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The last few days have been a haze of booze, films, music, films and booze, but I’ve pulled myself together and found a rudimentary keyboard and word processing program to give you the inside scoop on the film must see films this weekend.

Sita Sings the Blues
If you ever begin to feel too productive and efficient with your time, Sita Sings the Blues is the perfect film to put you right back in the realm of reality. Director Nina Paley created this film with nothing more than a computer, two pencils, a watercolor paint set and camera. The film blends multiple animations styles, narratives and Annette Hanshaw songs to tell the greatest break-up story of all-time. Tonight at 4:15, Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 3:45.

Shall  We Kiss?
I’ve already professed my love Emmanuel Mouret in the first festival post, and the showing today has sold out, but fear not; Saturday at 9:45 is another golden opportunity to see the funniest and most awkward French man feel up beautiful girls.

Cook County
This is one of the films up for the emerging filmmakers award. The filmmakers opted to shoot on super 16 instead of the trendy digital format for this story of the glamorous side of meth use. They take us on a Robin Leech like exploration of Southern family living with a shotgun, meth lab and not much else. The sordid performances make this film a must see.  Today at 9 and Saturday at 4.

The Eternal City
Usually American independent productions locations are limited to the filmmakers apartment and at most the side streets of New York were permits aren’t the most import thing on the cops minds. The two director’s for The Eternal City use the same simple locations as a lot of DIY filmmakers, however they just happen to be Americans living in Rome, which happens to be the perfect place to film a movie. This is story of two American men and their collective quest to make a film and win the heart of a beautiful Italian girl.  This is like a Fellini film with more t-shirts. Another film up for the Emerging filmmakers award.  Playing tonight at 9:30 and Saturday at 12:45am

Finally, Lillian and Dan
Up for the emerging filmmakers award as well, this movie shows how the person you never thought could even have an effective conversation, is in a loving relationship.
Friday 6:45

Donkey Punch
This film is part of the Watching Hour presented by The Onion. I know nothing about it, but with a title like Donkey Punch it has to be a must see film. Showing tonight at midnight and Saturday at 10 pm

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