Your 15 Track Holiday Shopping Playlist (Part II of II).

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Esteemed Ph.D. of Listology Professor Honeydew presents a symposium on…

Your 15 Track Holiday Shopping Playlist (Part II of II).

Herewith, the concluding half of last week’s post

#9 | Pelle Carlberg “Crying All the Way to the Pawnshop” | Here’s one for the downtrodden, unemployed holiday shopper. Listen carefully and debate whether M. Carlberg is actually singing “pawnshop” or “porn shop.”

#10 | Dolly Parton “The Bargain Store” | “My life is likened to a bargain store.” Tales of shopping from the hardscrabble countryside.

#11 | Athlete ” Second Hand Stores” | If your comment is that Athlete sounds like Coldplay, you are a musically-illiterate used douchebag.

#12 | BMX Bandits “Top Shop Girl” | One for our British readership, who will be more than acquainted with Top Shop’s overpriced, unimpressive fashion selections.

#13 | Pop Will Eat Itself “The Black Country Chainstore Massacreee” | Because holiday shopping tempts one into losing their cool. For the record, I have never lost my cool (although I did misplace it for two months in the summer of 1974).

#14 | The Kinks “What’s in Store for Me” | Metaphorically speaking.

#15 | Wilco “What’s the World Got in Store” | Also speaking metaphorically; the world is your candy shoppe.

Enjoy your shopping and procure something magnificent for me.

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