Young Coyotes BBQ!! This Sunday!! w/ The Pirate Signal, Chain Gang of 1974 and Red Wire Black Wire

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The Young Coyotes are so fucking fun live. From the perfect vocal harmonies and their catchy hooks to their hilarious between song banter these guys exemplify the indie rock trickster. This is gonna be a rocker!! Don’t forget about The Pirate Signal either!! Yonnas and A-What are the best thing to happen to indie rock in Denver for many years – and they are a hip hop band!!
The Young Coyotes will be playing their first Denver show in months at the Larimer Lounge this Sunday with The Pirate Signal, Chain Gang of 1974, Doo Crowder, Iuengliss and Red Wire Black Wire (who played Monolith!!).
Print off these coupon tickets for $6 off the door price.

Keep Drinking and rocking,
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