White is Still a Douchey McDoucherson

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Consider Us Officially (Maybe) Dunzo

Caution – Spoilers

This week showed me why I call Breaking Bad the best show on TV – if not the best show ever created. Because as much film freaks like me know about story, as much as we know about classic film and television and themes that carry across literature and make their mark on media – BB still manages to surprise a tired old lit-whore like me. I can maybe count on one hand the number of times that a film or show has actually caught me off guard with a story twist – BB blows all of those out of the water. For many of you that are reading this (because if my posts are anything, they’re a salon for the over-informed to wax their nerdity and go off about a show), movies, books and TV can sometimes be ruined due to the amount of classics we’ve read and watched, effectively spoiling every plot twist we’re ever going to see, like ever. To actually be surprised by a show is something that rarely happens to cinephiles and lit-snobs.

I watched the last ten minutes of “Dead Freight” with my jaw dangling on my Tufft pier table (making the coke snorting ritual of my BB viewings rather difficult) unable to process the awesomeness I saw before me. I thought after seeing the opening recap that the ever-helpful Todd would bite it trying to get off that train, only to be even more shocked and completely surprised when he took it upon himself to kill a child.

I’m going to forgo the usual full recap this week Lambkins, because it’s been utter madness at Arabella Manor. First we went to our favorite vacation spot, the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, however when we found out they donate a portion of their profits to charity we promptly left. I got home and immediately watched last week’s episode on DVR to catch myself up but it was so late in the week I just decided to hold off and kill two dirt-bike boys with one stone and talk about our reactions to this new and um… improved? Walter.

When Vince Gilligan said in Rolling Stone a few weeks ago that Walter was the “New Scarface” I didn’t realize he was going to be taking that assessment so literally. What the hell is going on with Walter? I wrote a piece for HuffPo a few weeks back wondering if he was reaching the point of no return and I think I’ve sufficiently found the answer that yes, yes he is.

The cars he purchased for he and Jr. in “Fifty-One” are ridiculous and make him look shady. The watch he’s wearing from Jesse made Hank’s eyebrows raise a little when Walt visited him under false pretenses, feigning to be upset about the breakup of his marriage in order to plant bugs in Hank’s office. It was a ballsy move and he almost got caught.

And that’s what it seems his life has become. A succession of crazy schemes and decisions that show he’s lost almost all regard for human life – even the life of his own family. The man who initially got into this to provide for children he didn’t believe he’d be alive to see grow up has now thrown their safety out the window for the sake of keeping up appearances and the selfish need to keep them close to him. I’ve been bitching about Skyler’s attitude, fed up with her histrionics and desperately wanting this “new Skyler” to take a hike – but while her method of delivery is approaching harpy territory – her actual message is a valid one. Walt’s become reckless with no regard for consequences and he’s going to end up getting someone close to him killed. He’s so consumed with “being the king” and making as much money as he possibly can that he’s throwing the last vestiges of his humanity off a moving train. Literally, since this week he put everyone’s life in danger with that risky (but totally badass and awesome) train heist.

Is anyone else scratching their heads at Walter White this season like I am? I get that it’s ending and they need to go out with a bang, but Jesus. What the fuck happened to Walter? Gone is the family man, the caring man, the exhausted husband. He’s been replaced by a fucking douche bag and I don’t like it. Do I really mean that we’re done? Of course not – I can’t quit Walter White. None of us can quit Walter White, much like Skyler, I find him inescapable.

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One Comment on "Walter White is Still a Douchey McDoucherson"

  1. Mark in Omaha August 15, 2012 at 5:42 pm · Reply

    Welcome back. Why would you visit Dubai during the summer? If you want hot and dry, come here, I’ll put you up for a week.

    Two weeks ago, Skylar looked like she was ready to plunge a butcher knife into Walt’s evil heart. The look when she did his bacon for him, the non-party party. Then she faked insane and took a dip in the pool to get the kids out of the house. Later she was in the bedroom smoking, blowing the smoke at Walt, flicking her ashes into his Happy Birthday coffee cup, and out right saying she hoped his cancer comes back. You know the relationship if over when they actually wished you were dead. This is another part of the story I just don’t “get”. Why not move back into his condo? Is the facade of a happy marriage that important?

    This last episode and the ending. With the cold opening you knew the kid was going to play some kind of role. I was thinking he was going to come across a body or something.

    I think Walt crossed the line or hit his arc a while back. Setting off a bomb in a nursing home (while justifiable to him) was way over the line of decency, poisoning Brock, before that, letting Jane die while he did nothing.

    Dean Norris was on NPR’s Fresh Air being interviewed by Teri Gross. If you don’t listen to this program you are missing a good drive home experience. She is a good interviewer, in depth, no fucking commercials. Here is the link, there is a minor spoiler about an upcoming episode.
    Dean Norris is great, not so much like his character on BB and he went to Harvard!

    To second point I made in your other reviews. Walt used to the Protagonist, he has moved into the role of Antagonist. I thought Jesse might be taking up the role of Protagonist, and he still has some decency left, but he has a lot of blood on his hands also. I could see a point where Jesse kills Mr. White if he finds out all the evil shit that has been done to him. But the cold opening of the first episode seems to show it’s a year later, Walt has a new name and a new location and came back to Albequerque to do something epic with a machine gun no less. Hank has to wake up to the fact that Walt is the guy he’s looking for. Walt’s a chemist, lab equipment stolen from his high school lab, conection to Jesse known to be in the trade, following Jesse’s car out and the ensuing shootout with Tuco, then the run in with the cousins. The WW on Gail’s notebook. His fugue moment, two cell phones and bull shit story about all this extra cash. The new cars, watch, condo, car wash. Hank has to put it togther at some point.

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