You Should Be More Like These People

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To win tix to last Friday’s Art Brut show, we vaguely asked readers to “do something that pleases us” and we’d consider them. Seamus James, singer/guitarist of the Soft Focus, pleased us very much and won hisself some tickets. From Seamus:

“I made three ‘’ posters, each composed of three 11×17 sheets…I put them up on the main kiosk in the center of the CU campus. I’ll also be thinking ‘’ while I walk around, before bed, when I wake up, and while drawing pictures of cats in class.”


By the way, the Soft Focus has a show at Meadowlark this Thursday, Nov 12. Here are a few tracks if you want to check them out:

Then Pam Steele told us she was going to indoctrinate small children with the Donnybrook modus vivendi:

“A simple Facebook status update or mere baked goods (however delicious) could never be enough to thank you for the myriad wonders you, collectively, have shared with Denver, and the world, as a whole. I, however, am doing what I can to bring your message of cultural elitism and superiority to the most malleable members of our society–underprivileged, illiterate pre-Kindergarteners. I have made it my life’s work to share my, albeit minor, cultural and academic knowledge with those not lucky enough to be able to read, drink booze, or even competently skip rope. In service of this lofty goal, I am compensated merely with moderately-priced health care, a wage few would consider livable (certainly not yourselves), and regular assaults on my person by the aforementioned youngsters. It is my sincere hope, though nothing I would dare expect, that you might deign to give to me a pair of tickets to see an enriching and culturally edifying performance by such masters of popular music as Art Brut.”

Anyways, those were the best two. It was a good contest and an excellent show. Feel free to continue postering, graffiting, indoctrinating, tattooing, and any other means of guerilla marketing on behalf of Donnybrook. As long as it’s favorable. Thanks!

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  1. jamal November 10, 2009 at 6:27 pm · Reply

    AWESOME!!! This band rocks so hard. I can’t wait to see them at Meadowlark!

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