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With Only the Finale Left Next Week, The Walking Dead Delivers its Best Episode of Season Two

I’ve been so hard on this show all season, and now I totally feel justified (suck it, haters!) – last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was one of the best one’s I’ve seen since the first season – just completely stellar – there’s too much to get to, so much happened, so just be aware now that my “No Spoiler’s Clause” is pretty much out the window and we’re about to have us a serious TWD discussion! Plot holes – mostly sealed; rivalries – come to a head; characters – stayed on course. I have pretty much nothing to complain about. You just might have to read an entire post of gushing. The positive kind – not the zombie-pus-filled kind. Although there was a nice amount of that too.

What made last night so great was a perfect mix of compelling dialogue and intense action, not to mention an absence of characters we really don’t care about (thanks for only subjecting us to one teary-eyed-huff from Carol, guys!) and more screen time for characters that we’ve been wanting to get to see (great scenes for Daryl, Andrea, even Glenn, and FINALLY some dialogue for T-Dog!). Really loved the violent “Let’s work out our anger at Dale’s death in a veiled attempt at learning to kill some Zombies” opener that was quickly juxtaposed by the more somber funeral and eulogy for Dale, who we lost at the end of last week.

The “Randall Issue” is still weighing on our group as they come to grips with the loss, many believed Dale was the heart and soul of their team. There was a touching scene between Andrea and Glenn, Dale’s closest friends in the group, where they try to process their loss. It was an interesting exchange because Andrea and Dale had a rocky friendship but had been patching things up before he was killed – with Andrea going so far as to turn away from Shane and see Dale’s point that it was a better decision to save Randall. Conversely Dale and Glenn’s relationship had remained solid throughout, only to have Glenn disagree with Dale at the end in regards to what to do with their captive.

Rick struggled with Dale’s last words – that their group was broken – and used Dale’s funeral as a call to the others to reunite and prove Dale wrong. For the most part everyone seemed to listen, and the group pulled together and became more solid – Hershel decided that with Dale being killed so close to the farm it was time to move Rick’s group into the main house, so (mostly) everyone was working together. Mostly everyone… cue Crazy Ass Shane!

No I kid – well, really I don’t because we know now that Crazy Ass Shane was there the whole time and only pretending to be Let’s Work It Out Shane, but at first, it seemed like even he was on board to keep the group together as a cohesive unit. Carl came to him and admitted he believed his actions last week lead to Dale’s demise.  He managed to find the lost gun and in what would prove a great thing for Carl, and a pretty bad move for Shane, he returned the gun to Carl, telling him to keep it for protection.

In more “Is Shane becoming a good guy?” fakery, Lori tried to squash the Rick/Shane beef by apologizing to Shane for what happened between them,  telling him how grateful she was that he was there for her when she and Carl needed someone to rely on. She expressed her regret at letting the whole thing get out of control, and admitted that Shane wasn’t the only one who was developing feelings out of their relationship –she made it clear again (although this time less harshly) that whatever they had romantically was over, but she would always be grateful to Shane nonetheless. In hindsight, we can look at that scene as possible instigation for Shane’s later actions – perhaps Lori’s attempt at an apology and her search for closure was actually misconstrued by Shane as a false sense of hope that the two of them might rekindle what they had if Rick were out of the picture.

I don’t blame Lori for that at all – while I’ve said before that I think her character’s been inconsistent – she was great last night – she and Andrea were excellent examples of two women who are rising to the difficulties they’re facing. Lori stepped up and was a great “den mother” to all – coordinating the move of our group into the house, while Andrea showed she’s becoming a force to be reckoned with: killing Walker’s without the need of a gun, falling in line under Rick’s leadership while still not being afraid to voice her opinion, and promising Rick that she would attempt to “keep Shane in line” while admitting that was probably impossible.

Rick’s decision to go out with Daryl and drop Randall off in the woods somewhere didn’t sit right with Shane, and his comment that Rick should mind his own son only worked against him later, since Rick did in fact take a moment to go and talk to Carl about everything that had happened. While Rick was occupied having a heart-to-heart with his son in the barn, Shane went into the shed and discovered that Randall’s been trying to pull his hands out of the cuffs – so in a plot to get rid of both Randall and Rick at the same time, he leads Randall out to the woods, telling him he’s tired of Rick’s leadership and wants to join Randall’s group – and Randall admits some things to Shane that I think are going to be important later: for one, it becomes kind of clear that Randall probably isn’t the “innocent rape-bystander” he told Daryl he was and has probably been engaging in some pretty fucked up activities with his group.

But more importantly – if I’m remembering correctly, he tells Shane that their group is only about 5-6 miles outside town – which I think is about how far Hershel’s farm is from town as well. I’m guessing that maybe Randall’s group is on the other side? Which would then mean that Randall’s nasty “Robbing & Raping” crew is only a short 10 or so miles from our group? Again, totally guessing on that – but I think that could be important.

Shane then makes a fatal error in his plan – first, he snaps Randall’s neck, then he slams his own face into a tree to make it look like they were in a fight. If it were me, I would’ve slammed my face against Randall’s before I killed him, so there’d be no trace of my blood anywhere but where it should be – on Randall, then I would’ve found some kind of branch and driven it through Randall’s skull, ensuring he didn’t rise up as a Walker later. But if Shane had thought this through a little better, none of the insanely awesome things that happened next would’ve happened, so let’s give Shane a plot-pass!

After hiding Randall’s body, Shane runs back out to the others and claims that Randall escaped. T-Dog runs to the shed to check it out and sees that the lock is still intact – so how did Randall get out? Rick tells T-Dog to keep the house protected, in case Randall comes back with his gang of nasties, he then takes Shane, Daryl, and Glenn out to search for Randall in the woods.

Pretty much everyone smells a rat – but they go out and look anyway. Daryl, being a hunter, starts tracking the scene with Glenn and after a bit of searching finds the spot where Randall was killed. He can see by the tracks that both Randall and Shane were walking together – that Shane wasn’t chasing Randall like he claimed he was, and he also spots blood on a nearby tree.

They run into Walker-Randall, and after they take him out Daryl inspects his body and sees that his neck was broken – there are no scratches or bites on him anywhere, which means that Randall died from that broken neck, the blood on the tree isn’t Randall’s, and Shane is a lying-ass-liar! All of this is going on unbeknownst to Rick, who’s still running through the woods with Shane, who’s still trying to pretend like Randall somehow bested him in a struggle and ran off.

But Rick’s no fool – and he knows that something’s up. He stops Shane and gives him a like, “So is this where it’s going to go down?” sort of speech. And Shane finally drops the act. Crazy Town Shane’s been here the whole time, and he wants Rick dead. Rick tries to calm the situation and drops his gun, then in a great psych-out move, stabs Shane as he lunged forward to shoot him.

There’s this really great exchange between the two, as Rick starts sobbing – I mean come on, remember these two were totally besties before this entire Walker shit happened – and he tells Shane over and over that he brought this on himself.

Suddenly Carl appears – he’s been standing at the window of the farm looking out at the fields with his binoculars, so we’re not sure exactly how much he’s seen –Rick looks up and tries to explain what happened – Carl stands there with his gun (well, Daryl’s gun) pointed at Rick and Shane– as Rick tries to tell him what really happened.

As Rick’s approaching Carl, trying to talk him into lowering the weapon – Walker-Shane begins to rise – and Carl (who up to now I’ve seen have shooting practice maybe… what? One? Two times?) Gets a perfect shot right past his dad and into Shane’s head. Rick and Carl hug each other in relief, and take a minute to pay their respects to Shane or something – whatever they’re doing they’re not getting the hell out of there – which is what they SHOULD be doing – since all the gunplay has alerted a roving heard of Walkers that just happens to be right over the hill – so as Rick and Carl stand there contemplating what’s just happened – a sea of Walkers are about to descend on them – and we’re left wondering how the hell are these two going to get away??

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30 Comments on "Wow. Just… WOW."

  1. Chad Snyder March 12, 2012 at 6:04 pm · Reply

    I feel that this episode made some of the crappier episodes retroactively worth sitting through if just to set up how awesome this one was. I almost envy someone in a coma who wakes up with no knowledge of the Walking Dead and can just blast through the entire run of the show on blu-ray in a week(end).

    Awesome episode. I have no complaints at all. Sooo, I guess I’ll talk about the lovingly crafted photo of Daryl with all the hearts. It got me thinking, is just the character of Daryl himself (biker,huntsman, gruff loner, knows how to take care of business) or the actor who portrays him? Then I read his (Norman Reedus) wiki bio. Wow. You ladies really have no chance. Like, hey ladies, …. just read the damned wiki and you’ll understand.

    So, for next week it looks like we’re all set for a massive surviving the zombie hoard episode, maybe with some post-apocalyptic gang warfare thrown in for good measure. Night of the Living Dead meets Dawn of the Dead perhaps? The originals, not the remakes.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 13, 2012 at 9:44 am · Reply

      Hey hey hey! He’s got a KID with Helena Christenson (totally mangled that spelling) it doesn’t mean he’s WITH her – and no – I’m not in love with Norman Reedus, otherwise he’d be my “Real Life Hubs” not my “TV Hubs” – big difference. I like Daryl – I think he’s the best character on the show! And you know you’re a bad ass when the creator of the comics makes you your very own role just so they can have you on their show – BADASSERY.
      I refuse to watch the remakes – much to my actual fiance’s dismay – I just refuse to watch remakes of any of the Living Dead series – it’s not alright, and it’s not okay.
      Yeah – this week made all season totally worth it – finally they tied up some loose ends – I’m dying to see the next one – then I’ll be dying in anticipation waiting for season 3 and the emergence of the Governor – can’t wait!!!

      • Chad Snyder March 13, 2012 at 3:45 pm · Reply

        Oh, I agree, he’s bad ass.

        Also, the Dawn of the Dead remake is completely decent as long as you treat it as a separate thing from Romero’s universe and not a straight up remake.

    • Nicole Diamond March 13, 2012 at 3:14 pm · Reply

      I’m not following. That’s like saying people can’t like Brad Pitt because he’s with Angelina Jolie. At first I thought you were implying that he’s gay, then there would be NO chance. But so what if he’s married to or dating a model, we can still swoon over him.

      I am very sad that Shane died. He was a badass and so sexy. Many of his decisions were right- like breaking open the barn full of walkers, and lying to Lori to get her back at the farm and safe, even killing Randall was the right decision. Randall would have most certainly brought his group back to the farm where there was shelter, plenty of food, running water, etc. Rick was being weak by deciding to let him go and that decision whould have been disastous. Actually, the whole thing was Rick’s fault because he should have never brought Randall back to the farm in the first place. This is a guy who was shooting at you and trying to kill you.

      Where Shane went wrong was deciding to kill Rick. Shane’s downfall was not getting over Lori. I never understood his obsession with her. I mean why not move on with Andrea, who already gave him some play. Your best friend returns from presumed death, you step aside and let the man have his family and move on. Oh well. I’ll miss him.

      I agree, this was a great episode.

      • Chad Snyder March 13, 2012 at 3:43 pm · Reply

        You missed a couple of things.
        1. The part where Ms Arabella implies that she could get Norman Reedus if she really wanted him. Wow. Nice one ABA.

        2. Humanity, humanity, humanity. If the survivors lose it they are no better than the damned zombies and they may as well lay down and die.

        3. Ok, three things. SHANE WAS A PSYCHO. A complete psycho. When you plan on murdering your former best friend/co-worker/whatever so you can take his family…. if that is not psycho I don’t know what is. And believe me, I can spot true psycho when I see it. The whole killing Randall thing became just a way he thought he could get away with cold-blooded murder. (Besides it also being cold-blooded murder, what with coming up behind him and breaking his neck like that. Not to mention it was premeditated. Bliggity-blau.)
        P.S. My Junior High English teacher would kill me if s(he) read this.

        • Alistair Blake Arabella
          Alistair Blake Arabella March 13, 2012 at 5:37 pm · Reply

          Now Mr. Nesbit. Let’s get real here for a second. With tits like these, I COULD totally get any guy I want – Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon, gay or straight. Ha!
          Now – I know that Dale was their “soul” but whatever – it’s survival time! These people need to take a cue from Rick James and turn COLD BLOODED. There were just way too many decisions by Rick I couldn’t agree with – but then again, I’m fucking brutal, so I’m not one to say.
          And dude – Shane was totally a psycho! That’s not sexy. Well, okay for some, yes it’s sexy – and considering we used to call me “Psycho-Bait” maybe I should’ve given Shane a call before he went Walker – but he went nutzo – it was almost to the point that I just couldn’t buy it – I know that’s what he did in the comics, but wasn’t that in the beginning before his character had more time to develop? The whole Shane character arc was weird – I really think it was all a result of Jon Bernthal (actor who portrays Shane) publicly saying AMC fucked up by firing Darabont, and then Bernthal went and publicly campaigned to get the lead in Darabont’s new show – that’s what did him in – and AMC did whatever they could to get him – and Dale, who also publicly spoke out in defense of Darabont – out of the show. They made those two characters unlikeable, then killed them off. Bad form! Bad AMC!

          • Chad Snyder March 13, 2012 at 5:50 pm ·

            Oookay. Considering you are skilled in the arts of the theatre including makeup effects it wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of possibility that the quality of said tits was a clever ruse, a subterfuge made possible by the clever application of various forms of padding and maybe even some of that female black magic.

            And as for the cold-blooded Rick James comment: Zombies, to the best of my knowledge, really don’t give a fuck about couches anyway.

          • Alistair Blake Arabella
            Alistair Blake Arabella March 13, 2012 at 7:53 pm ·

            Oh they’re real – and they’re SPECTACULAR.

          • Mark in Omaha March 15, 2012 at 8:51 am ·

            Could we have photographic proof please?

          • Alistair Blake Arabella
            Alistair Blake Arabella March 15, 2012 at 6:38 pm ·

            Much like a christian, you’ll just have to go on blind faith my friend.

      • Alistair Blake Arabella
        Alistair Blake Arabella March 13, 2012 at 5:32 pm · Reply

        Okay I’m going to anger Nesbit here by slightly agreeing with you – Shane DID make some smarter decisions – he was thinking “survivorly” that’s not a word but go with it – so I get it – I did think he was hotter with hair, but the shaving thing was when he started going downward spiral on us – he WAS right in thinking Randall should be off’d – but yeah, that would’ve been cold blooded murder. You’re totally right – the mistake was bringing him to the farm in the first place. I’ve been hollering about Ricks stupid decision making process for like, ever, so I’m glad someone agrees with me!

        • Chad Snyder March 13, 2012 at 5:46 pm · Reply

          Okay, I’m going to try to anger Vee here. What do women know about zombie survival anyway? While us menfolk are off protecting the last remnant of humanity your toughest decision should be what kind of cheese to put on my sandwich.


          • Alistair Blake Arabella
            Alistair Blake Arabella March 13, 2012 at 7:54 pm ·

            Hahahaha!!!! I would be a horrible person to live with after a Zombie apocalypse – I’d be all kinds of Shane up in here. “An excuse to kill whoever I want in the name of not trusting them?” Sign me up!

  2. Mark in Omaha March 13, 2012 at 5:51 pm · Reply

    Why does it say 7 comments when there are only 5?

    If you put hearts around a screenshot of Daryl does that mean he is going to give you a necklace of zombie ears?

    Best episode yet, and that includes the premiere.

    T-Dogg had screen time, and lines! Must mean they are going to kill him off on the next show. Needed to remind everyone he was still around before they turned him into zombie kibble.

    Very cool shot of the full moon in the clearing, right before Shane fell for the 007 villain trap of talking too long. Yes Shane was kinda psycho but he was also right about most things, not letting all the zombies out of the barn shooting gallery, but the rest of it.

    Randall (RIP) was the total little scumbag we thought he was. How did he know where the camp was btw? Meant he would have led the raping, pillaging, right back to the farm.

    I want to dope slap Glenn so bad, Maggie invited him into her bed and he turns her down? WTF?

    Chekov’s gun was an actual gun. But it was sure hard following it. Carl dropped it into the mud, then he had it, and gave it to Shane, who gave it back, then Rick talked to Carl and gave it back to him again (how did Rick get it?) Daryl said he lost his so they gave him a different one, Shane has a gun, puts it under some leaves and claims Randall grabbed it, then in the clearing he has a gun (same one or different one) and is going to tell everyone Randall shot him. Carl show up at the last minute with a gun and shoots zombie Shane. A lot of guns getting passed around, lost and found again. Did Rick pick up the two guns after he stabbed psycho Shane? They are going to need them.

    Interesting shots of snarling zombies while Shane was turning. That was supposed to signify him turning? So how exactly did he turn? Is everyone already infected with the virus (just not at a lethal dose) and you turn after you die? Or was he infected earlier and some of his erratic behavior was the result of the virus. Thinking about him sitting on the stool and slapping his face.

    Very cool shot of the zombie hoard emerging from the woods at the end. I’m having trouble buying the premise though, where did all those zombies come from? They went through those woods a dozen times, now the woods are teaming with them, ready to zero in on the exact spot based on (two?) pistol shots. Not that easy to triangulate on a noise in the woods like that. (minor quibble), size of the hoard I’m not buying.

    They should have been working on their perimeter defense, too late now.

    It should be a rip roaring finale. Can’t wait till Sunday. I hope Maggie gets out okay.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 13, 2012 at 8:01 pm · Reply

      Mark! I’ve been waiting all week (okay 2 days) for you to join in!
      Yeah – come on now – AMC is not one to give a shit about continuity. Another thing to ponder – what did Jenner whisper to Rick before they escaped the CDC? Was it that no one’s immune from the Z-virus? Because this whole time it’s been “You get bit, you’re effed.” Now suddenly it was – you die, you’re a zombie. Both fit with previous zombie apocalypse theories, but it’s odd that they’re cherry picking, well, really it’s not odd, it should be expected.
      The gun was so effing hard to follow – the only thing I think it’s important to remember is that Daryl did mention it was missing – so we know that he knows it’s gone – so if later they try to act like he needs it and can’t find it- that would be utter bullshit and we’d have to call shenanigans on their asses.
      I really hope they don’t off T-Dog – my readers that have read the comics have revealed that he does in fact in become a major character soon – and there will shortly be more diversity in the series, if they follow the comics, granted who knows if they’ll do that – but I would like to see more from T-Dog before he gets relegated to Walker-Bait status.
      Where the heck was that zombie horde hiding when all of them were running through the woods? That’s all I want to know. Can’t wait for next week!

      • Chad Snyder March 15, 2012 at 7:59 pm · Reply

        First, apologies on grammatical and spelling mistakes. I don’t want to edit this. Second, this concerns both of you, but a lot of it is directed toward Mark in Omaha’s points. Third, these are in no discernible order.

        Hmm. You guys need to learn to focus more.

        Carl gave the gun to Shane. Shane tried to get Carl to take it back but Carl refused. Then Shane gave it to Rick who gave it to Carl. BANG.

        You KNOW for sure that Randall was a scumbag? How I ask? Yes he withheld knowledge of the location of his group. So would anyone who wasn’t a rat. And the evidence that he participated in raping and whatnot was his chat with Shane right before he was brutally murdered? You guys wouldn’t try to convince an obvious psychopath that you too enjoyed a bit of the old ultra-violence?

        Perimeter defense? Do you know how long and hard they would have had to work to build a fence or wall around a piece of land that size? Even close to just the house. Time was an Issue.

        You want to “dope slap” Glenn for not wanting to disrespect a father’s household? Yes, old-fashioned. They’re farm people.

        Triangulating on a pistol shot. EASY. Because. It. Is. A. Horde. Not one person using two ears to figure out where a sound originated, but a lot of zombies coming to an unspoken consensus as to the exact location. Don’t think triangulate. Add some more points to the picture and you should get it. As for the whole where did all those zombies come from, I wasn’t paying too close a mind to location, but it seemed to me that nobody out in those woods was too concerned with finding random zombies, they had psycho boy to think about,

        • Alistair Blake Arabella
          Alistair Blake Arabella March 16, 2012 at 12:54 pm · Reply

          Testy, testy Mr. Nesbit!
          Okay – I see your point about the gun – but honestly, I watch the episode once, then post about it – it’s prob smarter to watch it a few times, but I don’t have that luxury, I have to write these while I’m at my day job, pretending to work like most people.
          It was hard to follow! I didn’t remember if Shane gave it to Carl or kept it – but yeah, okay, he kept it then gave it to Rick, then got killed by it. Fine.
          I think if someone like Daryl were scouting through woods – the way he was looking around – I mean, yes, you’re looking for one scumbag in particular, but still – you’re in the woods. in the middle of the night. when someone else from your crew just got off’d the night before while they were still on the property – Daryl was looking around all over the place to make sure nothing got the jump on them – if that horde had been there, he might’ve seen it. Just saying.

          • Chad Snyder March 16, 2012 at 1:00 pm ·

            Guess what, I only watched it once myself. I just watched it with zero distractions and an intense focus I guess. Living out in the woods has it’s benefits I guess.
            Daryl might have seen it, but I don’t think the horde became a horde until that shot was heard. Also, did he comb the woods in that direction? I think not, since Shane and Rick went that way and he and Glen went another way.
            Speaking of Daryl, ever see that movie D.A.R.Y.L.? Ah, the 80s.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 13, 2012 at 8:02 pm · Reply

      Oh- and I’m going to go ahead and call it and say a necklace of zombie ears would be the most romantic gift I’ve ever received. Ha!

      • Mark in Omaha March 14, 2012 at 8:49 am · Reply

        Maybe you should send a request to your TV hubby and he would send you one?

        Wanted to post earlier but work intruded.

        What do you think the over/under is going to be on how many of the group get offed? I say a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6. Carol, random blonde guy, Hershel, and Otis’ wife being sure locks. T-Dog and Maggie’s sister are on the bubble.

        Of COURSE they are spectacular. Daryl would crawl through ten miles of zombie infested woods with an arrow sticking out of his leg just to get a glimpse of them.

        (I should have consulted my dictionary before the first post, horde not hoard, yes I know the difference.)

        Loose ends abound in this show, black helicopter, emergency radio broadcast, change in zombie rules, vehicles disappearing between seasons, what happened to Merle, what happened to the black guy and his son, and what Jenner whispered to Rick being the main ones.

        • Alistair Blake Arabella
          Alistair Blake Arabella March 14, 2012 at 10:07 am · Reply

          You totally just inspired me to send a direct message to Daryl on Twitter and request my own token of his affection in zombie ear necklace form.
          Ok – I have some knowledge of the comics, so IF they’re going that route (which they are sometimes and aren’t other times – Sofia’s death being a prime example of veering off comic) then Yes to Carol, Yes to any of Hershel’s kids, but T-Dog & Hershel would have to stay if their comic-character-arcs are going to remain at all intact.
          So I’d go with more of the non-important characters getting shaved off.
          I’ve got perma-blush now. Somehow this post veered away from the awesomeness of the show to the awesomeness of my rack, but you won’t see me complaining. Ha!

  3. pansy park March 17, 2012 at 2:10 pm · Reply

    okay, a little behind in posting but. They hinted in an after show with the writer that they will explore the issues of zombie blood splattering into the eyes and open wounds. (ie the spread of infection.) Which is why Shane did not know to kill the brain of Randall, instead he was still assuming you needed to be bit. They were foreshadowing in the scene in which the two guardsmen where dead at the place they were originally going to leave Randall. Zombies with no bites on them. The virus only takes over once the body is dead, so they are all carrying the virus but its in ‘remission’ if that is the right term. They have been building to this for some time now, i think they have had this end result planned for a while. The dramatic end of season reveal, we are all carrying the virus!!! But now I ask, what about all your people you buried versus burned. “You bury the ones you love, burn the rest”- I believe that is an Andrea quote.
    And I struggle with is Randall a survivor or a crazy sicko. And I think there are two types of survivors the type that are like Shane, who are out for number one to the point of losing the concept of humanity and the other is more like our Daryl, who although a noted bad boy, will do what needs to be done for survival but understands human connection- humanity (why do you think he searched so hard for Sophia and is torn about the state of the group.) I believe that Randall is like Shane.

    • pansy park March 17, 2012 at 3:04 pm · Reply

      forgot to click notify me of comments ;)

    • Mark in Omaha March 18, 2012 at 1:04 pm · Reply

      Good points. Not that I expect any deep symbolism from this show, but when Daryl was in the woods looking for Sophia and he got the arrow stuck in his leg, he had a hallucination of his brother. Merle was the hard ass racist who REALLY only looked out for himself. He was kind of having an argument with himself about whether he should have been out there risking himself for someone else. Shane didn’t even want to try.

      Randall is a little scum bag who sold his soul for being in the safety of a group, even if they were murderous raping thugs.

      Never watch the after show where they try to defend their bad writing, or anyone trying to give some kind of “explanation” for how a zombie does or doesn’t work. I do have a problem with how they keep changing the zombie “rules” but I have an even bigger problem with how stupid the humans behave. Season 2.2 has been a huge improvement over 2.1.

      • Chad Snyder March 18, 2012 at 2:38 pm · Reply

        I would gladly sell my soul to not get eaten alive by the undead.

        Looking down on his decision is all well and good in a nice safe zombie-free world.

      • Alistair Blake Arabella
        Alistair Blake Arabella March 21, 2012 at 8:46 am · Reply

        As I said to Pansy, for me the whole Randall thing isn’t just the morality of what he was doing – which was deplorable, but yeah – that’s how the world is right now. My only thing is that if it were me, a group that runs around raping and robbing other survivors is just asking to be retaliated on. Strictly from a “Fuck you, I’m saving my own ass” standpoint – I’d leave that group as fast as possible – because what did their actions do? They got Randall killed – he ran with a stupid group that was begging to be taken out, and they left him to die when he was injured while they were in the middle of trying to rob Rick, Hershel & Glenn – so just from that angle alone, Randall’s an idiot. Whether he participated or not we’re never going to know, but it was stupid. And I do totally look down on that decision, that’s just not thinking of survival in the grand scheme, it’s thinking about survival in the now – and that’s not smart.
        That “Chupacabra” episode from 2.1 is one of my fave episodes in both seasons – it was so wonderfully symbolic – it’s the struggle that I think any of us would have – do you risk your own life for the safety of your group? It’s what separates Rick’s group from Randall’s group – they do genuinely care about one another. I think Daryl’s strong negative reaction after Sophia died wasn’t only because he was angry at being “put out” by looking for – it was because maybe for once in his life he’s finding himself caring about people who aren’t himself or his brother – he’s starting to love the group he’s in, and that makes it harder when one of them dies. Granted, if he starts fucking Carol I might go ballistic – but for now, I think he’s just struggling with feeling human, and feeling responsible for others when he’s probably never been responsible for other people in his life. He’s a great character, and the fact that Kirkman wrote Daryl Dixon into the show just because he was so impressed with Norman Reedus speaks volumes about Reedus’ capabilites and Daryl’s potential to surprise us. Okay, sorry, I’ll stop now.

    • Alistair Blake Arabella
      Alistair Blake Arabella March 21, 2012 at 8:34 am · Reply

      I get to see you in a couple days, Yay! Okay – sorry – had to come back to this comment – because now that we’ve seen the finale – what were your thoughts on how they explained the infection? That does make sense that Shane wouldn’t know he had to get Randall in the head, but I still think he made a mistake by not smashing his own face against his – if he’d broken up his own face on Randall’s head – 1. No blood on the tree to give him away, 2. Randall would’ve been roughed up in the process, and anyone that came by might assume he was bitten or scratched.
      Great point about the buried vs. the burned – are they going to rise up? That would be an awesome shot! Like when they shoot up in Dead Alive – so neat looking.
      So you think that Randall was more of an opportunist, not so much a shady rapist – I can see that – I guess I just think what would I do if I were Randall – and if I happened upon a group of thugs that thought this was the perfect opportunity to rape women, I don’t think I’d stick around. For one, it’s morally wrong to me – but more importantly – here’s something to think about – if you were running with people who maybe looted – like, they would roll into towns and just clear every empty building of anything valuable – would that be similar? I don’t think I’d mind that because I’m not technically hurting anyone. BUT – and this is me being purely cold and analytical – if the group I ran with made a habit of coming upon unsuspecting survivors, robbing them, raping any women in the group – how long do you think that would last before one of those surviving groups decided to retaliate? Just in the way that Rick’s group did at the bar – morallity of what they do aside, I would be thinking from a purely “My primary goal is to save my own ass” standpoint, so fuck running with these douchebaggies who are eventually going to get me killed because eventually someone is going to defend themselves and take us all out. And that’s EXACTLY what happened! They thought Rick, Hershel, and Glenn were 3 people they could overpower, and they all got fucked up in the process – I would’ve been out of there as soon as they started pulling crap like that – the name of the game is to save one’s own neck, and robbing people and raping women is only going to get your ass shot at. Just saying. Okay I’m getting off my Zombie Soapbox now.

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