Our Mission Statement

The Donnybrook Writing Academy

A long, long time ago, perhaps before you were born: a secret society was formed with the utmost veneration in a Capitol Hill piano bar – once frequented by Jack Kerouac and other renowned, burned out writers – called Charlie Brown’s. This society’s members would personally ignore all facets of reality: poverty, the twenty-first century, incompetence, decided lack of fame – for the preference of obvious and belligerent cultural superiority. For these writers, photographers, artists, and filmmakers are better than you – I daresay, they are better than themselves – for if God himself were to put before them his Master Plan, they certainly would call it “hoary,” “too mainstream,” or “poorly executed.” Two and a half stars, they would give God Himself, because they worship Snobliness over Godliness: they are the quintessential elitist hipster snobs and they write here. In Snob we trust.

Kind words + achievements:

One of the most beautifully designed blogs not only in Denver, but in all of the worldwide blogosphere. In fact, it’s your one-stop shop for proof that elitism in the defense of elitism is no vice. This blog should be required reading for hipsters everywhere.” – Westword, Winner: Best Blog in Best of Westword 2009

The Donnybrook Writing Academy might be Denver’s most merciless, snark-slinging cadre of music scribes…” – Jason Heller, the Onion A.V. Club

More power to the Donnybrook Writing Academy. Long may it continue to snob its winks.” – Stephen Goldblatt, award-winning cinematographer

Cashier of the Month.” – Eryc Eyl, Denver Post Reverb (Mile High Makeout)

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