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The Honorific Fleet of Donnybrook Acolytes has opened their social status up to you, so you too can waltz through security, and awaken each morning to free cupcakes and kittens on your doorstep. World leaders will come to your house and give you vaguely complimentary speeches for reasons unknown.

Join the Eliterati and you’ll gain access to secret rooms on the Donnybrook site where you can enter to win our giveaways–luxury gifts, tickets to the best live shows, amazing CDs, autographed glossies of Sir Edmund Hillary–and we’ll only email you about the big giveaways. All for just 99 cents.

The only initiation we require is for you to sign up and donate 99 cents to the Manor below via PayPal. Your payments are secure, and will get you a three-month trial membership to the Eliterati.

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